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We all have the ability to empower ourselves, but who’s running the show when it comes to your life? Are you aware of and in control of your thoughts and emotions? Are you able to quickly and easily change a habit or incorporate a new one? How do you talk to yourself about your goals, dreams and habits?

Dr. Matthew B. James
There are many suggestions out there on how to overcome this or that, but our minds need real techniques that stick. You can overcome so much by unlocking the power of language and communication of the conscious and unconscious mind. Successful people do this every day.

One of the most effective, scientifically-proven techniques is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Described as a user manual for your conscious and unconscious mind, NLP is used by many successful people today, including Tony Robbins and Oprah Winfrey, to bring about immediate and effective changes in every area of life.

NLP offers an opportunity to explore how your mind processes, to learn how your mind and emotions work in achieving goals, and to let go of negative and limiting emotions, beliefs, and behaviors so you can create a mindset that helps you achieve lasting results.

The Empowerment Partnership is presenting an Integrative NLP Practitioner Certification® Training August 29-September 1 at the Hyatt Place Chicago O’Hare. This four-day interactive and experiential program provides the proven tools and techniques to communicate more effectively, build rapport easily, reprogram the mind for success, release limiting beliefs and behaviors, gain clarity in core values, and overcome procrastination, lack of motivation, depression and phobias. Registration to attend all four days is $144 when using Promo Code EDGE.

With 37 years of experience, the Empowerment Partnership, led by Dr. Matt James, is the world’s foremost leading authority in providing the most powerful training experiences in alternative and integrative approaches in psychology, human understanding, neuroscience and personal growth. Offering a unique blend of neuroscience, energy and emotional psychology, we are committed to helping people all over the world live intentionally and experience total freedom, fulfillment and autonomy in all areas of their lives.

James explains that Neuro-Linguistic Programming is best understood by breaking it down:
• Neuro simply means your neurology — the physical, mental and emotional components.

• Linguistics pertains to the language that you use, and more specifically, how you communicate with others, and more importantly how you communicate with yourself. 

• And finally, programming, which is simply the way you’ve taught your mind to process. That process simply needs an update so that you are able to make positive changes in life quickly and easily.

Lose the excuses, take that first step to a new and empowered you! Learn more at A team of enrollment advisors is available at [email protected] or 800.800.MIND (6463).

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