Turn on Your Guiding Light! Feeling Your Intuition

Second of a 4-part series

Whether you are just starting to develop your intuition or are a professional, it is essential to practice your intuition consistently to keep it clear, sharp and most accurate. Practicing on things you have no emotional attachment to helps you trust the information you receive.

It’s important to remember we are not “thinking” information, we are feeling energy and accessing the information in it. I practice my intuition using feeling every day when I play my favorite video game (Cookie Jam). This is a match 3 game and often there are several options of symbols to match. I “feel” which is the match to make by scanning the screen with my eyes unfocused, not intently staring, and see where they are drawn. I’m often surprised at how many matches cascade as the result of the one I select!

There are several things to consider when “feeling” our intuition. How is intuition different from thought? Intuition and thought, for me, arrive from different places in my body. A thought rises up from within me and floats to the surface of my awareness. An intuition always drops into my head from above me, specifically between my right temple and crown. I learned this by setting the intention to follow the energy of the information back to its place of origin and paying attention time after time after time.

Thought and intuition also have very different textures to them. Thought has a dense texture and intuition has a light texture. If they were fabric, thought would be plaid wool and intuition would be pastel chiffon.

How can you distinguish intuition from fear? Fear (ego masquerading as intuition) will often present as a phobia, a strong aversion to a place or person or thing; fear is full of personal blame (If you don’t do this you will be a bad person); fear is often “charged” with energy and very pushy in its directives; fear tenses the body. Intuition rarely yells, is a small whisper; intuition does not judge, just presents information; intuition may start out with a small sign, then increase and vary the delivery (signs on billboards, license plates, TV, etc.); intuition can be persistent, but is not pushy, it is matter-of-fact; intuition leaves your body relaxed.

The following are exercises on developing your clairvoyance (ability to “see”). You may think you cannot “see,” but I know you can. Right now think of an orange. See, you could remember it and “see” it in your mind. You can “see.”

1. Start simple: Go to a quiet place. Select a simple object, a piece of paper, a pen, a fruit, etc. Place the object in front of you. Examine it intensely, noticing all the little details and lighting. Then close your eyes and envision it as you saw it. Be intense and see it clearly. Open your eyes and do it again. Repeat this for 5 to 10 minutes. Gradually choose more complicated objects with more color or detail, your keys, a fabric, etc. Move on to even more visualizations involving perspective: What does this room look like from the above right corner looking down on it, etc.?

2. Play Seek and Find games, either in books or videos. These games either have two pictures between which to notice the differences, or have hidden objects within many objects for you to find. This visual practice actually enhances the brain’s performance with internal vision. You can also play the old card game “Go Fish.”

3. Building a Rainbow exercise. Internally picture a wet field of grass. Rather than seeing the rainbow complete, you will build it one color at a time. First see the red start from the clouds and down to the grassy field. See the color getting brighter. Now do the same with the rest of the colors: orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Place them all in that order.

You can add variations to this: see your rainbow dance, move or change direction. View it over an ocean or under water. Let it circle the globe into outer space! Have some fun with it.



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