Ego is the Only Problem


We start movements, join causes, and we try to change the world. Yet, even on those rare occasions when a battle is won, nothing ever seems to change.

History has seen countless revolutions. The cause first seems noble. Then the new leaders and their new systems end up just as oppressive and corrupt as the previous ones. Is real change even possible? Can there be a real revolution that solves the core problem?

The problem that needs to be solved goes by a name: ego. Any revolution that stops short of transcending ego is no revolution at all.

The ego is violent. Egoic institutions are violent and the people in the grip of the ego are violent. There is no possibility for real love, compassion, understanding, acceptance, nor trust. Everyone is treated as a criminal and our thought system is based on fear. We use punishment to deal with challenges and to organize society.

In the grip of ego, people are badly suffering. The conditioned voice in the head is torturing us. The system is telling us to be afraid and then exploiting that fear. This creates so much stress that illness is normal and suffering profitable. Consumption is falsely offered as the remedy. So, we thoughtlessly sacrifice our own lives and the planet in pursuit of a happiness that never comes. Yet, without ego, joy is our normal state.

For thousands of years, civilization has attempted to solve our existential crisis on the level of the external. We cling to false identities — fighting for our special causes, defending our ideas, and claiming that we are right and that others are wrong. Here there is no love — only more ego and endless war and conflict. Any movement that arises from ego–religion included–fails to solve the core problem and only creates different manifestations of it.

What would a true revolution look like? First — on the personal, inner level — this consciousness revolution is a shift away from fear and toward the thought system of perfect love. In love, we accept everyone unconditionally. Solutions to problems are loving and never violent.

In love, we effortlessly give. We serve others because that’s what love naturally does. We are honest and open with our neighbors because we know we are accepted. We create true value and abundance by working and creating consciously. We instantly forgive and offer compassion. We solve problems rather than perpetuating them. We do whatever excites us and it is okay.

Now, let’s look at this new society on the level of form. The real revolution would be decentralized. No centralized authority that has any right to threaten or use violence. Legal rights, property rights and the way we organize the functioning of our society would be fully democratized through decentralized systems (i.e. blockchain technology).

If there is law enforcement and courts, it is by consent of all parties. They are set up not to punish but to offer the help needed to correct the problems lovingly. Prisons are replaced with retreats to heal. There is no sin, only error. Perfect love is the only correction to error.

It is not possible to serve two masters. Attempt to make some ego real and we continue to serve ego. Fortunately, more and more of us are choosing true purification — undoing all fear, all negative emotion, all greed, violence and selfishness — not through willpower but through awakening from ego.

The only real revolution is a spiritual awakening. There are many different words, concepts and paths toward awakening, but they all point to the same truth. When most people have aligned with the thought system of perfect love, then the real and only revolution will have already happened without a fight. The ego, and its systems, will have no power over us and we are free. Until then, let’s not hope for any real change.

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