Turn on Your Guiding Light! Developing and Sharpening Your Intuition


Third of a 4-part series

I talk to my Self. Oh, I don’t gab on about my opinions or “should” all over myself, but I do interact with my intuition.

Gone are the days in spiritual living where energy only seemed to flow one direction, from Spirit on down to us. Now we are to interact with our Selves. Our life with our Spirit is like any other relationship in that communication is vital. I don’t just sit and wait for intuition to arrive. I invoke it, calling it forth to respond to my needs.

This is best done with intention and reverence, but does not have to be ceremonial. This can be as much a part of our daily lives as using the phone to connect with a friend. I call on intuition to know what time is best for me to do things — make phone calls, plan a meeting, when to get groceries — the mundane, as well as those things more important to me.

I get my information by seeing pictures inside my head and hearing words in my right ear. If I get a picture that is fuzzy or words that are unclear, I will ask Spirit to send me the information again in another way. I may then see a different picture or hear different words, or the answer may show up in my environment: TV, billboard, radio, etc. If I see a picture or hear words that are clear but could be interpreted several ways, I will also ask Spirit for clarity by sending a picture back to It, kind of saying “Is this what you meant?”

For example, if I ask, “What is best for me to eat?” and I get a picture of asparagus, that can mean asparagus or green vegetables. So I may send back a picture of carrots, saying “Do you mean vegetables?” I may then get back a picture of broccoli, meaning “green vegetables.” Feel free to dialogue with your Self. Don’t give up, for this just takes practice. Consistent use brings consistent results.

Intuition is always present. It is only our awareness of it that varies. There are some things that enhance our awareness. Having clear chakras is one of these things. There are many ways to do this. Google to find them and try what you are drawn to, but do it on a regular basis. We get “dusty” just going through life.

The following are the benefits of doing this:

• A clear root chakra will keep you grounded.

• A clear second chakra will keep you open to your creativity and how you sense the world.

• A clear third chakra will keep you out of unhelpful fear and enhance your personal power, for it is our gut feeling chakra, where intuition resides.

• A clear fourth chakra opens our heart to emotional awareness of our self and others.

• A clear fifth chakra is throat, being able to speak the Truth that we intuit.

• A clear sixth chakra is our third eye, being able to connect to the higher dimension of Self to get spiritual perspective. It works with the third chakra, your gut. Gut senses earthly vibrations, the sixth chakra (third eye) and senses spiritual perspective. It is important they work together.

• A clear seventh chakra is our gateway to our Higher Self.

Exercises for clairaudience (ability to “hear”):

1. Close your eyes and tune into the sounds around you now. Separate out the various sounds, and focus on each one individually. Tune in to what you are hearing out of your left ear. Tune into what you are hearing out of your right ear. Are you hearing anything behind you?

2. Put on some music and listen. Instrumental music is best, classical may be the easiest. Pick out one instrument and follow it for a while, making it louder than all the rest. Now choose a different instrument and focus on that one for a while. Try several different instruments, one at a time.

3. While sitting quietly, just imagine sounds. Imagine the sound of running water, from the sink, a river, a hose, rain, any running water. Imagine the sound of laughter, someone you know, a TV laugh track, a giggling baby. Imagine the sound of a thunderstorm, rolling thunder, crashing thunder, a big bang thunder. Imagine other sounds you want to imagine!

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Jean Wallis
Jean Wallis is a psychic in Minneapolis who currently teaches courses on Emotional Empowerment, Universal Energy and Psychic Development, Exploring our Body, Mind, and Spirit, Eternal Love Meditation, and Kwan Yin Healing. Contact her at 612.874.1453 or [email protected].


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