Soul Breathing for Optimal Health and Abundant Living


Have you noticed your breath lately? Your breath tells a story. Whether your breath is deep, relaxed, flowing, shallow or disconnected, the way you breathe is a reflection of your life’s story. Your breath can help you rewrite your story, build upon it, or gain a new perspective. It can help you reset and start anew.

Breath is one of the few systems in the body that works both consciously and unconsciously. We breathe about 24,000 times a day, but most of these breaths are automatic or unconscious and use the back part of the brain (the reptilian brain). It’s easy to make your breath conscious…just start to notice it. When you become aware of your breath, it lights up the frontal lobe and conscious breathing begins.

Conscious breathing is a powerful tool for our overall health and well-being. Yet, people barely breathe. Most people use only 30 percent of their respiratory system. It’s enough to stay alive, but breath can give us so much more. Conscious breathing can help you create better health, enhance your soul connection and bring you joy.

Breath is Spirit in and through the body. Breath is the connection between body and soul. It helps us feel alive and connected to the infinite source of intelligence flowing through the Universe.

We’re born breathing openly and naturally, but as we go through life, we become conditioned and try to fit in. We learn to hold our breath back, so we don’t have to feel. New breath patterns emerge and become the norm. As we cut off our breath, we disconnect from the Universe and our unique self goes dormant. Your breath becomes a reflection of your life’s story.

Soul Breathing™ is a powerful breathing process that consistently generates profound physical, emotional and mental self-healing and deepens your connection with Spirit. It is at the cutting edge of conscious breathwork. It changes old, ineffective patterns of breathing and becomes a powerful way to reduce stress, heighten self-awareness and heal emotional wounds.

Soul Breathing helps you relax and let go. It brings more oxygen into your cells and stimulates your lymphatic system. It will help you detox and it gives you more energy and vitality. It can decrease your signs of aging and can even repattern your DNA. But, it’s all about vibration.

Vibration is the key! As you master your breath, you will begin to permanently hold a higher level of vibration, and vibrating from this new place will allow you to let go of old mental and emotional patterns that hold you back. You make space in your energy field and anchor your soul more fully into your body. You start to live from the level of the soul. You attract more of what you want in your life, creating better health, abundance and joy.

Soul Breathing teaches us to breathe through our resistance — no matter what’s going on inside. It’s helpful to have a facilitator or breath coach at first, to guide you in your process. You learn to ride the waves of emotions that may surface and breathe through your mental constrictions. You release old patterns that no longer serve you.

Energy follows awareness.  In a Soul Breathing session, you can direct your breath to any area in your body that may be in need of healing. As you place your awareness on that part of the body and breathe into it, the energy created from the movement of your breath (chi, prana, ki) will go there. And since your breath (Spirit) knows exactly what your body needs, it can clear the underlying pattern and the body begins to heal.

Soul Breathing follows every cycle in nature. In nature, there’s always a period of work and a period of rest. We have day and night and we have the seasons. We have the water cycle where it rains down and evaporates up. What makes Soul Breathing different from other forms of conscious breathwork is the exhale. It’s relaxed and passive. We let go of the diaphragm and the right amount of air comes out. We work on the inhale which brings in the fullness of life. We let go on the exhale, which teaches us to trust — we  trust there will always be enough, that there will always be another breath. The inhale is about choice. We get to choose how big we want our lives to become. Conscious breathing empowers us to create the life we’ve always wanted and to live it full on.

Soul Breathing is a powerful spiritual practice. It can raise your conscious awareness and connect you more fully to your soul. As you breathe consciously and continuously, you create a circuit in your body and a high vibrational spiritual energy starts to flow in and through you. This activates your chakras and opens your body’s energy channels. Your cells start to hold more light and you begin to align with the cosmos. As the soul anchors more fully into the body, you start to live from soul level. This can raise your conscious awareness and help you receive insights to empower you on your path.

We are in an intense phase of individual and global transformation. Humanity is making a critical evolutionary leap in consciousness which both urges and inspires us to transmute our blocked emotions, heal our bodies, free our minds and connect to our souls.

How do we do this? Just breathe.


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