Breathing Your Way to the Heavens


The Formula technique is like a visitor’s pass to the other planes. This spiritual exercise, which takes about 15 to 20 minutes, is done at bedtime. It’s very simple, and it goes with the sound of HU, a holy name for God. This is how it was given to me.

To reach the second, or astral, plane use Formula Two. First chant HU two times, then breathe deeply two times. Repeat it again — chant HU twice and breathe deeply twice. Then do it again — chant HU two times, breathe two times. You don’t have to set your timer, because all of a sudden you will know that it’s time to stop chanting. Then go to bed. If you do the spiritual exercise lying on your back, just roll over, make yourself comfortable, and very gently hold the thought “Formula Two” in mind as you go to sleep.

You needn’t worry about it or perform some special ritual, such as lying straight in bed with your toes pointing up to the ceiling and your hands folded on your chest, or anything like that. Just keep “Formula Two” lightly in mind, and drift off to sleep.

If you wake up and remember something that happened on the inner planes, try to write it down right then, because you’ll probably forget most of it by morning. Writing these experiences down as soon as they come is a most difficult discipline. But if you can get in the habit, you will find the full spectrum of your life slowly opening to you, like the petals of a flower.

Going to the third, or causal, plane — the plane of seed karma and past lives — is equally simple with Formula Three: Chant HU three times, and breathe deeply three times. Repeat it again — three HUs, three breaths. Keep doing this until you know within that it’s time to quit. As you go to sleep, very gently, without becoming locked on it, try to hold the thought, “Formula Three.”

You can aim for the mental plane by chanting four HUs, taking four deep breaths, and falling asleep with “Formula Four” lightly in mind. To visit the Soul Plane, chant HU five times, breathe five times, and gently think, “Formula Five.”

And that’s all there is to the Formula technique.

When writing the experiences in your dream journal, you will find it helpful to put “Formula Two” (or “Three” or “Four” or “Five”) at the top of the page, to indicate what you were trying to achieve that night. Then add the date and write down the experience. Eventually you will develop a feel for which plane you should be working on that particular evening.

Once you have any degree of success with this technique, you will start to see a different texture to the experiences on each plane. Then begin comparing the experiences of each plane. Try to see if there is a thread that runs through them. In one way or another, Soul will try to come through to give you what you need to know for your spiritual unfoldment.

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  1. A wonderful and informative article on how to achieve a deeper awareness of soul and why you are here in this physical experience.


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