Clearing Energy with Your Divine Self


An excerpt from Personal Power Through Awareness

Being in a clear state allows you to open to new possibilities and unfold the greater potential of your life. Being clear makes it easier to recognize that which is your purpose and that which is not. You strengthen your ability to bring about your higher good, working in harmony with the Universe.

As you clear energy that may be affecting you, and you open to higher energies, the channel expands between you and your innermost divine Self. You can experience a greater downflow of spiritual energy and guidance. Taking action on this guidance brings your inner divine light into outer manifestation as forms, relationships, experiences and circumstances. What you create will fulfill its purpose and bring you even more than you could think to ask for. When you are clear, you can experience more of the love that is who you truly are. With your increasing radiance you become a beacon of light to an ever-widening circle of people.

You have already experienced being clear during those times when you felt good about yourself and your life.

Reflect on times in the past when you experienced being clear, in touch with your innermost Self and your truth. Among other feelings, you may have felt confident and good about yourself, inspired, happy, and in charge of your life. Some other indications that you were in a clear space are a sense of well-being, loving and supportive thoughts of yourself and others, and feeling balanced and at peace with the world. Recall these feelings and allow yourself to feel this way right now.

You can feel this way whenever you choose by recognizing when you do not feel this way and then taking steps to return to loving, harmonious states where you are clear and can experience the light of the divine shining through you.

Staying clear does not come from using willpower or trying to force yourself to let go of thoughts, feelings and other energies that you do not want. It starts with recognizing that you are not clear. You do not have to fight these energies or deny them to release them. Being clear comes from contacting your highest, innermost Self, which then works with you to clear the way. As you work with this Self, It dissolves thoughts and feelings that are holding you back.

Lower energies can have no power over you. They are not supported by any spiritual law or truth.

Many times you give power to unwanted thoughts, feelings, beliefs, stories and memories. You may feel that they are simply showing you reality the way it is. Or you may have tried to release them without success. You do not need to let regrets, guilt, memories, or negative beliefs hold you back. You do not need to fear that future events will harm you or stop you. You do not need to live with worry or a lack of self-confidence.

As you connect with your divine Self, you know that these lesser, unwanted thoughts, beliefs and feelings can have no real power over you and cannot control you. When you open to your divine Self and allow Its light to shine on them, they disappear, because they are not backed by any spiritual laws or truth.

Your innermost divine Self, the One Life within you, is all powerful. This means that there is no other power. Even though these lesser energies feel real when viewed from the personality level, when viewed with the illumination of the divine Self they can be seen to have no true power. There is nothing to fight against, for they have no substance and are not real.

Your clear energy is a gift to everyone around you.

As you keep your energy clear and sustain a higher state of consciousness, you offer clear energy to everyone around you. You become a source of light and stability to an ever-widening circle of people and to all life.

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Sanaya Roman has been channeling Orin, a wise and gentle spirit teacher, for many years. Orin has assisted hundreds of thousands of people to awaken spiritually. Sanaya and Orin provide a path of self-realization through their books, audio courses, and seminars. Read more about Sanaya and Orin's teachings at In the newly revised bestselling spiritual classic Personal Power Through Awareness: A Guidebook for Sensitive People -- the second book in the tremendously popular Earth Life Series -- there are easy-to-follow processes that thousands have learned to create immediate and profound changes in their lives and relationships. Printed with permission from New World Library --


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