A Grand Soul Purpose


Lifetime after lifetime, souls incarnate into a physical body for their evolution. When an infant soul is created, it splits into two halves, one male and the other female. These Twin Flames very rarely meet on the Earth in the same lifetime, but sometimes meet after many individual sojourns of learning on Earth.

These interludes are powerful and fraught with heightened energies of attraction, love, passion, betrayal, loss and pain. Each half holds a mirror to accelerate the other’s soul evolution and help shed layers of embedded, stuck and stagnant energy.

Both halves are on their own journey of exploration and ascension. Twin Flames meet one last time on Earth, incarnating to honor and live their single grand soul purpose for a better Earth, ceaselessly working together to create greater awareness and bring about positive changes in the world consciousness. They leave their energetic imprints for the benefit of generations to come.

They would have cleared almost all karmic debts and vibrate at a very high frequency. By this time, they will be in a near-perfect state of ascension. After completing their cycles of birth and death, the Twin Flames will join together and merge with Source or pure Consciousness.

A few examples of highly vibrating Twin Flames and their soul purpose: Nobel Prize winners in Physics, Marie and Pierre Curie; Dr. Newton Kondaveti and Dr. Lakshmi, founders of Quantum Life University, Hyderabad, India, who are known and respected worldwide for dedicating their lives to teaching spiritual sciences and healing by consciousness; and Dr. Malhotra and Pamela Malhotra, who are reforesting barren lands in Coorg, India, to conserve water for generations.

Each soul incarnates with a blueprint for the particular lifetime, together with free will and choice. These help the soul navigate through the school of life. An individual is connected to and conditioned by its family, community, culture and nation. Life generally proceeds according to the blueprint, however, minor or radical changes in life might occur to alter a particular course of life experiences.

Somewhere along the journey a person wonders about their soul purpose. Why is he/she here? Is there some higher purpose to living and dying? These questions may arise when the soul has achieved almost everything it desires.

These questions may also come up when an individual becomes extremely dissatisfied with his/her situation and direction of life. Hunger for the unknown and an inner restlessness arise. Life situations such as loss of a job or relationship, death of a loved one, financial and life crisis, violent situations like abuse, wars, accidents and natural calamities can trigger an acute downward spiral.

One or more of these events come together to create the “Dark Night of The Soul.” In this situation, a person seems to have lost everything that was meaningful in life. He/she becomes acutely aware of the fragility of life and seeks to know their soul purpose.

As the individual emerges from trauma, soul wisdom pervades every cell of its being. There is more clarity and huge shifts of consciousness. One is called to honor the guidance that is being received for living the soul purpose. One starts moving towards a different reality of life and being. Often this triggers discoveries, inventions and learning in various fields of science, arts, commerce, ecology, health, spirituality, etc.

When the call is heard and honored, a strong desire for making a difference to self, the Earth and her children awakens. One wants to give back to the world the abundance and grace that has been received. The individual starts living his/her soul purpose, which often is radically opposed to the life known earlier.

As a child I was attracted to healing, magic, the supernatural and metaphysics. The Dark Night of my Soul occurred when my young son, an army officer, was martyred during active military duty. The trauma and healing led me to my soul purpose. I gave up my prestigious career to serve humanity by counseling and teaching spiritual sciences.

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Sophia Roy Choudhury, M.D.
Sophia Roy Choudhury, M.D. (Alternative Medicine) is a clairvoyant and healing channel. She is a trained and certified therapist/trainer in many modalities of healing, including meditation, past-life regression, breath work, family constellation, inner child work, energy work and shamanism. She is a Tantra and couples workshop facilitator who created Pink Heart Tantra Wisdom, the only one of its kind worldwide. She conducts workshops and healing sessions for individuals, groups and institutions. Sophia has worked for India's flagship aviation carrier, Air India, for 32 years. She founded the Cosmic Wisdom Sharing Foundation in memory of her son who was martyred in 2006 while on active military duty. Visit cosmicwisdomfoundation.com.


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