A Pleiadian Message: A Time for Self-Resurrection


Beloved ones, we greet you. The winds of change have been flowing. Strong forces of light are continuing to enter your Earth’s atmosphere and we, alongside the Universal teams, are present to assist with the assimilation of a higher form of consciousness that is now moving within your planet. Your own heart cells are steadily undergoing a metamorphic shift as you are being realigned to receive deeper accesses to a new landscape that has revealed itself within your sacred heart.

Through an unveiling of your expanded dimensional heart chamber, you are moving into a more complete perception to receive and connect to a higher Truth within you own life. A series of veils continue to lift for your self-empowerment of moving into a higher understanding and clarity within your world. By choosing to link within your sacred heart, a pathway will open to further expand your perceptions, as you are moved and aligned within your own multidimensional nature.

You are being asked to move your awareness, to open up to this opportunity that will reveal a new vista of your life. New experiences are being placed before you, as there is an unveiling of Truth at this juncture on your planet. You are being asked to suspend your disbelief in your abilities and allow yourself to be realigned to a more authentic aspect of who you actually are within this higher reality setting.

You are to move yourself through a new doorway through the action of letting go, and consciously work within these higher frequencies now accessible within your heart, allowing a realignment to your Higher Self by anchoring and building a path within your heart space to begin an expansive journey of self-realization at this time.

What does it mean to begin a path of self-realization?

Within you exists a Higher Self consciousness. This aspect of your sacred self is lying fully intact just beyond the veils, and this aspect is waiting for you to choose. This is achieved when you consciously reach out and engage with this higher part of your self within your heart. The veils have thinned and they are fluid in design to give you an easy and specific access.

The veils that have lifted are a component of the new energies held within your planet’s transformation. You literally can part these veils with your own conscious choice action and desire. The parting of the veils can be accessed within the reconnection to your heart, which is the entire physical chest area. When you develop a continual connection to your heart, a natural pathway is formed and then opened to lead you through and beyond the veils.

Your heart is a multidimensional tool that carries the designed energy for you to utilize for the very purpose of this reunion and lead you into the aspect of your Higher Self. Your heart’s purpose allows for this full engagement with your Higher Self, and this pathway’s role is likened to a roadmap creating this reconnection.

As you consciously work to build this path to your heart, you begin to access the higher consciousness elements of your intuition. Your higher consciousness is designed to assist you now in your day-to-day living, allowing you to be liberated by accessing clarity and Truth within your life. This reconnection opens up new possibilities for you to experience by providing you with a different perspective of your life, a higher vision within your world. There is a sacred timing, a predestined moment for you to access this more expanded conscious aspect of your Self. That time for you to claim your destiny has arrived now.

Imprint of love
Since the “Awakening of the Dove” energy, your planet has undergone rapid transformation. A series of veils lifted at that sacred moment of awakening and a high-frequency light carrying the Christ consciousness anchored onto your Earth, shifting the vibration of love for humanity. This love opened up and forged through your heart cells. This engagement within the cells activated within you a design and imprint of your own vast love. This imprint makes it possible for you to have an easier pathway to be forged now within your heart to access your Higher Self connection.

As a result of this imprint infusing through your cells, there has been a loosening, a dislodging, of a lot of the old density you have been holding within you. Up to this point, many sabotaging patterns within your life have kept you in a restricted pattern of behavior. The imprints from the Christ are designed to set in motion a new cycle in your life for you — releasing you, allowing you to begin to shed and let go of all the old belief systems that have kept you in these cycles of limitation, separated from your Higher Self.

You have been carrying burdens from the past, weighed down by the struggle, lack and fear perpetuated by the ego mind. Many outworn patterns within your consciousness have held you captive. You have been imprisoned by these limited ideas and misperceptions, which arise through the ego mind. Belief systems have been dictated and held strongly within your mind that you are small, insignificant and do not deserve to receive abundance in your life. You are not a victim here. Each one of you has made choices based on the misperceptions of the ego mind. You have been unaware of this higher aspect of yourself until now.

Concepts and thoughts within your ego mind have said you have not done the right thing or you have not made the right decisions and you have made many mistakes in your life. A Truth: every decision and action that you have taken on your journey has created the perfect scenario, the perfect series of situations, for you to learn and grow. This is a Truth. Your ongoing self-judgment and self-condemnation has created barriers within your heart, which has strongly impacted your ability to receive and to thrive in your life.

A new reality
As you align to the path of your heart and engage with your Higher Consciousness, you are connected to an inspiration and creative energy that exists beyond the limitation of the ego mind. You can recreate a new reality based on Truth. By reconnecting to this higher aspect of yourself, you will begin to suspend self-judgments that had created an internal separation. You will experience an end to this war that has been engaging within you and you will begin to experience peace. The essence of love, which exists naturally within your heart, will begin to express through you from your Higher Self to your humanity. This higher form of yourself brings renewal, an opening for rest, and self-healing within your physical body.

This time of self-resurrection will allow you to realign to this higher perspective and vision by reengaging within your sacred heart. Your mission ultimately has been to resurrect yourself in this lifetime. This has always been the plan. No one other than you can do this.

There comes a time, a moment, when you must choose yourself. Simply let go and decide that you are worth the reconnection to the vast aspect of Self, and open into the magic of your unlimited sacred heart. Your conscious breath is the most powerful tool for this reconnection. This breath is taken in and out of the mouth and its design is to move you beyond the ego mind.

Rapid transformation
Earth’s vibrational frequency has undergone a rapid transmutation. As your planet revolves, a new pulse emanates from its rotation. This pulse is a form of pure light that is actually flowing, forming from your Earth plane out into our resident Universe. For the first time, your planet is contributing light to the rest of the Universe — and this is an exciting and powerful event! This is evidence of huge progress within your planet’s evolution.

Only those of us who exist off planet can perceive this energetic progress of Earth, however we can tell you these new alignments are arising and formed through Earth. The sun’s energy has been emanating its rays throughout the planet, creating new cycles of light forms on your Earth. This movement of the sun has contributed to your Earth’s ability to move into a vast resurrection of its frequency and has created this higher profile progression with the rest of the Universe.

A Higher Pathway
Be still and take in moments with the essence of the rays of the sun as you align to a higher pathway within your heart. Know that the sun is playing a powerful role in supporting you — playing the role of a mirror, engaging and aligning within your heart cells, shining and birthing a radiant brilliance within your cells. You will actively co-create your pathway on another level with the sun. Remember, the sun holds the consciousness of God light, which is held within the rays. These rays are designed expressly to transform your heart cells.

God consciousness is radiating throughout your planet, placing and interacting renewal within all those who are actively choosing to engage through their hearts. You are reactivating your higher consciousness. You are playing a pivotal role, and you are part of a huge revolution that is taking place on Earth by answering an inner calling from the Higher Realms. A powerful change is going on within you, and you don’t understand the entire process of your metamorphic process — what you are going through right now — as you undergo massive transformation and transmutation.

This transformational phase is not easy, and yes, there is much you do not fully perceive at this juncture, however fear not. You are being guided step by step, and you are being moved steadily along your pathway Home.

The 3rd dimensional drama is designed to build in intensity as the Earth transforms, but you need not be concerned about it as you move deeper within your unfolding. There will be a building of momentum of this drama as you move closer to the end of the year. Almost like a tsunami, the wave of drama will build. Your focus must be only on your heart connection into the Higher Realms of consciousness. There is nothing you need to do but this — and it is imperative that you do not get distracted by the drama.

In reality, all is well on your Earth plane beyond the 3rd dimension. Everything is going according to the plan of the full unfolding of your destiny. Keep letting go and interacting through your intuition, trusting each step — because you can. Allow your path to unfold, knowing that the design of your unique path is assured towards fulfillment.

We, from the Universal community, continue to play our role alongside the masters, light beings and angels, bringing support and guidance to all of you who call us forward.

We witness you and salute you as you navigate yourself on your journey. Blessings, The Pleiadians.

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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit www.ChristineDayOnline.com.


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