Enlightenment in the Moment


Enlightenment is not some far-fetched, abstract theory, but is actual and you can achieve it, despite humanity’s lack of ever wanting to reveal the things you’ll need to experience this totality of oneness perception.

The main thing is to sincerely seek enlightenment and keep the faith, until it happens. Once you have given it your best shot, then the Almighty can step in and grant you grace. This becomes the first lifting of the veil of unconsciousness.

Also, you’ll need to love all people, places and things unconditionally, since your Father has the same love for you. You must develop this “no strings” attached love and not have any “charge” on any of God’s word. Another way of saying this is that you must become neutralized, balanced, and above all, tranquil about the truth of your existence. Even though we all come from the same infinite what-if, we all uniquely and amazingly manifest totally in our own way. Enlightenment is seeing just how amazing we are and feeling empathy that anyone could ever again knock or condone or condemn another soul with their reckless judgments.

Another means of achieving enlightenment is by staying in the moment. The past is gone, tomorrow doesn’t exist yet, so all you truly have is now. Being in the moment is the safest place you can be, where God the protector can best keep you covered. You must understand that your future is really your past brought into the present and that everyone you meet is actually someone you have already met, for nothing comes from outside your world, but from inside your world, manifested in the physical. You can’t physically create what you’ve never seen or experienced. This is not the case in our spirit, but we’re shooting for a physical enlightenment that will lift us above all pain and suffering. Enlightenment will also compel you to want to do more for your fellow souls by service, just because you’ll want to.

The last thing you can do is deepen your relationship with your maker, for the truth is, God decides when you’re ready for enlightenment and never before. The reason is quite compelling; say, you are a 10-watt lightbulb, but God zaps you with 1,000 watts by chance. What do you think will happen to you? This is why some people end up mental, because God over juiced you in His exuberance to bring you back into his fold.

You no longer have to sit in meditation for hours. You can use your driving time to stay focused and in the moment. You notice the thoughts you are intertwined with, for God is showing you something in the symbolism of that word you’ll most likely need to let go of, or neutralize, which will exchange knowledge for beliefs as they are no longer needed when you finally know. When you truly are seeking the salvation of enlightenment to run your life, it will make it so easy to serve the Father’s will, instead of your little-world soccer goals.

Enlightenment is a state of consciousness. Generally it starts with happiness (no duality) and ascends from there going through bliss, peace, serenity, balance and wherever else you are guided to for your ongoing, ever-evolving soul.

Don’t let anyone, anymore, tell you that you can’t become enlightened, for if a farm boy from Nebraska can do it, anybody can. I’m just waitin’ for someone to go to paradise with me.

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