Just Breathe: A Work In Process


After decades of studying different modalities, I’ve found that understanding conscious breathing is a critical part of any practice, because when I glossed over the breathing, I missed creating the most value from the work.

Even at the most rudimentary introductory levels, conscious breathing helps the flow of energy through the body, enabling healing. As you advance in a modality, there is progressively less movement. Slower breathing. Slower physical movement corresponds to higher vibrational multidimensional states.

Compare what I learned from these different modalities to see what I mean:

• Yoga — Remedial yoga teaches breathing to go with exercise movements, breathing to the sides of the body or by pushing out the stomach and sucking it in when these movements assist the body in bringing energy in or pushing it out in accordance with the physical movements. Ironically, I heard a Christian church member report that her minister allows her to do the yoga movements but not the breathing, a true example of not understanding even the rudimentary purpose of conscious breathing.

• QiGong – I love Spring Forest QiGong (SFQ), the easy version of QiGong taught by Master Chunyi Lin, Minnesota’s own monk who escaped from the persecution in China. One exercise at Level One in SFQ, which is an example of the breathing at this level, involves standing with feet shoulder width apart, 70 percent of the weight on the left foot, breathing in for a count of three, hold for three, then shifting to the left, breathing out for a count of three, hold for three. Obviously, if you breathe slower you relax, your vibration goes higher. SFQ reminds you to breathe in also through the skin, the largest organ of the body. The skin breathes constantly, pushing out and bringing in energy to heal the entire body and soul.

• Ho’oponopono – Self-Identity Ho’oponopono (SITH) taught me the most. Teaching it requires permission from Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, its founder, because it is designed with only one very high vibration “basic” level — ALL THAT IS. This is the highest basic level attainable in any modality, where the entire universe is identified with the “I” in a loving, forgiving, gratitude emotional state where any dis-ease can be healed. The breathing pattern to attain and maintain that highest level involves breathing in to the count of 7, then hold for 7, then breathe out for 7, then hold for 7. (Use 8 if you haven’t been training in SITH for at least a year.) The story of how Dr. Hew Len “helped heal” 35 inmates diagnosed as permanently criminally insane in three years without psychological treatment is set forth in the book Zero Limits, by journalist Joe Vitale and Dr. Hew Len. There’s far more involved than “just breathing,” but by comparing the breathing in the modalities you study, you can assess how far you are into the All That Is state of being.

Three Magic Words, by U.S. Andersen – This is my Law of Attraction “bible” — where I learned the “30 Day Mental Diet” for manifesting anything and everything you want. It starts with communion with the Source and breathing exercises. The communion and breathing raises the vibration and creates the flow that sends the vibration out into the world, like a radio signal. There is only one more step, which is refusing to “accept” any negative thought for a period of 30 days. It may involve three simple steps, but without the breathing you are like a still picture instead of a movie, an engine without fuel. Breathing generates the power to send the signal out, the communion is the chosen vibration and the information in the thoughts is the image of what is to be manifested.

I learned the hard way about the value of conscious breathing when I realized this was the part that was missing when I was failing to manifest my dreams. I was remembering to do the thinking part, the desires, the imaging, the emotions, but I was forcing them instead of just “allowing” them to flow with my conscious breathing.

So, remember to “just breathe” — consciously. It costs you nothing but can save your life, help heal others, manifest your dreams and enlighten your soul.

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