What is the Present Moment, with The Collective

Channeled by Kelly Thebo, inquiry by Rick Thebo

Collective: Yes Kelly, we are here. We are appreciative of the opportunity to be with you today. You have questions?

Rick Thebo: Yes, thank you for joining us this afternoon, Collective. Can you talk to us about time and how time works for humans?
The Collective: You experience time in a linear way because of the magnetic field of your planet. At the center of your planet is an iron-core crystal that is revolving. Those revolutions, the difference in the revolutions between the outside of the planet and the inside of the planet, leads to a magnetic field that causes a perception of linear time in the human brain. So, while you are experiencing time in a linear way, that does not mean that that is actually how time is happening. It’s a perception and a perception only.

Time actually is one moment, all moments, happening concurrently. It’s difficult for you to imagine that and be fully able to understand it. We want you to understand that time is a construct. You’re perceiving one thing in your body and you need to be understanding another thing in your mind. As you begin to evolve as the human race, as you begin to expand your awareness and your consciousness, you’re going to need to understand that things are sometimes not as they seem. You cannot only be functioning in the physicality, you need to be functioning with the divinity as well.

We will give you an example. When our channeler is channeling, one hour seems as ten minutes to her. The reason for that is that she’s dwelling at a level of consciousness where time is suspended for her. She has no sense of time when she is channeling, because she’s in a different state of consciousness. Is she still in her physical body? Is her physical body still sitting in front of you? Yes, but that’s not the perception she’s having. She’s not sharing the same perception you are when the channeling is happening. You understand?

It’s the same for you. When you are doing something you very much enjoy, it seems as if there is not enough time. When you are doing something that you really hate, time seems to drag, yes? Even in your estimation of time and your measurement of it as a linear construct, you’re not perceiving it exactly that way either. It’s based on your frequency. So, you’re already able to perceive that time is a construct, you just have your lives so incredibly dependent upon your measurement of time that it is unlikely that you will look at it any other way, unless it’s explained to you and you’re willing to adopt a different way of perceiving, you understand?

Rick: How are we to understand our past or even our future if time is really a construct? Can we be living multiple lives in one moment?
The Collective: You are living multiple lives in one moment, and it’s not just the lives upon this plane of existence, your incarnations, as you call them. It’s you, every aspect of you, everywhere. Source was seeking to have an experience of itself and dispersed its energy in such a way as to create all of you, all of us, and many other forms of consciousness. You are not a child of what you call God. You are not less than God. You are God, given an individual consciousness, come to live inside of a human body, to create a symbiosis between the physicality and the divinity and have an experience of itself. So, you have mimicked the one who created you and dispersed your energy to create many aspects of self to have an experience of yourself, just as Source is having an experience of itself through you. Because you are God, you’re not limited to one existence, and you’re definitely not only experiencing one existence at a time. It’s not linear. So, every aspect of you, whatever experiences you will ever have, are all happening concurrently.

Now you have a hard time imagining that because you think of things as being concrete. Here is a material plane of existence, here is where this body is dwelling that you know as yourself. How can you also be elsewhere? The whole point is that it’s not dependent on time. It’s dependent on dimensions, planes of existence, and frequencies where you may be anything you want to be. You know, you have this concept of the multi-verse, yes, more than one universe, more than one Earth, all vibrating differently but perhaps inhabiting the same space. This is true. This is how it works. The only thing keeping you from perceiving, inside of this human body, the fact that you are concurrently residing in another body or as discarnate energy, is the fact that you’re not dwelling at the exact same frequency. You never are in your various aspects of self. You have a variety of things you’re working on. You have different experiences that you’re having and, because of that, they can be happening concurrently and you have no awareness of it.

There are times you do have an awareness of it. When you go to do the hypnotic modalities, all that’s happening is that you’re altering your brainwave state such that you can have an experience. You’re tapping into the source-field where all experiences reside. So, can you be having an experience that’s actually you at the same time that you’re having the hypnosis — seeing it, experiencing it, feeling it? Yes. Because that frequency is being fed back and forth to all aspects of you, which has nothing to do with time. It has to do with frequency.

The multidimensionality of self is always working, it’s not suspended because you’ve come into a human body. It’s just that you’re not having a perception of it. So, can you be doing something in this life that is affecting something in another life? Yes. As you resolve your issues in this life, that frequency that needed to be resolved will be resolved in all lives that you’re living. And if they’re all happening in the present moment, it really begs the question, “Are any of them written in stone?” The answer to that is no, they are not. You understand?

Rick: Yes, thank you. It seems to me that perception is the key to focusing on the present moment. Is it possible for us to perceive just the moment we’re in on this plane of existence without being influenced by the fact that all other moments are happening concurrently?
The Collective: Well, you’ve used two words. One being “perceive,” the other being “influenced.” You can be influenced by frequency and never even know that it’s happening if you do not understand frequency and you haven’t been trained to perceive it. Can you have a perception of the present moment where you’re only focusing on the present moment in this incarnation? Yes, of course you can. But are you being influenced by all moments everywhere that are aspects of you? You are always being influenced. Whether or not you’re perceiving it has to do with the level of consciousness that you’re dwelling at. To clear the mind and focus only on the present moment is to understand that the only way to transform any moment, past or future in your linear perspective, is in the present moment. It’s the only moment you have. It’s the only moment you have available to you to effect change anywhere. That’s the physics of it.

Now, can you know that, now that we’ve taught it to you, and embrace that, and quit worrying about your past and your future, knowing that what you’re doing in your present is deciding them anyway? Yes, absolutely, if you choose to embrace that belief system, but you’ve all been given the freedom to do otherwise. The dramas and traumas upon the Earth plane, the memory of them, the fact that you focus upon them, determines to a great extent how any of you behave, even the decisions you would make, what you think, what you believe, in the present moment. It doesn’t have to be that way, but that is the way human beings have chosen to behave. Until you dwell at a higher consciousness, it’s going to be very difficult for you to stay focused on the present moment, which is the most powerful moment. It is the only moment you have available to you to effect change regardless of where you would like to perceive that, whether it is the past, the present, or the future. If you become convinced of that, then you will begin to have a different perspective, but the vast majority of the human race is not dwelling at a consciousness where that is possible.

The present moment is all you have at any point in time, even time as you know it.

Rick: What about our past as a physical manifestation? We have evidence of previous civilizations, such as Egypt, that no longer exist, but physical evidence of their civilization does exist. If every moment is only present, wouldn’t all moments be impacting each other?
The Collective: That’s exactly what we’re teaching you. They are impacting each other. You see, you are living upon the Earth plane and you have come into agreement, not just about one thing, or two things, or ten things, but millions of things. You carry a frequency that is in agreement with the rest of the human race. It’s frequency, it’s not the nuts and bolts of a material manifestation. You perceive it that way, but that’s not really what’s happening.

So, let us say that you have had an archeologist that has found evidence in Egypt of a previous civilization. It’s all upon the buildings, it’s buried in the sand, and the structures obviously are there, yes? Well, they’re only there because you all agree that they are there. We know that sounds bizarre. If you go to Giza you would see the pyramids, yes? You would be going with the intent of seeing these pyramids, because you have been told, and you believe, and you have written it in a book, and you have recorded it upon your film, that they are there. If it was possible, and it is possible, but not probable, that the entire human race would come into agreement that those structures do not exist, they would cease to exist in this material plane of existence. Not only now, but at all points, or moments, in time. You’re that powerful. You are Source, but you’re not perceiving yourselves that way.

You cling to your linearity, you cling to your linear understanding of self, and your experiences and the proof of that, because it’s how you identify yourself in space and time. Now, what would be the reason that a whole civilization would want to decide another civilization never existed? You may never choose to do that, but just because you don’t choose to do it doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. You are formulating this entire material plane of existence every moment in agreement with one another via your frequency and your belief systems. Because you are dwelling in the third dimension, obsessed with your past, that is where you put your focus. That is where you put your agreement, yes?

We’ll give you an example. You are finding things archeologically now, evidence of other forms of humanoids. You call this the “family tree” of the human race. With the many different types of skeletons that are different one from the other and you understand they don’t necessarily come from one another, it’s not necessarily a progression. It’s many branches of the divine and physical experience that existed concurrently upon the Earth plane. Primarily, you will find remains, you will find bones, yes, the skull, this type of thing, where you will do a scientific examination of that and decide that one form of humanoid did not come from another, but that they may have dwelt upon the Earth plane at the same time.

So, why is that just being found now? Because now is the time when you are obsessed with your past. You haven’t always been obsessed with your past. So you set an intention, collectively, that this is now something that you’re going to be interested in, and you’re bringing into materiality evidences of your other experiences that are happening concurrently. That’s literally what is happening, and because of the magnetic field of this planet, you’re perceiving it in linear time.

If you go looking with an intent to find a previous civilization, guess what you’re going to find? A previous civilization, because you’re the one creating it. You’re also the one living it in the present moment. It’s a creation, no different than any other creation. We’re basically saying you can be living in this incarnation and creating another incarnation with the very intent of finding evidence of that other incarnation in this incarnation. It’s all happening in one moment. That is magnificent! You’re all capable of doing it and you don’t even realize it.

So, you dig up the bones, and you find the stones, and you see the hieroglyphs, and you think all of it is written in stone in your past, and that there is some knowledge there that far surpasses that which you have now. That is not true. Instead of mulling over Atlantis, and Lemuria, and Egypt, and all these other things, you could be focused on your life right now. You don’t need to be looking over your shoulder all the time. When those of you are saying that you want to be able to live in the present moment, our advice to you is to understand the physics of doing that, and not just the physics of it, but the benefit of it.

You can influence your past. It’s only in the past because that’s how you perceive it, but it’s never concrete. You live in a constant creation, a constant transformation, of your own creation, that is not dictated by time. You’re just not having a perception that that’s what’s happening. We know it’s quite magnificent. It is something that is difficult for the human mind to ponder. But, we’re telling you this is how it works, and this is why you are affected by all experiences you are having everywhere. Why can one go into hypnosis, find out something about another life, and it resolves an issue they are having? Because that issue was being caused by frequency being shared between those two lives that are happening concurrently. You understand?

Rick: Yes, thank you. It’s a catch-phrase today to say that we need to live in the present moment. What does it really mean for humans to live in the present moment?
The Collective: You really don’t have a past or future. You only have the present moment. So, for those of you who wish to focus on the present moment, don’t just do it as an airy-fairy metaphysical principle of having a better day. Do it because, as a being who is multidimensional and is Source, you understand clearly that it’s the only moment you really have. Using every moment to its best advantage is to your greatest advantage, not only for you, but for the entire human race.

Stop looking over your shoulders thinking there is something there. Stop fretting about your future because you’re creating it in your present. When you’re fretting, and you’re fighting, and you’re protesting, and you cannot agree on anything and there are the wars, and the ecology of the planet, and all of this that you are all worried about, what kind of future do you think you are creating with all of that? It’s an incredibly low frequency. You ought to be living the most magnificent life that you can live in every moment of your life, because that is how you create a magnificent past, that is how you create a magnificent future, so that all perceptions you are having of time inside of this construct of materiality in human bodies can be excellent.

This is a physics principle. It’s not an easy thing to explain to you in your current understanding. We struggle even with finding the human words that will help you to understand what we’re talking about. It’s perception; it’s an experience of a multi-dimensional being who is God. Most of you do not even understand that that is what you are. Let alone possess a vocabulary or the scientific understanding to be able to really understand what we’re saying. It’s an experience.

If you were to take our words to heart, understand them as best you can, set an intent for present moment and present moment only, such as, “I’m just going to live my life. I get up every day, I have a life. These are the moments that count. These are the moments I should be focused on.” If you were just to do that, you would open up multi-dimensional experiences for yourself to interact with, because you would be setting aside your previous belief systems that were causing you to perceive yourself as linear. You’re not in subjugation to the magnetic field of the planet. That is just the default frequency of the planet, so you tend to come in line with it as soon as you are born. Most of you are taught programming from your families and from your society that just keeps you looking at it that way. All that’s really necessary in the human life is a change of perception, and an intent to have a different experience, for a different experience to come online. When enough of you are doing that, it will shift the entire human race. When you begin to do it, you will see a transformation in your life and that will be the reason then that you believe.

Your scientists don’t even understand this. They suspect that it’s true, but they don’t really understand it. Which is one of the reasons that you don’t hear very much about it. There are many things that your sciences perceive, but they’re not able to explain. If they can’t explain it and take credit for finding it, well, they’re not going to talk about it. Which leaves all of you with the lesser perception of self, does it not? You don’t need your scientific community to come online with this to have an experience of it. You need to decide, what do you believe? Hold that belief and then have an experience from it, because that is how things are created in this dimension. That’s how you’re creating your entire life. You attract to you what you believe to be true. There is a belief, and then there is an experience, whether you realize it or not. You’re sending out a frequency that’s drawing something to you. You’re doing it collectively, you’re doing it individually, and that is how this world is created, and every moment within it, past, present, and future in your linear time construct. You understand?

Rick: Thank you so very much for joining us this afternoon. As I always say, we look forward to being with you again soon.
The Collective: We always look forward to being with you as well. We love you very much and we will see you soon.



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