Liberation Breathing


The breath is the most essential aspect of our life. It has incredible healing properties. When used in such a way that it is conscious, deep and connected, the benefits are not only more oxygen cleansing the cells of the body, but also greater energy of the life force. Taking in greater life force cleanses the mind of its subconscious memories of hurt, anxiety and conflict.

By this method, you can be liberated from: pain; negative thoughts; tension of negative mental mass; shallow breathing; symptoms and disease; fear; anger; guilt; sadness; the effects of traumatic incidents; blocks to abundance; addictions; negative patterns in relationships; birth trauma; parental disapproval; unconscious death urges; the past, including past lives; false religious theology and dogma; depression; and the ego.

You can even be liberated from death! In her book, The Path of Empowerment, Barbara Marciniak explains that “awareness and control of the breath are essential keys for understanding and developing the higher mind because they form a very powerful and natural way to connect with both inner and outer sources of vital life energy.”

Marciniak notes that you can use your breath to: stabilize yourself; have more energy; enhance your immune system; create beneficial brainwave patterns; travel into the interior of your being; acquire transcendent knowledge and information; and seek higher consciousness.

The type of conscious, connected breathing I facilitate is called Liberation Breathing, which was born out of the very gentle and compassionate process called Rebirthing. It is a conscious, connected breathing — a physical, mental and spiritual experience all in one. This conscious, connected breathing method was originally called Rebirthing because any conscious breathing can stimulate birth memories — the moment of the first breath. We are healing the damage done to the breath mechanism at birth, which resulted in most people sub-ventilating (shallow unconscious breathing). Sub-ventilation, which most people do all their lives, does not promote longevity.

We are retraining the breath mechanism. It is a highly personal experience in which people often have mystical experiences. Breathwork is now practiced around the world and is very popular. Rebirthers all over the world have helped thousands of people clear up their lives by the use of simple means: facilitating an hour of deep, connected breathing in the upper chest; changing negative patterns of thinking; breathing out stuck energies in the body; and breathing in greater amounts of life force.

In Liberation Breathing, the inhale and exhale are connected in a relaxed rhythm, pulling the inhale up into the upper chest — into the heart center or sternum area — and relaxing totally on the exhale. The inhale and exhale merge so that breathing feels and sounds like an unbroken circle. The inhale and exhale are relaxed and full, not forced. The breathing is not too fast or too slow.

The most important aspect is the rhythm. One can breathe in and out through the mouth or in and out through the nose. This breath cycle into the upper chest can break you out of unconscious holding patterns in regards to breathing and living. It is like a baptism of the Holy Spirit with power. The breath, together with raising the quality of your thoughts, can heal almost anything. The deep, connected, circular breathing also increases your ability to receive love, as it opens your heart.

Liberation Breathing improves your relationships, especially when both partners are receiving the blessing and benefits of this deep, but simple, process because it frees you from the unconscious conditions that you inherited from your family. It can also help you become more creative and intuitive. This happens as you clear your ego (false self) and the sabotaging negative thoughts held in your subconscious so that you can experience the availability of infinite intelligence. It is a sacred thing because you are connecting with the source of life itself. Joy is the result. Who wouldn’t want that?

Through Liberation Breathing you will have the ultimate spiritual intimacy with your Self and your Creator. It will open gateways into your heart that you had long ago closed. It will cleanse your cells of negative thought contaminations stored and crystalized in the very DNA. It will flush out the crud that will eventually accumulate in your system and kill you.

And more, Liberation Breathing is the ultimate cosmic bath. It is for everyone. No matter who you are or where you are on the path, it will take you higher than you ever thought you could go. You will wonder how you ever lived without it. You are actually surrendering to the healing force of your own aliveness with a maximum of ease and a minimum of struggle and resistance.

The art of it is about letting go, releasing control, and getting your mind out of the way. The science of it is about adjusting your breath and correcting your thoughts. The spiritual dimension of this conscious breathing is the heart of the matter. The purpose of it is not just the movement of air, but the movement of energy. Because the energy is accumulating as you are not using it up by jogging, let’s say, then you experience dynamic energy flows in your body. These energy flows are the merging of spirit and matter. These energy flows we describe as tingling and vibrating sensations. When these are happening, your body is being filled with pure life energy, and your mind and body are being cleansed of tension and impurities.

Liberation Breathing is pouring in more light, more forgiveness, more acceptance and love into your system, not to mention more prana and life energy than you have ever been used to. The added energy has an innate intelligence to go to the areas in your mind and body most in need of healing. You breathe in more love while you release stored-up fear. And the results are almost always miraculous.

Sondra Ray will be presenting her workshop, “Miracle Consciousness Training,” at the Carondelet Center in St. Paul on September 20-22. For more information, please visit To register, contact Deanna Reiter at [email protected] or call 651.238.7248.


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