Living in the Moment: Spirit Uranus Talks to a Spiritual Growth Group through a Trance Medium

An excerpt from the book Happiness Is Life Itself

There is a meaning in every moment, and life itself is different every moment; if you face a moment without prejudice, you can see the meaning of it. Therefore, give yourselves a permission to be born to life at every moment, because every moment is a new opportunity!

Every moment life is born unique and is unfolding in a unique way, because every moment has everything. When you observe nature, you see that nature has in every moment all that everything there needs. The same applies to man, because the meaning of life lives in every moment, when life is built and formed a moment at a time.

It is only about whether you surrender to the moment or you deny it. Denying the moment is separation, being outside and losing unity, and it causes fears, demands, anxieties and a countless amount of everything else. Surrendering to the moment, on the other hand, is experiencing, encountering, receiving and being inside. When you accept and experience unity, it creates security and trust, and life can then unfold in all its uniqueness.

Strength lives in a moment, for a man understands then that he is what he is, being enough in his own place at the moment. It is only about being enough for yourselves, for if you are not enough for yourselves, you can feel pressures and demands on you and you start performing your life, and soon you are out of yourselves.

Do not perform your life, but surrender to life!

Man creates his own world in every moment and decides whether it is heaven or hell, for if there’s darkness in you, you can bring light there in any possible way. The law of life is that when light comes, darkness gives way, just as night gives way when the day dawns. When you take a candle into a dark room, the room is not dark anymore; when you take more candles, the room is filled with light in the end.

The meaning of life is included in each moment in man’s life and it is only about whether you are in the moment or somewhere very far in your thoughts. If you are in your thoughts somewhere else than in this moment, you cannot see or feel the meaning of life, open up to it or live it. If instead you live each moment respecting your life and loving yourself, as well as giving to life what you can without stamping yourself, the meaning of life lives in that very moment. Nevertheless, you cannot always see it clearly because it is and manifests itself in this precise moment and is already preparing to move on to the next moment.

Meaning is a very diversified thing and it can be multifaceted, but every individual has, underneath everything, the fundamental meaning for his existence which is existence itself and man himself. Along with it, there are countless meanings that all will be fulfilled when man moves in the moment through himself.

What is surrendering to the moment and what is surrendering to oneself? If, for instance, you are washing dishes, you surrender completely to the dish washing and wash them as well as you can. Whatever you do, do it as well as you can in that moment and surrender to it! Surrendering to performance is not contradictory to anything, for in every moment, there are countless levels of life in many layers. When you surrender to washing dishes and are there completely, you can realize how insights concerning completely different things are being born in you. A complete surrender to a task is a state which in itself opens the gates, for then the mind opens.

Each moment and the functions in it, no matter how small one thinks they are, are very meaningful, because not even a blink of an eye is meaningless. There is nothing in your universe that has no meaning; therefore I cannot stop emphasizing the importance of living in the moment and in reality. In this way and through this, you can utilize every thought, gesture, expression, action, blink of an eye, for man does not have one single gesture, thought, expression or a blink of an eye unless it has a meaning.

Man thinks living in the moment is the simplest thing in the world; in my view, it is the most difficult thing in the world to man.



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