Affirm: ‘I Trust Myself’


A Monthly Affirmation

What is intuition? That voice that we are supposed to know when it speaks, that guidance that we are supposed to trust when we feel it. We’re not supposed to be able to miss it…right? However, many of us have a hard time identifying the voice of our intuition as it sings in a chorus with the voices of our past experiences. In order to hear our intuition we must release our past.

“Release our past?” You might say. “I have learned so much!” True. As we evolve throughout the experience of becoming we are able to stand in the present and look back to access any information that assists us in the moment. However, we don’t need to live in our past in order to access it. Consider the difference between what it might feel like to know that you have a library full of books with all of the information that you need, available to you at all times and easy to access, and what it might feel like to carry all of those books on your back at all times. Carrying the books would be an immeasurable weight. You would be prevented from doing most, if not all, of the things that you aspired to do. Yes, you would be carrying your knowledge, but wouldn’t it be more freeing to have access to that knowledge without carrying it?

When we release our past we allow ourselves to take off the filter of our trauma, pain and heartache. We release our fear and doubt and any other emotional impressions that are stored in our bodies from experiences where they were not able to be integrated in the moment. We free ourselves to approach each new situation with our full selves, ready and able to move and to integrate anything that we experience. We stand firmly rooted in our soul, our highest Self, with all channels of information open. We have access to all of our experience and the ability to imagine a future that is the most beneficial to all involved. We stand in love. We stand in our intuition.

So, how then do we release our past to free ourselves to the present moment? I invite you to look back at my columns from December 2018 through present to build the support that you need for this understanding. Use the affirmation, “I Trust Myself,” in any moment that you feel fear, doubt, tension, irritability or anxiety arise in order to integrate your past into your present self and release it. This affirmation is an intention. Intention is the highest law of this universe! When you state that you are ready and willing to release anything that isn’t your fully embodied, loving, present self, then the process will naturally occur. You don’t need to understand the mechanism in order to experience the magic — just like pregnancy, when the body creates based on inherent instructions that the mind can only access in infinitesimal part. This process will guide you with your willing participation, rather than you guiding it.

Our bodies are present in every moment, even if our minds are wandering between memories of our past and ideas of our future. We can always come home to our bodies. Similarly, trauma and painful experiences that we were not able to hold when they happened will be stored in the memory of our body’s cells until we are able to meet ourselves with the love and safety that we did not feel when the experience occurred. You may find my columns redundant as I speak again about the power in our ability to choose love, but I will persist and say it again: Choose love and you will find healing, release and freedom. Choose love when fear arises and you will hear the voice of your intuition clearly.

Notice the voice of fear in you as it tries to protect you and offers you the opportunity to choose love once more. It may sound like, “You don’t know what you’re doing.” Or, “You’ve done this wrong before.” Or, “You don’t have the information you need to make this choice or take this action.” Rather than challenge this voice, we listen and we choose to integrate the experience that it speaks of. This is how we choose love in the moment. When we do this, the voice quiets and transforms into a softer voice, a more gentle guide, a part of us that knows the way always — our intuition.

I remind you now that you are never in a moment where choosing love is not an option. You are never in a moment where your intuition is silent. You are never lost. You are always able to choose love and find guidance. Love is so big and so powerful that magic and miracles will flow into your experience creating opportunities, movement and inspired action that your mind was not able to imagine before becoming witness. That’s what life is — and we know that. Our one guarantee, the one thing that we can count on is, “I will transform,” be it in death as our bodies return to Earth, or in life as one moment folds to another with no space in between. We are the moment, we are the space that holds all experience and we have access to so much more than we know. Allow your support to flow through the voice of your intuition and choose to guide your life in a new way. It doesn’t have to be the same as it has been because we retain, always, our ability to choose love.

Use the affirmation, “I Trust Myself,” to invite love into your present moment even when fear is so big that you can’t see beyond it, and I guarantee that you will see change. Remember, there is never a better choice than love. There is never a better way than to hold yourself and hold space for yourself as you experience whatever comes up. Reach out into your communities and cultivate them with this affirmation — and continue this conversation. I’ll leave you with this: Your power is here, now, always in your ability to choose. Reach out to me if you’d like to explore this way of being more in depth.


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