Cultivating Blooms of Purpose


Every living being has an intricately woven purpose that connects it to all life around. If you consider a rose, you can see that it has many different roles: for a bee, the flower may provide nectar, while for a human, it may provide beauty and scent. Who is to say it has no purpose among its own kind? For the rose, though, its purpose is simply to be the best it can be in each moment in time, blooming as fully as it can. This may mean something very unique, as it would for your purpose as you evolve in your soul awareness and expression over time.

The bloom of the rose first becomes possible with a seed. This is where the essence of the rose is sealed, where its purpose is infused in material form. It is not necessary to know the purpose at this stage, but it is essential to have faith and surrender to the higher plan.

As devas sing over the germinating seed, its material needs must be attended to with proper attention to the conditions around it. This includes the right environment and grounds for growth. Like the seed, we must attend to the whole of our body’s health in order to hold adequate space for our purpose when it is time to sprout and shine. Nourishing the physical cells of the body is just as important as tending to the state of mind, balance of emotions and connection with spirit.

The next phase of expansion of the growing young plant is taking extra special care while it is in its tender stages. This includes transplanting it when it needs extra space to flourish and supporting it with props to help anchor and train it to take good form. This period can be likened to that of discovering your passions, gifts and getting the proper guidance and training in activating them. The more you can learn about all the different ways you can serve, the more you can feel confident to draw on these at any given moment in time, as needed.

As the plant grows, others that do not align with its purpose may try to grow around it and feed off it. These weeds can be toxic to natural growth. As with the plant, great care must be taken to surround yourself with those who support and uplift your work. There is no need to tolerate weeds once you do what is necessary to remove them. In your life, toxic relationships can take passion away from your purpose, as energy goes to things that do not serve your soul mission. There is a selfless act of deep care here that allows you to do the intensive work of pruning and refining so that utmost commitment can be achieved.

Finally, the rose blooms. It is the time to bring all the preparation together, and shine beautifully under the rays of the sun. Like the rose, you already have a knowing of your purpose within you. It is important to have the right conditions for successful realization of this purpose by first aligning all of the body’s cells to point to this single goal. All thoughts, words and actions taken must vibrate to the rhythm of this purpose. This is possible through sacred embodiment of energy in the body and sacred expression via your gifts.

For a plant that bears fruit, you might need to call on some extra support and helpers to alchemize this magical process. For the plant, it may be insects; for you, it may come in the form of a coach, consultant or spiritual guide. The commitment to being your best still runs throughout.

Like the rose, your purpose can be cultivated from seed to maturity. You must allow the divine gardener to work His magic in bringing to you all those things you need to succeed. Through surrender to the flow and a deep devotion in your body, you can create beautiful blooms over and over in your life.

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Sasha Niala Pustam
Sasha Niala Pustam is a Naturopathic Doctor and Success Coach. She helps others uncover their soul gifts, align with their purpose and unlock the powerhouse of energy they have within to not only heal themselves but do their life’s work. She respects timeless, ancient traditions of healing while creating exciting, new tools to raise one’s energies and re-align with one’s soul truth and mission. These include innovative methods that combine energy healing with visuals and movement. Visit her at


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