Breathing in Love


Based on the book, Happiness Is Life Itself

Take a position that is pleasant to you, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Listen to your own breathing and go with it.

When you breathe in, imagine that you are breathing in the universe, unrestricted love without conditions. Think about how condition-free this form of love, breathing, is. It happens by itself, and it is an enormous expression of life. You breathe whether you want it or not, it just happens, sustaining life in you.

Breathing connects you to the universe, to the unconditional love energy that is creativity itself. It wants to fulfill your needs and wishes and sustain your life. With every exhalation, you give away from yourself all that you do not need anymore. The universe receives it and turns it into love. You breathe in love and give away all that you do not need.

While breathing in, feel how this love is streaming into you. As it happens, we do not stop to think about it, and we are not aware of what is really happening at every moment. Suck in this love while breathing in and indulge in it, for it will not end.

Feel how it is streaming into you and is kindling your own light within. Every inhalation brightens this light, which is your own true being. The light comes into you slowly, gets brighter and fills you completely, for there is enough of it. It spreads around from you, fills the globe and the universe and returns to you, multiplying your light. You can see and feel the light of your true being.


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