Empowerment Partnership: Setting Your Success Drive on Fire

We’ve all heard it. One of the keys to success is having the drive to succeed. And if we observe highly successful people, one of the qualities they invariably have is unwavering drive, ferocious passion, that “fire in the belly.”

We have moments of inspiration and we’re excited, we’re on fire, we’re going for it!

Then, life happens. We find ourselves just getting by, surviving, subordinating our dreams and goals to make sure we can cover the rent and cable bill. What happened to that excitement and motivation we felt? It’s like a good movie where you can’t quite remember the plot, but you vaguely recall how great it made you feel at the time.

That kind of sporadic euphoria is not the stuff of successful people. French footballer Arséne Wenger noted: “When you look at people who are successful, you will find that they aren’t the people who are motivated but have consistency in their motivation.”

The drive to be successful is a quality that we all have access to. Some of us tap into it on a consistent basis, and some of us don’t.

Here’s how to get that consistent access to your drive toward success:

• Identify your authentic purpose and create powerful goals. As Tony Robbins observed, “People are not lazy. They simply have impotent goals — that is, goals that do not inspire them.” If you haven’t discovered a purpose for your life that inspires you, odds are good that you won’t wake up each morning feeling invigorated and jazzed.

• Connect your purpose and your goals to your to-do list. Most of us let the “necessities” of life dictate our to-do lists. Instead, begin your to-dos by asking, “What can I do today to support my purpose and goals?” With all other tasks of your day, ask, “How does this activity support my purpose?” Focusing on your goals and purpose may be an odd shift for you, and by doing so, you’ll find yourself enthusiastic and eager to accomplish your to-do’s, rather than feeling burdened by them.

• Set yourself on fire! Don’t just wait for inspiration or focused desire to show up. Find and practice natural ways to access it whenever you need it. Activities such as reading inspirational quotes or visualizing your goals.

• Create your own “hot” button! In the Empowerment Partnership’s Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) trainings, a technique called “anchoring” is taught. The purpose of anchoring is to activate a positive, resourceful state within you whenever you want it. For example, if you’re feeling blah, you can use an anchor to feel instantly energized, alert and alive.

Join the Empowerment Partnership for an Integrative NLP Practitioner Certification® Training October 10-13, at the Hilton Minneapolis. This four-day interactive and experiential program provides the proven tools and techniques to communicate more effectively, build rapport easily, reprogram the mind for success, release limiting beliefs and behaviors, gain clarity in core values, and overcome procrastination, lack of motivation, depression and phobias.

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With 37 years of experience, the Empowerment Partnership, led by Dr. Matt James, is the world’s foremost leading authority in providing the most powerful training experiences in alternative and integrative approaches in psychology, human understanding, neuroscience and personal growth. Offering a unique blend of neuroscience, energy and emotional psychology, we are committed to helping people all over the world live intentionally and experience total freedom, fulfillment and autonomy in all areas of their lives.

Check out more at www.empowermentpartnership.com/training-schedule/. A team of enrollment advisors is available at info@nlp.com or call 800.800.MIND (6463).



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