A Frequency Catalyst: An Interview with Mas Sajady


Known around the world as a game changer in helping people operate at their peak potential, Mas Sajady is perhaps one of the best-kept secrets coming out of the Twin Cities. He has fostered transformational growth in business leaders, Fortune 500 executives, medical and healthcare providers, professional athletes, celebrities and the royal families in the United Arab Emirates and Monaco.

He also supports his community at home, providing workshops and group healings for youths and adults, and benefit events supporting such centers as Lake Harriet Spiritual Community in South Minneapolis.

Sajady’s abilities have been studied and verified by neurologist and neurolinguist Dr. Octavio Pino, acclaimed neurosurgeon and pain medicine pioneer Dr. Norman Shealy, as well as several clinical research institutes.

Sajady, 59, did not dream of being a transformational healer. A native of Afghanistan, he came to Minnesota with his parents at age 5 and grew up in the Twin Cities. He was a young boy like thousands of others, wanting to grow up to be a fireman, or perhaps a doctor like his father. What he did not expect were two near-death journeys beyond the veil and the opportunity to return with abilities that allowed him to reconnect people to the untapped potential many authors have written about and most of us have only dreamed about.

“Think of me as a garbage man,” he said in a recent interview with The Edge. “I remove all the trash and garbage that you have adopted through your parents and your grandparents, the hereditary patterns you inherited related to how you get ill, the type of relationships that you have. I just delete all the garbage and then polish and shine you up and then you start living a shinier, happier life. It’s truly that simple.”

The founder of Exponential Intelligence®, MediMorphosis® and Medihealing®, Sajady helps people break through challenging situations in their personal and professional lives so they achieve not only success, but also significance in their lives.

What were your plans for yourself in your teens and early twenties? What were you thinking of doing?
Mas Sajady:
When I was a young kid, like 9, 10, 12 years old growing up, we all wanted to be all firemen, or doctors, and I’m thinking, well, I want to know how the world works. I’m more like, what’s that one equation that is going to solve life? I was studying people at an early age, and I’m going, wow, these people are really religious — because there are a lot of committed people who practice religion, and there’s nothing wrong with religion — but if they’re so connected to a higher source, why isn’t that higher source helping them? It should be a reciprocal thing, right? Why do they have so many problems?

It kind of befuddled me. Then as I got older in my teens, I thought that I’m going to be really successful, and then that will make me happy. I came from a prominent family; my dad was a famous doctor, so we had prominent people from all over the world coming to us. As a kid you have these intuitive abilities, right? You can just sense somebody, and it’s like, why is this person so dark? My dad would introduce us, saying this is a prominent so-and-so, a CEO or something, and they’re talking to my dad and they have drinking problems or abusive relationships. I wondered, shouldn’t money solve that? Shouldn’t you be a better person? Shouldn’t you be a better icon to other people? And, I’m going, well, money didn’t work either. It really messed me up in my early twenties. I wondered, what’s going to provide me that happiness and that completeness?

So then the near-death experiences happened?
I’ve had two near deaths that have allowed me to have what people say are fantastic abilities to help transform people probably the fastest way possible. A lot of people have near death experiences, so why was I different? Looking back at it, before my first near death, I started to realize it’s like, wow, all my life I’ve been preparing for something to escalate me to higher levels of consciousness.

I had my first near death experience when I was 21, 22. It was a college job, a warehouse experience in Fridley. I had my jaws crushed in a rail car accident, and that really allowed me to see the grander picture of who we are, what I call our 99 percent or what others might call your Spirit. The 1 percent is who we think we are in this life, just 1 percent of our potential. The 99 percent is the grander person that you are, the unlimited, limitless power that you are.

You know that everybody feels that, right? Everybody knows deep inside that there is something grand. We’re not just supposed to be here to suffer no matter what religion or spirituality or society thinks. It’s like, why can’t I live that grandness? How do you bring that into this reality? So, that was my first near death, and it took me a while to figure out how I get there, how I live there. That’s all I was concerned with.

And then your second near-death experience came about 25 years later?
Yes, the second near death was a drowning accident. I was in Belize and there was a raging river. We were rafting with the family. Belize is very volcanic, and there are holes in the bottom of the rivers that feed underground water. I got sucked into one of those. When you do, you don’t come out. I got sucked in and got pulled into the bowels of the Earth.

That was a very different scenario for me compared to the first near death. You’ve heard the tunnel of light people go through? I met my loved ones that had crossed over, but that’s just the introductory part of the tunnel. The tunnel of light really is a graduation experience. They really reformulate or recondition you to come back to your Spirit consciousness. There are like 13 layers within that tunnel, and then at the end you graduate — and by then you’re not supposed to come back. I was literally pure Spirit, but somehow I sneaked back through. I shouldn’t have come back, but somehow I did.

That’s what happened on my second near death; I went backstage and go, “Whoa, this is so cool. At that level, again I experienced that grandness, but this time since I was more aware of what is going on with me, I started to notice that time and space was very different. It seemed endless. You weren’t really in time and space. It was just this vast abundance and greatness. The amount of love that you feel at that level, you could multiply any joyous experience that you’ve had by about a million times, it’s such raw pure love. You know that there is this fantastic being that just loves you.

But, I went even beyond that, because at that level you still have an identity of your Spirit form, of human consciousness. I transcended what I call a beautiful blue space. In some religions, they actually talk about this. That beautiful blue space holds all the knowledge that ever was, is, and shall be. It’s a timeless space –and that’s who we really are at our higher spiritual self. I call that our Vital Force.

Somehow, I have managed to pull that knowledge, that database, and bring it back down into this reality. From who I am today, I can access anybody. I can scan you — in person, on the phone. You might say, “Hey, my loved one has this issue.” I can scan them and tell them, “This is the reason why, because x happened when they were 12 or whatever. I not only pinpoint what’s going on with your life, but then also edit you or change your programming.

I’m not saying I cure anybody in any way, but this is where tons of people have recovered from terminally ill diseases, where relationships go really good for them, where they regain themselves, even reverse aging, people start to walk again, their finances improve. You get to live from that 99 percent. It’s not magic or anything like that, but you just start operating from a higher version of yourself.

Is this process permanent, or is it something that needs to be repeated?
It is permanent, but it’s like any transformation. The more you experience your 99 percent, the more of your potential comes out. Once you’re awakened, you just feel and experience your 99 percent. It’s like people who have a near death. They never go back to their original life.

This process that you’re explaining is the MediMorphosis™ that you offer?
Yes. I call it a MediMorphosis because it’s a life transformation. People literally change their self-identity. They change themselves from the meager 1 percent of who they are. People who go through what I call the EI, Exponential Intelligence process, experience a total life transformation. Every aspect of their life becomes abundant, and that’s the way it should be. That’s the way our default state should be, actually.

You’ve recently conducted your first event for youth, the Youth MediMorphosis at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community. What motivated you to create that event?
Throughout the years, and I’ve been doing this for about a decade now, I started to notice that if we could raise a generation of fantastic kids, what would the world be? How would the world change if enough people had this whole identity, operating at 99 percent? It’s fun for me to work with kids because they get it right away. I can change some kid’s programming in a lot less time than an adult because the adults have so much baggage.

So I was thinking, what if I worked on enough kids to transform the world in a very short time, in one or two generations? If you raise kids in their proper form they would be healthy, they would be happy, they would have proper connections, they would have a strong morality — a higher version of human morality that we all should abide by. If you raised a generation of kids like that, look at how the world would change. They would shift the problems of the world.

The only way we can fix and solve the problems of the world is by changing consciousness. You can’t do it by laws or infrastructure of the past. But if you raise somebody’s consciousness, then the laws change accordingly — the way we do business changes, and the way we treat each other as humans changes.

I have a lot of kids of my own and I allow that 99 percent to shine through them. It’s so sad to see all these other kids have their brilliance snuffed out at an early age because their parents did not know better. They might have great intent on how to raise their children properly, but they weren’t raised properly themselves.

How many children do you think you need to work with in order to make a dent on the world’s consciousness?
That’s a really good question. According to the book Power Versus Force (by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.) you would need 100,000 individuals at a certain consciousness level to raise the consciousness of humanity. What I’m actually doing is actually going deeper. Through my journey and the knowledge that I can connect to from that beautiful blue space, I’ve figured out another way, by creating a separate bubble of consciousness. It’s like going to an island and then creating a community outside of the norms of society. But instead it’s a consciousness that people operate out of.

The Exponential Intelligence process is like creating another consciousness. We borrow the good things of the human consciousness, and then add upon it in this new city or this new reality. You would need fewer people because the consciousness is so pure it would generate massive amounts of force, and it would be so bright that normal human consciousness will look at it and say, “Wow, that’s who I am! I want to be there!” So those individuals would start ascending to that higher bubble of consciousness.

How does what you offer differ from others who also are connecting individuals to their fullest potential?
From what people tell me, it’s really the fastest way to change somebody’s life structure — not just for more money or happiness or to recover from terminally ill diseases. If you look at the testimonials on the website, you see it’s a whole different way of people understanding what human life is about, what being human is about.

I’m not knocking any other modality. If you’re practicing energy medicine or Western medicine, or if you’re a lawyer, or if you’re a mother, I don’t show you how to be different. If you have a specific religion, I don’t say your religion is wrong, do it this way. What I do is help you purify your understanding of your modality, your religion, who you are. I help you purify your understanding of it by taking away the trash. Then you see whatever you’re doing from a higher light.

From my perspective, what I am doing is very potent. People say it’s the fastest way to transform their life, and because of that it’s really intense. It’s very, very intense. If you’re running out of fear or you tend to blame others and so on, I would suggest not doing my courses, because this is all about you regaining your own competency. If you’re not ready for that, if you’re not responsible for that, I would suggest not doing it because it does get pretty intense.

Outside of seeing you, what can individuals do in their daily lives to maximize their potential?
Abundance equals how present you are. The science behind that is on my website. I know everyone out there says to be present, be mindful, and all that, but what does that mean? What I say, which really helps you, is to become aware of every bodily action that you can throughout your day. So, it’s not about noticing that you should be a good person, it’s about you being in moments of time precisely. You do that by becoming aware of your actions. Be aware of the way you’re walking. Most people don’t study the way they walk or the way they wash dishes or even take a shower, because it’s like, “What am I wearing? What do I have to do today?” People don’t even feel the water on their body. They’re not in time.

What I say is experience every action that your body is going through. Be aware of the way that you escape reality. Believe it or not, middle-aged mothers tend to escape their reality by playing more games on their phone than teenagers. So if you do one thing, pay attention to how you hold your phone, the position of your body while you’re on your phone, and always be aware of it. If you did that, with everything you do every day, it would become a deep state of meditation. Then, using your phone to look at your social media would actually benefit you. Just try it out.

Be aware of every action that you do — the way you drive, the way you’re sitting as you drive, how you’re eating — all the details. Just experience every action, your hand gestures, your movements, everything about you. You start to become aware, and you start to connect more and more to that 99 percent. I know it sounds really easy, but if you did that continuously for a week, you would start to see happiness just come through you. Give it a try.

On your website you state “Change your frequency, change your life.” Tell us more about frequency and the role it plays in experiencing success and failure in everyday life.
When I say “Change your frequency, change your life,” think of you as a radio station, right? You might be playing the music of abuse: you’re not treating me well, I’m not being respected, I’m not deserving, right? That’s your genre, like country music or classic rock. The station that you are is sending it those frequencies just like a radio station. You’re going to dance with people and go to events and that’s what you’re sending out.

It’s been proven time and time again. A study was done on 50 or 100 men, and one man was a known abuser. If a woman was running patterns of abuse, no matter what all the other men look like, time after time she attracted that one man who would abuse her. Why did that happen? It’s the frequencies that you’re running. You can’t keep changing relationships because you’re going to get the same thing. Change your internal frequency and then you get a different result. That’s not blaming, it’s just understanding the life cycle that you’re running.

As you change your tune, or frequency, you change the inside structure. You change the songs of abuse that say, “Hey, come abuse me.” When you change that, you start getting different types of people attracted to you.

What events do you have planned in the Twin Cities?
We’re going to be back at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community for a benefit event, private sessions and a free kids event in September. We do a lot of online events. You don’t have to see me in person. Look at the events calendar at Mas-sajady.com. We do personal development, what we call a frequency spot to help you stay youthful and vibrant. We offer business classes online, helping you reprogram yourself for frequencies of success, frequencies of being a good person. The services that we do are about life transformation.

We offer a six-week series for those who run patterns of abuse, whether it’s minimal or extreme. For people who’ve taken that, it was the most phenomenal experience that they’ve had, and they run from no abuse patterns afterward.

Is there anything we haven’t talk about that you would like to share with our readers?
This is a whole new way of looking at transformation, at how to improve your life. The podcast on Exponential Intelligence is really good for people who want to know more about me or the science behind what I do. You can start doing this on your own, and if you look me up on YouTube there are a lot of free courses that will help you change your life.

Overall, where you are is where you’re supposed to be, but it doesn’t mean that you have to stay where you are.

For more information on Mas Sajady, visit Mas-sajady.com. For the fastest way to gain a broad understanding of how Mas works and his teachings, please listen to his Exponential Intelligence Podcast at Mas-sajady.com/blog/exponential-intelligence.

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