A Fond Farewell: Gary Beckman (1941-2019)


Gary Beckman, 76, co-founder of The Edge, passed away on August 24, 2019, after a period of ill health. His soul returned beyond the veil to be with the family and friends who preceded him in death.

Gary was a good friend and spiritual mentor to many people in the Twin Cities and beyond. His leadership in bringing The Edge to life was hailed as momentous by those who used it to stay informed of coming events and trending issues related metaphysics, spirituality and healing.

In a 2007 interview, Gary said he created The Edge “to share with the thousands of people information about the many belief systems and modalities and technologies that are available on the Earth — not just Christianity, not just Paganism — everything that is available that people do not always see.

“I founded Edge Life magazine, Expos and Events to give opportunities to thousands of people to explore the many options available for self-growth, personal enrichment and fulfillment and to find their soul’s purpose — to reach their highest potential as human beings to become better citizens of our beautiful planet.”

Gary loved to share his “cutting edge” vision of what was happening energetically behind the scenes, and more than that, he loved being at the center of it all, revealing to the spiritual community what it was and how it was changing and what was unfolding for everyone to discover next. Gary was the “eye of the hurricane,” a place of stillness and peace, as well as a force of motion and change, simultaneously.

Gary was open to any and all opportunities to share insight and wisdom with the Upper Midwest, and beyond. When James Redfield’s movie, The Celestine Prophecy, was being released, Gary promoted it with an advance screening in a local theater. When notable leaders like Michael Newton (Journey of Souls) and Dolores Cannon (The Convoluted Universe) were available, he brought them to town for interviews and public events.

Gary and his wife Insiah, who passed away in 2015, loved to travel, and their journeys to Egypt, India and South Africa resulted in experiences that changed their lives in many ways.

During Gary and Insiah’s final years together they focused on the growth of Edge Life Expos, a forum throughout the region for nearly two decades that allowed people from all walks of life to come together for a weekend to meet spiritual leaders and teachers, artists, healers, psychics and intuitives, and thousands of others who provided tools and products to support the body, mind and soul. The goal of his expos, he shared in The Edge, was to present information to assist those who were ready to shift their perception of life beyond the mundane.

“We remind everyone,” Gary wrote in 2008, “that creating disorder and chaos is one option. Another is the choice to go within and know that when you make a decision, it is from your inner knowing or from the truth of your soul. It is a matter of listening to your inner guidance. …The days of skepticism are over. There is no left or right, right or wrong. It is a matter of listening to your inner self or soul. We are very grateful for the peace we have here at home — always within us if we choose to go there.”

Despite his sometimes frenzied way of responding to life’s challenges, Gary went into meditation regularly. He spoke about the images and ideas received from the silence often, sometimes over a cup of Earl Grey tea, or perhaps a bowl of Breyer’s vanilla ice cream.

Those moments of clarity excited Gary to no end, and they were among the moments that his friends will miss having around.

Local intuitive Echo Bodine, a soul sister of Gary’s, was at a loss of words to describe how she felt with Gary’s passing.

“Sweet Gary Beckman,” she began, “it’s hard to believe you won’t be on this planet anymore. Your feisty personality was loveable, frustrating, funny and everlasting. It’s hard to put into words the relationship we had. We loved each other, drove each other crazy, laughed, cried and were always planning the next big thing. You were a wheeler and dealer in all area’s of your life and anyone who knew you expected nothing less. I love you, my friend. Thank you for all the wonderful memories. I’ll see when I get there.”

In the end, Gary Beckman lived his life doing what his soul inspired him to create. The staffs of The Edge and Edge Life Expos & Events, past and present, wish him godspeed in reconnecting with All That Is.


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