Awakening in the Moment


Adopting a healthy lifestyle and routine can aid in pacifying the need for stability in our lives. Perhaps our quest is to illuminate the light within us all, perhaps finding it for the first time if you feel as if you don’t have it.

How do we feel this? Take a few moments and realize our endless potential, for we have the entire universe inside of us. We may be physically small in terms of our human bodies, but our souls are immeasurable. Tapping into our potential is at the tip of our fingers.

Wake up a little bit earlier than normal and take those moments to get out of bed, make a hot cup of tea, sit and be aware of your breath. There is something so peaceful about waking up early and hearing the world begin to slowly wake up. If you don’t feel like getting up and doing a seated meditation, do one while still lying down and work your way into getting up and making it a part of your morning routine.

If you aren’t sure where to start, YouTube is a great resource for guided meditations for chakra balancing, heart opening or grounding techniques. Also, try meditating to higher frequency binaural beats with headphones on. When putting headphones on and canceling out external noise, you can really deeply relax and allow those higher vibration tones to do their magic on your brain. You will begin to feel problems and worries alleviate as you keep practicing. There are frequencies and tones for almost any type of healing you are looking for, whether it be mental or physical. 

Inner wisdom
Why do I suggest meditation in the morning? This is before our minds have become overstimulated with to-do lists and conversations with others. The world is still quietly coming to life and it’s really a time to get in touch with the inner wisdom we all have inside of us. We lose our attention trying to get so many things done at once, multitasking, which is proven to be actually less effective. Rather, we must manage our time wisely, focusing on one thing at a time, giving it our full attention and our absolute best. We are overstimulated, given too many choices with lots of responsibilities and pressures, making it more difficult to focus.

Visualization is like strengthening a new muscle we aren’t used to using. Visualize your day in a white bubble of light — white light signifies protection. Try to envision your day going smoothly, successfully and peacefully. Place your loved ones in their own bubble of protection, too. Thoughts are powerful and just as strong as your actions. Sending out these mental vibrations into the universe solidifies them into action — visualizing your home, your whole day, in a white bubble of protection. This does not mean that it will keep you from avoiding normal life problems and lessons, but this tool works with strengthening your inner vision, keeping you and your loved ones in protection, connection with divine timing and universal life energy. It really works, so try practicing it.

Sparks a flame
Just like people say, meditation and any form of mind mastering will be difficult in the beginning, just like picking up any other new lifestyle change or hobby. It usually sparks a flame inside of you to begin the new idea, but are you adding fuel to that flame to keep it sustained and burning or letting it burn out? Make it a challenge to keep delivering a better, stronger version of yourself to the story of life every day.

Small steps of meditation can help with strengthening this. Even giving yourself two minutes to close your eyes and listen to your breath, feeling each inhalation and exhalation and noticing how your body feels and where your mind goes. Once you feel your thoughts start to lessen and not intensely screaming at you, you can begin to create your own picture in our mind. Sometimes it will be more clear and at other times it will be more of a challenge. Don’t get discouraged or compare yourself to others. It isn’t a race or a competition with others.

Yoga and meditation isn’t a circus act recruiting people to be the best-looking warrior. They are a safe space for you to keep growing in a judgment-free zone. If you’re competing with anyone, compete with yourself to be better than you were yesterday. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing self-progression every day. You don’t have to believe in a higher creator or power to visualize your day, center yourself, or create the best possible life for yourself. I promise, with the dedication to yourself, you will see change. Feel more, let your heart and gut guide you. Our gut and solar plexus act as a second brain, which is why oftentimes when we know something is not right we say we feel it in our gut or stomach.

Allow timelessness to take real charge in your life. We are so often ruled by our hustle of life. Everyone is so much more important than each other. “Get out of my way in traffic, I need to get where I am going.” Timelessness is confusing, because how do we let go of our attachment to time, yet still strive toward completing things we want to get done?

Make awareness and balance more practical and reconnect it with your soul. Time will create psychological distress. Time can create pressure, which makes experiences less fulfilling. Manage your time more wisely. Get the most out of your time rather than rushing through to get it done first. Hurrying to get to the end of our work days to numb ourselves of our unhappiness. Enjoy each moment and genuinely realize that our time could end…not instilling fear of accidents or death, but igniting excitement for doing everything we want, exactly how we want.

Be free of fear of judgment and free of time. Your whole point of existence is not to meet your deadlines, so release your need for external control of time and other outside influences. Being able to truly grasp the concept of timelessness is truly the most efficient way to use time. Our natural biological state and rhythms are so beautifully complex and crafted by nature, and that can be messed up in an instant because of the lack of control we have over our minds. Learn to rule your mind or it will rule you.

Create space in your life, space in your mind, space in your body for new ideas and life force energy to flow through, space for creativity, and space for tight muscles and fascia to relax and heal. Cultivate deep awareness and acceptance. Awareness shifts constantly as one thing after another claims your attention, as I talked about the busyness and overstimulation.

The same water
Deepak Chopra wrote, “Much like a flowing river, your mind’s quiet depths aren’t detached from the activity on the surface. Every level of the river is made of the same water and moves toward the same goal, but the journey becomes much more comfortable when you aren’t tossed about like a drifting leaf. It’s not all that mystical that a river can be still and moving at the same time.”

There is no reason to believe that our minds are not capable of the same. It isn’t an arduous task. We overstimulate ourselves, and we also can ground and bring ourselves back to earth. Timelessness merges with time as easily as water merges with water. You can experience this personally. Being still inside removes the pressure of time; it’s inevitable that you will reach the next step. Freedom.  Stepping into this very minute.

The Four Agreements
One of the most profound writers of our time, Don Miguel Ruiz, wrote a small book called The Four Agreements. His inflection is very even-keeled and able to reach the consciousness of people at all levels. Learn to apply the four agreements in your life intentionally: be impeccable with your word, don’t take things personally, don’t make assumptions and always do your best.

These are such simple concepts, but they can completely change the blueprint of your life if implemented. Plant small seeds every day.

• For just today, I will speak only exactly what I mean. If I slip up, I will not dwell or harp but will pick up and continue again tomorrow. Words are the essence of my being. I will speak in the highest regard of myself and others.

• Don’t take things personally, because not everything everyone does is about you. Everyone is so focused on themselves just as you are focused on yourself. Truly allow other people to feel and heal through their own experiences and don’t let it affect you. Know your worth regardless of the compliment or the criticism; it shouldn’t matter if someone calls you incredible or tries to tear you down with their words. Know you are who you are — for you are you regardless of what their opinions are.

• Don’t make assumptions, for if you don’t have expectations of others you will not be disappointed. It is also not fair to make an assumption based on what you know and think and feel about a situation. You are a completely different person who processes, feels and lives differently than someone else. Just as everyday life and tragedies affect each person differently, no one instance can truly affect each person the same. Assumptions are unfair expectations that you put on others, and they lead to letting yourself down — doing more damage than good.

If we are being impeccable with our word and not taking things personally, we won’t have the need to make assumptions. Each agreement falls perfectly in alignment and makes sense.

• Always doing your best will bring a sense of completion in your life — with less disappointment knowing that you did the absolute best you could, knowing you were impeccable with your word and spoke your truth, not taking things personally around you, not making presumptuous ideas about others all work in conjunction with the final agreement.

Altruism. To be selflessly dedicated to others. Leading by example will help create more awareness in others and creating stronger foundations in humanity.

Living consciously
How do we begin on this path of living more consciously? Unwire old programs with awareness. Being aware of patterns that you have made a conscious effort to change will break you free. Simply be aware of the patterns you’d like to see improved or areas you would like to work on.

Live within the flow of life. Life will continue to flow and will be much easier for you if you get on board with it rather than against it. A spiritual path isn’t about having it all figured out now. It’s a continual path of mystery, not determined by anyone but you. You define your life; you’re the creator. Remember that transcendence is a part of the human condition.

Happiness improves when it has more meaning, purpose and wholeness. For some, that is supplied by their jobs, cars and money, but realize that once you reach that plateau of satisfaction, a new horizon will open and you will reach that new desire to fulfill. It will be endless.

That’s our mystery. We are never satisfied with temporary fulfillment. We are always wanting more, to transcend deeper, go further, grow further — to a deeper level, not materialistically. Your journey is your answer to life. That is the key, not searching for external acceptance from others. Rather, use external stimuli to bring each other up and seek the best possible individual journeys that we can create. Live harmoniously with the flow of life, and try our absolute best to stop harming the planet and the people around us by making smarter life choices.

Just for today… I will not judge a single thing that comes into my awareness or experience. I will speak with complete clarity, conviction and not saying things I do not mean. I will not take anyone’s words personally, nor will I make assumptions about them based on their delivery. Remember, everything is always one’s perception. I will also always try my absolute best, bringing me a state of comfort, knowing I am doing everything I can to be the best person I can.

Tidbits & guidance
Here are some spiritual tidbits and valuable guidance from my heart and information that I have acquired throughout my short life of ups and downs, learning, reading, meditations, experiences and travels that can be applied for all to lead more soul-fulfilling lives.

Not everybody will agree with my advice — and that is perfectly okay! Be open and willing to expand your perspective and current mindsets. Realize that we all have room for improvement, and that does not mean you are inadequate. As we break our stigmas on vulnerability being a weakness, we can transform it into strength, using that as the fuel to ignite the most beautiful, freeing form of growth. The heightened awareness of accepting “weaknesses” as times of improvements and room for growth to manifest is the real definition of strength.

My tidbits:
• You create your life and attract all people that come and go, all through the thoughts and intentions you send out into the universe. There are no coincidences. Everyone is divinely placed in your life for a learning experience of some sort. Trust that as truth when times become difficult and confusing. You attract everything into your experience by putting energy into your thoughts, so embrace it and reflect. Speaking from my own personal experiences, if you have perpetual thoughts of fear and inadequacy, you will manifest that. If you are intentionally focused on creating a specific goal, with patience, affirmations and true desire, it will come to fruition. This is the law of attraction. Have your intention, visualize it, genuinely believe it and put it to action. It all starts with your diet and lifestyle. You are what you eat, food is nourishment for the soul. To come into your fullest consciousness and awareness, you have to take care of your body!

• The law of allowing. Allow others to be exactly themselves as they allow you to be yourself, even if you don’t always agree with their ideas or lifestyles. I suggest leading by example and challenge a desire to dig deep within and develop a growth type of mindset, not fixed in your own ideas of what you think to be true. We all come from different experiences and walks of life, so our ideas are undoubtedly going to differ.

• Trust yourself, ground and reevaluate your thoughts. This is very difficult as we live in a very fast-paced world. Meditation helps with not silencing your thoughts but rather setting them aside, viewing your life from a different, less judgmental perspective. With time and diligent practice, it pushes through the mental chatter and teaches you to differentiate your inner wisdom from your ego and lower consciousness thoughts.

• Connect more with nature and recognize the beauty in the natural cycles and circle of life on the planet, appreciation of the profound persistence and oneness around us. Please spend less time wishing your life was better by following dreamy people on social media and change your own life. Yes, it is a great inspiration, but focus more on your own reality! Reflect on what has been and create new. We have that power!

• Don’t waste any more time wishing you could change the past or make different choices. If it weren’t for those choices, you wouldn’t be where you are today. Quit wasting time poisoning your mind and body with toxic thoughts and realize you are the only one who can create sustainable long-term change in your life. There will be constant challenges and slip ups; it’s about what you take from them.

• Remember, there is absolutely nothing wrong with “standard” ways of doing anything in life. Everyone is entitled to their own definition of happiness and success, and people will naturally disagree. But know, if you feel a deeper calling for more and feel compelled to be and do more, don’t limit yourself.

• Emanate the energy you want to receive… don’t over-obsess, but challenge your every thought toward positive and productive new patterns. Create those healthy neural pathways. Track your progress by keeping a journal of what differences you notice and feel every day, such as different interactions with people, more confidence, etc. A good friend of mine taught me to breathe in and breath out, “I am love, because I love.” Overcome your fear of rejection by the world and accept yourself, so you can love and accept others. Step into your fullest creative and expressive power. We are boundless and limitless. Tap into your left and right brain, feminine and masculine sides!

• Illuminate the light within yourself because we all have it. We are all light energy. Experiences are what shape us and make us who we are, so use those for lessons and examples of perseverance and fortitude.


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