Locking into the Now

“The present is a present,” I tweeted. I did not bother signing off yet, but I reflected heavily on my words before realizing that it was the present that I, myself, had not yet unwrapped. My small pending applause did not have a chance to come in before I clicked the tiny “x” out of the app, followed by exits out of other apps.

I need to back off from the business of likes, I thought to myself. It is time to silence my mind, to let myself be, while unwrapping the present moment.

It has been a series of nows since I have been “unplugged” from the constant cashing in of awaited feedback from social media. What I can say is that it has enhanced my mind tremendously. Present moments change from day to day, so over the years I have not expected them all to be the same.

Present moments come in many shapes, and they are wrapped with different lifestyles. Some present moments could be worth exchanging for a new one, and some present moments can be everything you have ever dreamed of. Although I have had present moments that made me feel like the north side of a magnet pushing away another north magnet, still my life in the moment is generally very good.

Just like a magnet polarizing away from each other, what I have been referring to is the reality of tough times in the human experience and my awareness through those times. Really, the present moment is a present that is best shared during good and bad times, so I get why people post. Whether rain or shine, and through those life events, what is important is an awareness through them, and a connection to those around you.

These days every day feels like a birthday, but instead I’m waking up to presence, rather than the awareness of an updated past and an updated future. Bliss is in my nature. I owe it to years of spiritual pursuits, like spirit quests, which locked me into the moment. I took a piece of the pending moment with me when I left. It’s amazing how many future good times you can break off with just one good moment! The brain gets wired for it, all you must do is create a meditative pattern based on intention and practice.

Fear makes us obsessed with the future, depression makes us dwell on the past, but with the aim being for joy, grasping onto bliss can help us to grasp onto the present, and that comes from your daily routine.

Unplugging from social media recently has personally been the action that has helped me to be more present in the moment and more connected to those around me. Rather than constantly checking my phone, instead I’m checking my surroundings and my connection to them. “Root for the root,” is what I say. To be rooted in the present means to be locked in the now.

Isn’t that necessary for a good ride? Whether it be a roller coaster or a merry-go-round, it is always important to be braced for life’s journey. Stop worrying and obsessing, and instead sit back and relax. You’re in for the ride of July. The usual North reality (and analogy) is behind us now.

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Meta Enzo is a writer currently living in Saint Paul after having grown up in Excelsior, MN. He has written three books that are being edited for publication. He has been greatly influenced by having lived in the Redwood National Forest for forty nights where he fasted for 30 days. Meta spent almost a year as a vagabond, traveling the country as an ascetic, spending ten months on a raw food diet as well as participating in spirit quests, retreats, and even living in a Hindu temple for five weeks. His free-spirited life and the consciousness acquired by having done so has left Meta feeling like one. Being an Aquarius, he lives life with a strong degree of eccentricity, but with intellectualism being a driver of his reflections geared towards self growth, for himself as well as communities, and society.



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