Who Are You?


After years of soul searching, I can say I know who you are, because I know who I AM. If you do not know who you are, then you will not know me and I cannot make you know me, unless you want to, or you have to find out who you are, either by going inside, or seeing the symbolism that God is showing you outside, to get you to remember who you are, because for the umpteenth time, which irritates him to no end, (we’re made in His image and that includes emotions, too!) you have forgotten.

To facilitate that we never forget who we are again, he has placed the double-edged sword of consciousness before us, and we must take all the abuse, once we know who we are, because you can’t outlast institutions, economics or politics. It takes everything you’ve got to take on the barrage of arrows and barbs from the other gods who are only making sure (helping per God’s instruction, whether they know they’re gods, too, or not. This is about YOU right now. Don’t change the subject, please!) you will not forget again and sometimes your guardian angels will even thrown a little mercy your way, if they see that you are, at least, giving it your best shot.

God doesn’t care whether you’re fast or slow, or half-fast, if that’s your speed. It’s the heart that matters. People need to stop conforming to each other, or to institutions that are only interested in you conforming to the beat of their drum. No, we won’t be out of control if we control our own destinies. In fact, you might actually have some fun for the first time in your mystical existence.

You and I came from the same place, spiritually. Where exactly, I don’t have all the details, but we were in the dark and we came into our first realm or sphere of existence, darkness into light, and from there, we were refracted with each of us with our own number, name and star, zillions of us buzzing around and having the time of our young lives, like a firefly, half-dark, half-light.

Forgotten who we were
Then we were slowed down to what would be our ethereal body or our perfect body. This is a realm where we bitched and moaned, when we were told that we had to redo the existence we had just come from, for we had forgotten who we were from the place we had just come from. We basically ended up not getting who we were in that realm, but it has been such a long time since I have been in that realm, I wouldn’t be doing that plane any justice, since I have spent every waking moment here of my adult life on this planet searching for enlightenment.

So, we were slowed down even more to what is currently our present state that we have been in for, I don’t know, how many eons or years? Does it matter? What matters is that we have forgotten again that which we need to remember. This gross state, or what is known in the heavens as the flesh plane, is where we are — and without the Holy Spirit that makes you come alive, we are just that, flesh. It is us — with our ethereal body inside our physical body — who began a trek in this realm.

You can only imagine that every one of us is amazing, but sticking your spiritual soul in a body that usually doesn’t fit quite right (things get screwed up in heaven, too) can be quite confining and claustrophobic; right? Well, it’s another trick God plays on you to keep you from knowing you’re God, too (God can make your head spin). Because of the suffering that is part and parcel to the human existence, it’s your faith in something bigger than you that must keep you going, when God and everybody is gunning to keep you from figuring out you’re God, too.

Yet, nobody sees what the Father is really doing: making sure you know who you are, because we all have to be on the same page if we’re ever going to evolve from this station in life that we’re at now.

Awed and awestruck
I see the lament of the Father and how he is never acknowledged or truly honored for doing what he does. I am awed and awestruck by this wonderful, sovereign God, which, I suppose, is what makes me really odd. I don’t care, for I’d rather have him any day over anything or anybody else that you could ever give me. Not that I couldn’t use my Father’s gifts, though, but he can’t release anything, until and unless we are all finally on the same page, all knowing once and for, thank God, who we are.

I implied, and said it up there, that God has us all turned around and tied up like pretzels, salt optional. (God is like a cat playing with a mouse, like what he is doing with each and every one of us in the same exact moment, all at the same time.) At some point in our evolvement, we thought that we knew better, that we were on top of the world, that we had it made (or so we thought), but we were told that we were only halfway there. We were still of the darkness/light which we carried as fireflies. We needed to become all light. We were only halfway there.

Well, some of us started developing attitudes. We became pissy with each other, and we had never been that way before. Some were smart-asses. Some people murmured all day long, while others didn’t say a word when they should have spoken up. God gave each of us a dimension of human nature that now needed to be “fine-tuned,” for now we had a realm contained on Earth where we would stay until we knew who we were. Many concerns were raised during this tumultuous time in the heavens, since we were the new species, with a full gamut of new skills, including feeling.

Anyway, that is all in the past now, depending upon where you’re at with past, present, and future.

Bring the light
What we are doing now — in the amazing works of all our lives, nobody left out — is allowing the light we have in our souls to now shine forth through our flesh, thus making us spiritual beings and no longer just animal spirits. Anybody who is conscious enough with any of all of the five senses is entitled to this — for you did it. You made it.

But you wouldn’t have made it without the constant vigilance of an almighty Supreme Being, the manifestation of the formlessness, which we’ll call the Mother. I mean the Father. They’re a little bit mixed, so get over your phobias, men. The mother is the formlessness, the womb being the symbolism of this, for it is empty and then it is filled with life. God, or what I call the hands and feet of the Mother, works tirelessly to deliver and do exactly what Mother asks for, for you, for your flesh. You have everything you need. It’s just another way for you to feel you can’t possibly be God. (Our Father, fooling us again.)

God can easily make you blind to the fact that not only are you now protected and provided for, but throughout all the ancient times, you have been taken care of, even when you were “out to lunch, not gettin’ my needs met.” This is another bamboozlement thought from God, because he truly wants to test you thoroughly, to be sure this time that you will never forget our humble beginnings and who you are. When will we learn that it is Him, testing us?

You’ll understand better when you become the witness, taking your rightful place in your own personal trinity. Then you have your image maker, who you are made in the image of, with all the personality traits, talents and abilities, for He is the one that gives them to you. You didn’t think man had anything to do with that, do you? You are being silly now. Then there is the third part of the trinity, or the feminine state of the Holy Spirit, the unconditional love that permeates everything throughout the infinite which you are filled with always. That’s what keeps you alive and moving.

I can explain for a moment how the Holy Spirit moves through us. First, we are all made of the Holy Spirit. But if It is never called, the Holy Spirit you have contained inside of you (and in all of us) will begin to break down, become gooey (it needs to move to have effect), wrapping itself around places in the body causing constriction, giving you all kinds of physical problems. That’s because you didn’t ask to receive the Holy Spirit. You didn’t even know you had it in you.

It takes the Holy Spirit being called and entering you, thereby bringing fresh ectoplasm (got tired of saying Holy Spirit); meanwhile, the “old” Holy Spirit moves out and does works for the greater good and upliftment, depending upon the angels that are guided to deliver the healing Holy Spirit, totally under the auspices of both the Mother and the Father. They’re an amazing team to watch. When you finally get your rightful place as witness, you’ll see.

I wouldn’t be saying this stuff if I wasn’t experiencing it myself. No way. I am no better than you. Sometimes, I think I’m worse. What is written here is based upon experiences I know, not on anything I believe — which is nothing, for I only trust knowing, now that I know who I am because of you. We have to always remember that belief is always subject to further scrutiny, because doubt can creep in, sometimes even unbeknownst to the host soul.

I hope you will, at least, find some upliftment and greater good here and ponder the words I have scribed. They’re not mine. They belong to my Father in heaven, who has worked tirelessly, through all epochs and eons of times to keep all of us on track, to remember the purpose of His redemption for all of us being here, that we never forget again who we are. God blesses Us! I just know it!

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