The Conscious Breath


This is the time for you to actively pursue a process of self-empowerment in your day-to-day life. There is so much available for all of us to receive at this juncture. The conscious breath is a simple and powerful step, a tool that you can utilize to consciously anchor your power and receive abundance in your life.

The understanding of the importance and power of the conscious breath was gifted to me by the Pleiadians 26 years ago. I had been diagnosed with advanced systemic lupus and had been given just a few months to live by the medical profession.

The conscious breath has been an ongoing and powerful tool that I continue to utilize daily in my life. The Pleiadians emphasized the importance of me consciously choosing to utilize my own life force breath to create change in my life, to let go of any sabotaging cycles and to create healing in my physical body. The conscious breath can also be utilized as an integrator for any new energy coming into your physical cells.

The Pleiadians explained the conscious breath as activated by breathing in, and out, of the mouth. It is important that the “in breath” is deep and never controlled and the “out breath” is released without effort, not controlled. It is essential to allow the breath to be freely released out through the mouth. The mouth is fully open during the full cycle of one conscious breath, coming fully in through the mouth and then fully out of the mouth.

This full conscious breath can almost feel like a deep sigh and sometimes a sound wants to naturally come out with the release of the out breath. This is the letting go energy, which is promoted by the conscious breath.

The conscious breath says two things: “Yes, I am willing to let go,” and “Yes, I am willing to receive my light and connect to my light.”

Every time you utilize the conscious breath, a level of what you are holding onto within your cells is being released, and this is the “letting go”action. Note that the content of what you are letting go of within the moment is unimportant. So each time you use the conscious breath, there is the natural process of letting go within you.

This is you beginning a process of you consciously choosing change now for your Self. With each conscious breath you are activating a process of transformation for your Self. You let go and open to receive that which is yours by natural birthright. You are setting in motion the activation of receivership in your life. This is a conscious action of your self-empowerment.

This “letting go energy” is liberating. It allows real change to take place, because through the conscious breath the letting go energy is activated within your cells. The old density begins to be released with each breath, making room for change and transformation within the cells automatically. The density held within the cells can begin to be released, and with these openings from the release your light can flow within your cells. This process with your light entering the cell creates an energetic change within the cell itself; this makes physical healing possible.

The conscious breath is not needed all of the time. You may take a conscious breath once every ten minutes, once an hour or maybe a few times a day. The rest of the time you breathe normally. You may feel inspired to do a series of conscious breaths over a space of ten minutes to bring a deeper focus on opening into the cells of a single area of your body that is in pain or is in dysfunction.

As you work within an individual site, you bring your awareness and the conscious breath within the space. Sometimes it is helpful to place your hand on the site into which you are bringing your focus. This supports you to deepen your awareness as you bring in the conscious breath like a soft wind within your cells. Whether you see, sense or feel the energy open does not matter. What is important is that you are choosing to actively come into your body, to interact within your cells with your life force breath. This is a powerful process creating enormous change within cycles of your life.

The conscious breath is designed to play a significant role in your ongoing awakening at this time in your evolution. This is your time to actively be pursuing and working with your power. Through the conscious breath, you harness your power. As you begin to consciously engage with your conscious breath you begin to understand and open to clarity on another level within your life. You begin the process of consciously letting go of the old issues, old burdens, guilt and shame that have been locked within the cells of your heart. With the conscious breath, issues can leave the body completely, eliminating sabotaging patterns.

The action of the conscious breath begins to create deep change within your day-to-day life. You begin to feel lighter, free and more joyful. A new energetic pulse begins to be awakened within your physical body and you energetic field by utilizing the conscious breath.

This is a process of you birthing you. This is a self-resurrection process of love.

There is an unlimited potential for you to open up into with the conscious breath. The question you might ask yourself is, “How much am I willing to receive?” A door is wide open for you step through. You can enter another aspect of your light through the activation of your conscious breath. New pathways can open in your life as you actively choose to let go.


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