More Than Who We Are?


We are more than. We have tried the less-than approach, to no avail, for it doesn’t do anything to show us our purpose, which is greater than any of us can imagine.

We are spiritual souls, first and foremost. We embodied into flesh and bones, which were to contain us to do this work of being in a body. It was commissioned for us for the work that we must do and will do and are doing, day in and day out, by bringing the light to bear upon the physical body, transforming us from animalistic to spiritualistic beings.

We have forgotten who we are and it has been buried in the beginnings of our time on this planet — and it is time for us to start remembering who we are, for we are not less than, but more than.

Every one of us has a maker, a creator, that has watched over us like a parent standing behind the baby when it first takes its little steps, making sure that if baby falls back, someone is there to catch them. This is what God has done for all of us who are here right now on the planet. It’s our ultimate protector and provider for the trials and tribulations that we go through, to show the other worlds that we are following through with the purpose of bringing the light that created us all to bare in the flesh and bones that house the spiritual soul, which bites at the bullet to get out at every turn, using your sleep modes to do just that. This explains why sleep is never cut and dry.

Our purpose is doing whatever it is we are doing in the moment, with no expectations or any opportunities expected to break through for us. We are only doing what is called for us to do, no less or no more. Purpose is moment by moment, and if you’re open, meaning that you’re a void that can be filled, then Spirit can move through you, restoring you as it guides you, in whatever is called forth by the force that created you, to serve to the best of your abilities and talents.

That is the other part of knowing that you have a maker that protects and guides you, for you are groomed way before you get here by not having certain issues that you’ve already handled, such as honesty or trustworthiness. Things that others are dealing with, you’ve already covered them.

But don’t think that you shouldn’t always be looking back, for when you see a son or daughter in distress, you can step up and help out, dispensing your knowledge freely, since God has given you wisdom associated with your own knowledge and understanding that you’ve gained in your spiritual experiences.

I think the greatest thing that I can share with you in this article is that we are spiritual beings, and we must start acknowledging each other in this way, in our direct and indirect circles. You’d think there would be a celebration happening right now over what we’ve done with taming the flesh, but you know how it goes — on to the next big thing.

A spiritual soul jubilee celebration coming to a community near us will be such a wonderful reminder of the works that we’ve done through all the epochs and eons of time, ever staying diligent to the task at hand, for which we were called. We are spiritual souls and we need to not ever forget this again, those lucky enough to be graced with these words of encouragement.

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