Getting To Our Soul’s Purpose


We all want to understand our soul’s purpose, right? We search for information on how to expand our consciousness and have a sense of purpose as we ask ourselves why we are here.

We understand our soul’s purpose when our intent, consciousness and our cells work together. Bruce Lipton, in his book Biology of Belief, tells us that “every cell has a vibration, that the cells in our bodies are affected by the environment the cells live in.”

We can do this through meditation, producing positive vibrations within us. This vibration in the cells positively affects the energy of the cell.

If we spend the rest of the day thinking about the challenges that we may have in our life, these stressful thoughts and feelings also affect the cells. So why do we spend time with thoughts and feelings that don’t support our greatest purpose?

We have something called “cellular memory.” Difficult memories that we have experienced in our lives are stored energetically in our bodies. If we ignore the feelings because they’re too painful, they eventually affect our cellular structure. In her book Heal Your Body, Louise Hay writes that disease comes from “dis-ease.” A painful memory held in the body becomes diseased.

So, how do we prevent this from happening? We clear our dis-ease by being conscious of the memories we have stored and become responsible to clear these memories so that our cells are fully aligned with our intentions.

Addressing our past memories and feelings that have been stored takes courage and strength, because allowing the memory to surface up and move through us isn’t comfortable.

It is important to use our intentions. The intention is to open up to the feelings, clearing space to bring in a new energy to surround our cells. Clear out the old and bring in the new! This allows you more space to access your life’s purpose.

This is what I do:

• Create a sacred space in my home, balanced with Feng Shui and things that are meaningful.

• Say a prayer to receive help to support my goals, wishes and desires.

• Light a candle and begin with my intentions that I have written down and I read them out loud.

• Work with one emotion at a time. Usually, it’s an emotion that has been repeating in my life.

• Ask my body, mind, spirit and emotions to work together with me and my consciousness to allow for whatever I have stored, allowing that emotion to come to the surface.

• Stay in silence in prayer and meditation as I allow the feelings to come up. It’s like a wave in the ocean; before the wave peaks, there is a building and then a climax when it reaches a peak and then crashes and then moves into still water. I allow the emotions to work through me and out of me in this way.

• Spend time journaling what I experienced.

• Read my intentions again. It is at the moment when the emotions have released that I feel my body, mind, spirit and emotions begin to fill up with forgiving, gentle, pure, divine grace and love. I breathe in and I allow this to expand in all of my being.

• Thank all that is and all my guides for this healing — and then I spend time in nature sitting quietly.

By keeping our intentions crystal clear and releasing what we need to heal, we offer ourselves the opportunity to be aligned with our soul’s purpose.

For a free copy of Elizabeth L. Lukacs’ manual entitled “Get Your Feng Shui On: Creating Your Sacred Space,” email her at [email protected]. You’ll receive step-by-step instructions on how to build your special place in your home!

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Elizabeth L. Lukacs
Elizabeth L. Lukacs has been the owner of Deeply Well since 1986, offering Alternative Wellness Events, Intuitive Consulting, Healing & Energy Work, Coaching, and Nature & Wellness Destination Retreats. Contact Liz at Deeply Well at 651.269.9060, email [email protected] and visit


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