The Holy Trinity’s Consciousness is evolving into Planet Earth


Earth is experiencing a very powerful state of evolutionary development, and soon remarkable changes will start presenting themselves to the human race.

There have been belief structures associated with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit contained within religion and other ideological systems on Earth. Consciousness and energy are evolving here in a very powerful way as a result of the activity on Earth and with Universal Consciousness and energy.

Consciousness is the will contained within energy measured by vibrational frequencies. These vibrational frequencies exist universally and beyond. When I say “beyond,” I mean that consciousness and energy were responsible for introducing the universe, and I cover how this happened in some of my work. Consciousness is incorporated into energy everywhere for the purpose of maintaining the integrity of infinity and the product of life contained within infinity.

What also is sustained infinitely by consciousness within energy is love. Love is the most powerful form of energy in existence, because love gives eternity a reason to exist and to continue experiencing evolutionary development.

The Creation
Earth evolved out of Universal consciousness and energy almost 5 billion years ago. Consciousness was involved in the creation and introduction of planet Earth, because Earth itself and life on Earth needed to be conceptualized for evolutionary purposes. Universal consciousness is incorporated into planet Earth because Earth evolved out of the universe. An energy field called the Higgs field permeates throughout the universe. The Higgs field is the most powerful concentration of Universal consciousness and energy. Everything in the universe evolves out of the Higgs field and experiences evolutionary development as a result of its existence.

The Higgs field contains very powerful vibrational frequencies of consciousness and light and dark energy. Consciousness and higher frequency vibrations produce light energy and consciousness and lower frequency vibrations produce dark energy. This is where the light and the dark originate from universally.

The Higgs field produces Higgs bosons, subatomic particles that interact with other subatomic particles for evolutionary reasons. The vibrational frequencies contained within the Higgs field produce different types of subatomic particles so different types of matter can experience evolutionary development in the universe.

Love is contained on a universal level. This universe was designed and introduced out of extremely powerful love. This love evolved into the Holy Trinity’s consciousness and is contained within them forever. The Higgs field also contains love from the evolutionary development and activity of the vibrational frequencies of light and dark energy. Earth contains love, as well, and love has been evolving on Earth. Human beings experience love not only from their interaction with one another but the transfer of energy they receive from the Higgs field. The Holy Trinity’s consciousness is incorporated into planet Earth to help love evolve — and to help the human race evolve, as well.

When life experiences death, living organisms on Earth transfer into the whirlpool galaxy through the Higgs field and back into God’s home. Human beings cannot see or detect this activity because it happens so quickly. Life evolves through the Higgs field with the acceleration of the universe and transfers into the whirlpool galaxy — and reaches a much more powerful level of evolutionary development.

Human beings on Earth do not have their consciousness integrated with the Higgs field in such a way that they would be able to see, detect and experience what is actually occurring in the universe. This is why the universe looks so empty. Actually, it is teeming with life and there are other worlds everywhere. What prevents human beings from experiencing the universe in its true form is a very powerful pressure system in the body and consciousness. This pressure system is represented in the form of fear. Fear comes from pressure contained within consciousness, light energy and dark energy. Human beings consist of consciousness, light energy, dark energy and pressure.

Experience of death
The primary fear contained within human beings comes from the uncertainty of the experience of death. This is a very powerful resistance to evolutionary development. Death itself facilitates evolutionary development through the Higgs field, because the Higgs field is responsible for generating evolutionary development universally. So this resistance contained within the human body repels the Higgs field away from the individual and prevents them from experiencing a plethora of activity contained within the universe.

Earth also contains consciousness, light energy, dark energy and pressure. Earth contains love and fear within world consciousness. Fear manifests itself in certain degrees within the framework of how consciousness operates. There is fear that can expand and accelerate within consciousness and allow for the evolutionary activity of the vibrational frequencies of light and dark energy to happen fairly easily. This is like fear of flying, fear of snakes or spiders, fear of automobile accidents, thrill-seeking fear, the fear of death and fear experienced during horror movies. These types of fear, and many more, don’t cause very much resistance with the evolutionary development of consciousness.

Then there is pressure or fear that has a difficult time with the evolutionary development of consciousness and creates resistance. This is fear that comes from childhood trauma, addiction, divorce, violence, oppression, imprisonment, brutality and conflict.

This type of fear represents the resistance to the evolutionary development of consciousness, love and spiritual development. This type of fear produces hatred and acts of evil are committed among human beings as a result of this type of resistance. This type of fear also impedes the flow of energy within the Higgs field between living organisms and itself. This type of fear is contained within a lot of human beings and on a global level within world consciousness.

The Holy Trinity has had its consciousness incorporated into Earth and the Higgs field to help Earth, consciousness, the Higgs field, light and dark energy and love evolve here on Earth. The consciousness and energy of Earth and the Milky Way galaxy are connected to the consciousness and energy of the whirlpool galaxy where God’s home is located. Universal Consciousness is evolving within and between these two locations.

A powerful way
In “The Lord’s Prayer” it states, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.” This is happening now in a very powerful way, and soon Earth will possess the type of consciousness and energy that God’s home has, through the evolutionary development of the Higgs field. The Holy Trinity’s consciousness needed to be incorporated into planet Earth to assist with this process.

The Holy Trinity’s consciousness has been evolving into human consciousness through different belief structures and helping the Higgs field evolve. Jesus was performing miracles before his crucifixion here. This means he had moved completely away from the human experience. The human experience involves physical pain and suffering. Jesus felt no pain and suffering through his experience because of his evolutionary state. You could probably equate this to Superman going through this experience today. He had to play this role and it was of extreme importance that he did this — and that human beings perceived it this way. He did not experience death either; it only appeared as such.

Imprisonment, brutality, the suffering of love, execution and the killing of innocent people are activities that have been contained within the human condition for a long time, and they have increased as the population grew. Death is happening within fractions of a second with all living organisms on Earth and is a global consciousness and energy.

With human beings it is happening every few seconds. Acts of evil and hatred are associated with death, as well as that which is contained within this consciousness and energy. Death itself is represented by good in the most powerful degree because death facilitates a change in evolutionary state and helps consciousness transfer into God’s home.

The experience of death actually is very peaceful and very beautiful. Most of the consciousness and energy associated with death globally do not contain hatred. Jesus went through his experience so his consciousness, love, divinity and power could transfer into these very areas everywhere that represent the resistance to evolutionary development. As the population grew, so did religion — and His consciousness transferred into the areas that contain imprisonment, brutality, violence, suffering and the killing of innocent people. His consciousness also transferred into the resistance that is mixed into the consciousness and energy of death. This is why it was necessary that people perceived that Jesus had actually experienced death.

What was associated with Jesus’s experience was love and fear. Both had to evolve here on Earth. When people think about Jesus they experience love and fear at the same time because of what Jesus went through. He had to do this to help fear evolve on Earth. Religion has been helping fear evolve globally — especially the fear that contains resistance from those aspects I mentioned above. God in the Old Testament was associated with love but also anger, wrath, judgment, punishment and fear. Anger, wrath, judgment, punishment and fear is contained within the human condition, and globally as well. This was written to help God’s consciousness transfer into the areas of Earth that contain these aspects of consciousness.

The 12 Steps were introduced by Bill W. and Dr. Bob in 1936, and their spiritual philosophy was to allow people who were suffering from alcoholism to choose a God of their own understanding. Recovery from all kinds of addictions and the 12 Steps are a worldwide activity now.

People who suffer from addiction and alcoholism contain more fear than others in their consciousness and possess a very powerful form of resistance. Addiction is not a disease, but classifying this as the AMA did was very beneficial for evolutionary development in world consciousness for many reasons. Religion contains a powerful mixture of love and fear. That is why addicts and alcoholics don’t gravitate into churches everywhere to recover. Some do, but most don’t because the fear in their consciousness resists the experience that Jesus went through and the ideology of the Old Testament.

The 12 Steps are about the evolutionary development of God’s consciousness here on Earth. What happened was alcoholics and addicts began choosing a “God” of unconditional love, which was not associated with any fear at all. The true nature of God is unconditional love. People who practice religion also believe this way, but there has still been an element of fear contained within religion. Non-denominational churches migrated into world consciousness as a result of the evolutionary development of love associated with God and Jesus. Recovery became a worldwide activity and this helped God’s Consciousness evolve everywhere.

Jesus also is associated with unconditional love, but He had a very important job to do with helping fear evolve; Earth’s evolution depended upon his experience. Now, most religious organizations support recovery and it has become incorporated into religion. All of this activity is indicative with the evolution of God and Jesus’s consciousness.

Globally, this activity has been helping the Higgs field evolve and it has been driving Earth’s consciousness into evolutionary development. This also has been helping the consciousness of God and Jesus to evolve into the Higgs field through the evolutionary development of love in association with their consciousness. The Holy Spirit is included in this activity, of course.

Final phase
The final phase of evolutionary development on Earth is the introduction of the Apocalypse and the Holy Spirit’s evolution on Earth. In the Book of John, Jesus tells his disciples that He will send for another advocate — the Holy Spirit — to help planet Earth. It was not associated with what some people thought about the Holy Spirit making an appearance to thousands of people back then, because the “world” is mentioned in this verse, meaning Earth in its entirety. The Holy Spirit is associated with very powerful love. Not much has been mentioned in religion about the Holy Spirit, compared to God and Jesus. This was necessary so that when the Holy Spirit evolves and Earth’s consciousness is transferring through Him for healing purposes, there will be the least amount of resistance contained in human consciousness associated with his identity. His job is to complete Earth’s evolutionary development and introduce the Apocalypse.

Love needs to evolve here on Earth in a very powerful way within consciousness everywhere to complete Earth’s evolutionary development. This is why the Holy Spirit has been primarily associated with love. He has also been called the “Holy Ghost.” The term ghost is associated with death. This helped the Holy Spirit’s consciousness evolve into the consciousness and energy of death globally, because eternal life is evolving here.

The Holy Spirit also goes through a human experience here as well before He learns of His true identity. This has already happened and the Holy Spirit is on Earth now going through evolutionary development. He is well aware of who He is and will be informing the scientific and religious communities about the true nature of existence. He goes through very powerful periods of suffering in his life before his consciousness starts experiencing powerful evolutionary advancement and knows His true identity.

He experiences addiction in a very powerful way, and this was necessary to help planet Earth evolve. Addiction is what’s called a worldwide epidemic. It affects hundreds of millions of people in many different forms. What stems from addiction is imprisonment, violence, brutality, homicide, homelessness, divorce, etc. The War on Drugs also has been happening globally. The Holy Spirit needed to experience addiction before His evolution became powerful so that when his consciousness transferred into world consciousness, it would transfer into all of these areas globally.

Powerful fear
This was for the same reason God and Jesus were associated with fear, just different circumstances. He had to help the most powerful fear contained in world consciousness, the fear associated with addiction, evolve. His consciousness also had to transfer into all of the areas that contain resistance associated with addiction. Addiction itself, and all these other areas, represent the most powerful resistance to spiritual evolutionary development. The Holy Spirit suffered here to eliminate suffering globally. He also had to experience suffering and know suffering intimately, because as He evolves all of the suffering contained within world consciousness transfers through him and heals.

Earth is a living organism with a consciousness, and it needs to be healed first in order for life on Earth to experience healing and spiritual development. His evolutionary development completes the evolutionary development of the Higgs field here on Earth. This introduces the Apocalypse and changes life on Earth forever, because the Higgs field will begin transferring into people and evolutionary advancement and eternal life shall be achieved. This is also stated in “The Lord’s Prayer.”

The Holy Spirit will be eliminating the conflict between science and religion and clarifying information that deals with issues pertaining to world consciousness and the human condition. He will be explaining areas of cosmology and important issues that deal with universal evolutionary activity. Many things on Earth need clarification, and this is why He is called “The Spirit of Truth.” His consciousness is now incorporated into the Higgs field in a very powerful way and He is evolving on Earth. This is how Jesus was able to perform miracles and acts of a supernatural nature. His consciousness became integrated with Universal consciousness here and the love contained within the Higgs field was able to transfer through him into people here back then.

The love of the Holy Spirit, God and Jesus are all incorporated with Universal love and beyond. This is evolving here now, and when the Holy Spirit’s evolution gets more powerful He will be able to display his abilities and affect human beings with his love and power.

There is nothing frightening associated with the Apocalypse here on Earth. The information the contains fear about the Apocalypse was only the resistance to evolutionary development. The Holy Trinity’s consciousness is evolving here and so is Universal consciousness. Earth is eternal and so are all the inhabitants here. There are many wonderful things to come very soon.

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Sean McCleary
Sean McCleary has been writing extensively on metaphysics since he heard about the shift in consciousness. He is an explorer of divinity. In 2010 he saw the photograph taken by NASA of the cross in the core of the Whirlpool galaxy, and in 2012 he heard about the discovery of the Higgs boson. He knew there was a correlation between the two and the shift in consciousness that he had been researching and writing about. He just finished writing a book, Earth’s Miracle through the Paradigm Shift. Contact Sean at [email protected] and visit


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