Three Magic Keys to Co-creating


I came across the Law of Attraction in a magical and powerful way in 1997. As a lawyer in private practice, I attracted a client who taught Law of Attraction spirituality to the Southwestern American Indian community. She was in a bind, needing money to pursue litigation against her shyster lawyer landlord who had locked her out of her store, The Crystal Buffalo, and was stealing and selling her inventory in Mexico. I was able to win her case for her but not without getting a court-ordered deposition for which I could not front the fees. My client needed money desperately.

A person can attract in a good way or in a bad way. My Law of Attraction expert client’s desperation brought her the money but in a bad way. She was on the road when a carload of drunk teenagers jumped the median and smashed into her head on. She got just enough money to pay for the deposition but not enough for plastic surgery for her face and she had no insurance.

After I won her case, she handed me a copy of the book, Three Magic Words, by U.S. Anderson (1954), the best Law of Attraction “bible” I’ve ever seen, before or since.

“Here” she said, giving me the book, “You’re a high enough integrity person you won’t mess this up.”

Having represented a number of clients who couldn’t afford to pay, I now needed money very badly, too, but I would have to stop taking new clients and get a corporate job to have a regular income. I did the 30-day “no negative thoughts” meditation every day, sometimes all day. It took that much work to keep my negative thoughts in abeyance as I ran out of savings, sold my house out of foreclosure, secured a lucrative job out of state that would fund my move and give me three months free rent, and to litigate the claims of my ex who tried to take custody of my son.

There were days when I parked in front of a military recruiting site wondering if they’d take a woman over 40 who didn’t believe in war. Magically, I did land a corporate job and moved with only my credit wrecked and only 10 days after the new school year started. Most days I did as little as possible. I was so desperate, fearing I’d mess it all up.

Then there were days, starting about three weeks in, when I experienced a series of magical events I could not have wished for, when I felt so magical I could do anything. I often wonder, if I’d believed in buying a lotto ticket back them, and been in a generally positive state of mind, what I would have been able to accomplish with the law of attraction.

The most important thing to know is that to have a life that is constantly positive, you must activate the law of attraction in a positive way constantly. You must believe, and imagine, yes, but you must vibrate constantly at a high enough vibration consistently (see my article this month on The Continuum and the Map of Consciousness). This is how you achieve a new “set point” that Abraham talks about, the default setting of your vibration that keeps you co-creating good things all the time.

So, you wonder, what are the Three Magic Keys? To know, you have to: be aware, understand, and believe. And if you do the 30-day “no negative thoughts” meditation diligently, in order, you will create the building blocks for the understanding. The 30-day meditation is progressive. Read the chapters in order doing each meditation at each chapter’s end, in earnest, to build your awareness. You’ll find the three magic words at the end, but if you don’t build awareness of what they mean by doing the meditations in order, you may miss the whole point of the last chapter and dilute the benefit of knowing what the magic words are.

The magic is you. You are the alchemical experiment. Without you, they are just words.

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