A Pleiadian Message: Let Go, Just Be during These Changing Times


Beloved ones, we greet you. We, the Pleiadians, are currently living out our own incarnation within this Universe. As part of our mission, in this lifetime we are to bring the teachings held within the Universe and transmit the light initiations to all of you who are ready. We provide support to those of you on planet Earth who are on a conscious path of awakening now.

We bring you information and understanding about energetic transitional phases taking place now on your Earth plane. Through this clarity and comprehension, you gain the self-empowerment to engage consciously within the multidimensional shifts that are happening and fully utilize the new energetic dynamics that are here for you.

You will be able to regain your tools as we realign you to your multidimensional nature so you can begin to tap into a series of states of expansion as they are revealed on Earth. Through the full utilization of these unveiled opportunities, your own self-realization process of awakening can be accelerated.

Energetic mantle
We hold an energetic mantle for the Earth during these powerful phases of expansion to stabilize the planet’s growing grid systems. This mantle allows for a more stabilized atmosphere within the planet for transformation and transmutation and does not interfere with your individual process. We liken this mantle to an energetic womb that supports the Earth’s changing core to allow a full transition of the light to take place. This womb also holds doorways open to provide access to multidimensional energetic states for your reconnection to the Higher Realms.

We also are here to serve humanity by providing support within energetic openings that can accelerate you in a reconnection to your full potential. Another role we are to play is to make adjustments within your electrical systems as they go through upgrading cycles during each transition. As your physical systems go through a crystalline transformation, we can assist you with adjustments within your brain and nervous systems. We can always be accessed for energetic support during your multidimensional energetic transitions.

As you move deeper within these changing times, we bring teachings, wisdoms that hold Truth, that support you in gaining deeper insi
ghts of your mission and the roles you are to play within the collective energy of the Universe. Throughout your individual transitional stages, we can assist you in the navigation and orientation to your individual paths of reconnection to the Higher Realms.

Energetic flow
We can hold what we call an energetic flow that will surround your energetic field, supporting you in being able to realign to your higher frequency settings. These flows are designed to assist you in your ability to integrate these higher light forms much more quickly as you travel through the changing energetic landscape within yourself.

We can work with you remotely to adjust your systems and don’t need to enter your energetic field or body. Only with your permission do we work through a telepathic communication system by aligning directly within your heart cells.

We have a desire to serve you at this juncture during these series of transitional phases that you are undergoing. Know that we cannot and do not desire to work within your energetic space without your permission. In this incarnation you have “free will,” and it is essential that we honor your process and do not interfere without an expressed desire from you. We are present to witness you in your unfolding, and we bring support only when invited consciously by you.

Through an energetic flow that we construct around you, we can offer support so you can reconnect more efficiently with your multidimensional tools. We can adjust your systems assisting you in integrating the higher frequency elements of your light. Through our support your telepathic systems can be activated to enable you to play a more complete role within the Universe to engage and interact within a telepathic communion that exists within the full Universal community. You can be enabled through our guidance to receive a deeper understanding of how to engage in a more authentic communion, and appreciate the energetic protocols held within the various communities. This will accelerate you forward towards a successful fulfillment of your mission within the Universal collective.

Life force groups
Many of you are predestined to align to different life force groups that exist within this resident Universe. Many of you are destined to work within Universal teams in setting up different energetic systems within the Earth plane to support these transitional phases. This is the time to step forward and claim your power by beginning to draw from your unique set of multidimensional tools that are now fully accessible to you.

For some of you, it is essential as part of your next step to reconnect to your “Family of Origin.” A reconnection to your heritage plays a significant role at this stage of your awakening. This reunion will bring you essential sustenance within your heart. You will be re-aligned to elements of your higher frequency heritage energy, which will integrate naturally through your heart for this current lifetime.

Your Family of Origin can reunite you to a high frequency of authentic love through reconnection. And you will receive an ongoing nutritional love, which is designed to nourish and nurture you in your daily life. This high frequency of love does not exist here on Earth between human beings, and this deep alignment within your heart to your family off planet will propel you into a completion phase of your own self-realization process.

As you evolve within these expanded connections off planet, you will hold a new element of love within your heart, which can move outwards to support humanity. You will naturally carry a higher knowledge that exists from your heritage reconnections. This consciousness energy can transmit as a frequency through your heart outwards.

Playing your role
Another phase of the “New Dawning” is just about to commence on Earth, which has placed a call for you to align to another aspect of your multidimensional path. We are present and available to support you in aligning to fully engage with these openings.

Our presence on Earth is fully supported by the entire Universal community. We are all linked as we work in sacred alliance within the God Consciousness state. There are many life force groups that are part of a Universal team that are working within Earth. The spiritual realms are also working alongside, playing an essential role. We, the Pleiadians, play our role and we are a part of this team.

You are not alone in your process. This is the time to understand that you are also playing your role and are part of this Universal team. Without you, this process could not proceed and, ultimately, it will be humanity that plays the greatest part in the transition of Earth.

You may be unaware of your importance within the Universe as an individual and as a planet. Each one of you holds within you a unique divine aspect of God light that directly reflects throughout our Universe. This is where we all meet collectively within the divine God light consciousness. This is why we are here to assist you now because you need to fully utilize these shifts as they become available, to take your place and to play your full role at this juncture.

Pivotal role
You are to play a pivotal and significant role within this resident Universe. Earth is to play a critical role as our entire Universe goes through a metamorphic shift. Each one of you on Earth has said “Yes” to playing your unique role within the collective energy at this time. This is a destiny call that we, as a collective consciousness, will unfold into a higher place within “the God seat of power” as a Universe.

Your Earth plane is about to undergo another powerful shift within its axis and magnetic core this month. There will be a steady streaming of light that will come onto the planet, creating energetic layers of pure consciousness. Every layer will hold a state of consciousness that will build in intensity. Ultimately it will flow within your heart. These layers will flow and flood your heart cells, opening the cells like a flower opens to the sun.

This is the time for an accelerated awakening of your sacred heart. This process will allow the heart to actively birth a pathway within you, reconnecting you to the higher realm state of your God light. This flowing, engaging light is designed to saturate your heart cells, transforming your own ability to engage and understand, to deepen the opening of your pathway to Home. This will realign you to “remembering” and open you into a vast potential of your own multidimensionality.

Change is going to be part of this constant flow of light that is about to open up on another level through your shifting experience in your life. As you realign, you can begin to naturally, consciously shine forth your brilliance within Earth and outwards into our resident Universe. We welcome you with love and great appreciation for all that you are within your vastness. You are received back into the universal community as you consciously choose to take your place that is uniquely yours. You complete the whole as you return to your Self. Remember: this process is about reunion, reconnection. Your sacred nature is already completely intact just beyond the veil and can begin to actively operate within your life.

This reset light flow current is about to commence on Earth, and the layers of this flow will not cease until the mission has completed itself on your Earth plane. Through the light flow, the 3rd dimensional drama will accelerate around you in your day-to-day living. You must let go and move away from your ego mind and align to your heart space. This is your time to actively choose to witness the illusion of the drama and be still within your heart. The stillness aligns you to the heart’s clarity, to knowingness, to Truth.

Energetic pathway
As an individual you will be taken, absorbed, through a specific energetic pathway for realignment and refinement to your sacred Higher being aspect. This is your time to live differently, engaging consciously to create that which can be activated consciously within your heart by you for your life now.

There is actually little you have to do. Simply let go and be, allowing yourself to be taken by the flow. Being within your heart accelerates your fusion to your unique divine flow of light, which is growing brighter and brighter within the Universal consciousness. This flow is relentless. Try not to resist this pulsing rhythm that exists within the current. Just breathe, and let everything fall away that is illusion. Illusion is everything that does not exist within your heart.

Know that we stand by you, waiting for the summons. You need to feel within your authentic heart your desire for us to work with you. We liken it to you planting a seed in the Earth by opening up your conscious heart’s desire to work in unity with us. This is you planting the seed, allowing it to become embedded in your heart. Then your thoughts and actions nourish and support the growth of this seed by sending a conscious communion outwards to us.

Call us forward through your desire. Hold your heart and allow the desire to build. As you do this, begin to feel the love flowing into you from us.

We witness you in this sacred juncture, which was set in motion from the “Awakening of the Dove.” This is your blessed journey. Claim your place within it! Blessings, The Pleiadians.

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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit www.ChristineDayOnline.com.


  1. Thanks for this lovely message!
    I allow with Love the support of the Pleiadians!
    I allow the Pleiadians to adjust my electrical system with Love and Confidence!


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