Turn On Your Guiding Light! Developing and Sharpening Your Intuition

Last of a 4-part series

Whether I’m conversing with my own intuitive team (guides, angels, masters, and teachers – all aspects of my Higher Self), doing a reading for another, or getting a little help from my friends by getting a reading myself from another psychic, I follow guidelines I’ve developed through my experience that optimize the contact.

I only ask questions I am ready to hear the answer to. I don’t ask questions to validate my preference of an answer. I need to be open to hearing something that is not what I like or is uncomfortable, but is important for me to hear.

I don’t test Spirit by asking questions I already know the answer to but want to see if Spirit will give me that same answer. That’s just rude. You either trust Spirit or you don’t. I ask questions with integrity, by that I mean I ask questions about me, not about others. The question, “Is he cheating on me?” becomes “Do I need to be concerned that he is unfaithful?” The third person here has not asked for nor given permission for us to enter their energy. Stay focused on yourself.

Create your questions carefully, be concise, ask only one thing at a time. Add in a time frame. Asking, “Will I get married?” can get a “yes” or “no” answer, but it doesn’t tell you much. “Will I get married to my current love within the next year?” is a much better defined question. How specific you ask the question is how specific you will receive the answer.

Some other things that support intuition include declaring to Spirit that you are ready and willing to receive information. Be firm in your declaration. Create a ceremony (lighting candles, using incense, setting out stones) if you want. Also, Spirit can only communicate by using information you already contain, pictures of, things you already have in your brain, so it is useful to expose yourself to many things to create a large catalog to call upon. This can include looking at pictures of other cultures, things outside your everyday experience, different animals, etc. Meditation is a great enhancer of intuition.

Things that block intuition include: being in a highly emotional state; being sick; being overstressed; being too biased on the answer you want to hear (whether for you or someone else); judging what you receive as good or bad, right or wrong; fear; unbalanced energy within yourself, chaotic chakras; a rigid belief system, not able to think outside your box; and not trusting Spirit.

Living life through intuition can be a very fun adventure. You feel in the flow with Life itself. You don’t feel the pressure of thinking in your head all the time. You become more trusting in general, of yourself, of others, of Spirit, and of Life. You become more flexible. So, give it a try.

You all are more than capable of turning on your intuition, tuning in to it, and dropping out of fear-based decision making!

Exercises in Claircognizance (ability to “know”):
1. Automatic writing is a great way to foster claircognizance. Open a new text document or get a paper and pen and ask your Higher Self a question. Write down whatever comes in response — it doesn’t matter if it sounds like a load of nonsense at first, as no one will read it but you. Make sure the conscious mind is only a spectator in this exercise – don’t allow your mind to think about the information you’re getting before writing it. At first you might get what you think is gibberish, but persist and you may find you will begin to channel some insights which will surprise you in their clarity and wisdom.

2. Be very aware of the thoughts you are having when you meet someone new or when you’re being told about a situation that you know little about. See what you glean about the person or situation between the lines — and if you can, get it validated.

3. Notice how your body feels when presented with new situations, experiences, decisions. Tightness is a sign for caution, relaxation is a sign for proceeding. You already know. It’s tuning in to that knowing that is essential to understanding and using it to your advantage.



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