Past and Future in the Present Moment


In Australia a number of years ago, a young boy was looking forward to seeing his first movie. An uncle and aunt had come into town, and they said they would take the children to a comedy.

The boy was so excited. He’d never been to a movie before. But he was so excited that he got sick right before they were going to leave for the movie.

“If you’re sick, you can’t go,” his mother said. At this, the boy threw a classic temper tantrum; he screamed and he shouted in his room until he fell on his bed in total exhaustion. Then he had a dream.

In the dream, he found himself walking in front of their house. Four houses down the street was an old Federal-style building. On one side of this old house was a door that should have led to the basement. In the dream, the boy walked to the building and opened the door, but instead of a basement, he saw a huge auditorium with blue and orange seats.

The room was filled with people, and the people seemed to know him. They waved to him and invited him to come in.

There was someone on the stage, but the little boy didn’t understand what the man was saying. He was too young to understand. But a feeling of love came over him, and it was a good feeling. He stayed for the entire talk, and when it was over he went back out through the door, walked back to his house, and woke up in bed.

The boy kept having this dream over and over, until one day in the physical he went out of the front door and walked over to the Federal-style building. He opened the front door and saw a dirty, dark old basement.

After that he never had the dream again. He never again dreamed of this wonderful auditorium where all the people were full of joy and this person onstage was giving a talk.

He forgot all about this until 1992. At the end of November there was an ECK seminar in Sydney, Australia. By now this man had married, had two children, and was a member of Eckankar. He was sitting in the audience at the seminar, just enjoying everything that was going on, when suddenly this scene from his childhood opened up.

The man remembered the auditorium. It was the same one as in his childhood dream. He realized that as a child, long before he knew about Eckankar, he had been at an ECK seminar. In fact, he had seen the future: the 1992 ECK South Pacific Regional Seminar.

People wonder, How can this be? How can the future happen in this way?

Although it seems to be a startling concept, it isn’t. There really is no separate past, no separate present, and no separate future. We talk about them as such: we look at past lives that we have spent in some other time, and we speak of different things we’ve experienced. We speak of all that as in the past. But past, present, and future are really one.

We just see things sequentially because the mind is constructed to see things in a linear fashion, along a straight line.

But people who have a particular talent in dreaming or prophecy can get off this linear time track. They can get above it in the soul body. And they can see the past, the present, and the future all in the present moment, because they are above time and space. This is one reason why we put so much emphasis on dreams in Eckankar.

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Sri Harold Klemp
Sri Harold Klemp is an award-winning author, teacher, and spiritual guide who helps truth seekers reach their full potential. He is the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master and spiritual leader of Eckankar, the Path of Spiritual Freedom. His body of work includes more than one hundred books, which have been translated into eighteen languages and won multiple awards. Find your own path to true happiness, wisdom, and love in Sri Harold Klemp’s inspired writings. Visit and


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