A Pleiadian Message: Open, Engage Your Sacred Heart


Beloved ones, we greet you. The “winds of change” are continuing to flow across your Earth plane, further building an expansive vibrational light system that is anchoring deeply on a multidimensional level within your planet. The sacred sites throughout Earth have formed a powerful web that is operating and creating balanced light forms within your communities to support your rapid transformation.

A sacred redesign is underway on your Earth plane and we are working as part of the Universal team to bring clarity and understanding to you now. This clarity is to support you, by enabling you to be self-empowered to choose to actively work in alignment with these new light frequencies that have anchored. These vibrational forms are designed to interact in a sacred synergy with the natural forces by creating junctions of stabilized multidimensional structures throughout the planet.

A series of powerful shifts have occurred within the grid lines across your planet. We, the Pleiadians, are likening them to earthquakes in the way they are reconfiguring the Earth’s magnetic frequency and simultaneously creating a higher electrical pulse within your brain. These shifts are set to continue to build in intensity right through to the end of your energetic year, and this energy on your planet is destined to continue to evolve and expand into your next year.

With this flowing of vibrational light there is a momentum building, like a wave, creating a series of sacred forms being re-established on Earth. You will begin to perceive openings within the sky, light forms appearing that carry the Christ energy, which is transmitting a Divine love. This form of love is being reintroduced within your community to forge new pathways of connection between you.

Divine Love Frequency
Your own heart has a limitless capacity to fully engage within this divine love frequency. Know that a large aspect of your makeup is love. Your Higher Self was conceived in love and you return to your roots now. You can consciously choose to re-engage by calling the vibrational frequency of this to you as it flows onto the Earth plane. All reconnections are forged through the heart space, and the calling frequency sound is EESAHL (pronounced ee sarl).

There is a sacred call going out to all of you to open up to this essence of love, which engages your sacred heart on another level. This is the time for the maturing of your heart. The essence of this Divine light is designed to nourish and open an access doorway within your heart space. This love is being interwoven throughout your planet during this awakening phase. You can expect an energetic union birthing between your Earth and the heavenly bodies in the early New Year.

At this juncture of New Year there will be a profound new component of light infiltrating Earth, bringing to those of you on the path the birthing of a new vision and understanding of this time. The collective consciousness of those of you who are awake is destined to merge, allowing an evolutionary shift between you all. You will collectively become aware of this new energetic flow, which is designed and destined to realign everyone to a higher consciousness plane.

Your Shifting Brain
Simultaneously, changes are taking place within your own physical and energetic systems, creating ongoing electrical shifts within the brain. These redesigns are bringing your systems into realignments, which will allow you to fully engage with these sacred openings.

The receptors within your brain are reopening your natural multidimensional nature, which is part of your sacred makeup. The opening of these receptors interact and actively engage within your heart, supporting you to access the higher vibrations of love that are coming onto the planet. As you utilize this vibrational light entering Earth, a transmutation process will open within your heart cells.

These frequencies are being birthed right now on the planet and within you. They are designed to propel you deeply into a higher realm of consciousness in readiness for a new imprint that is going to be entering the planet at New Year. This is a crucial time for you to prepare yourself on many levels so that you can be launched into another aspect of your awakened consciousness.

Your Next Step
This is the moment for you to take a conscious next step. You have further work to accomplish in readiness for your launching. First, there is a need for you to consciously engage within your human element in preparation for this “next step” movement into your awakening within the Higher Realms.

Your unfolding process of awakening includes a deep introspection of your own human idiosyncrasies. Begin a conscious and intimate interaction with your human aspect to meet your fears, struggles and the many aspects of your personal vulnerabilities that are held within you. You can begin a daily practice to peel away these layers of old restrictions and old belief systems that have held you prisoner in your life. These layers that you hold within are designed to fall away effortlessly, simply because this is the time for your rapid transition.

Through you becoming your own witness to your life as it is unfolding, within any singular moment in your day, you begin to open up to the feelings that are arising within you. You will become an observer as feelings surface — feelings that are being mirrored through your experience in the moment of drama as it unfolds. You get to feel the emotion that has been hidden, that which is surfacing within you, feelings that have been unexpressed before this moment. As you utilize the conscious breath and bring it into the feeling, the energy of that feeling can be permanently released from your cells of your body.

The feeling
Know that the Universe co-creates with you the perfect scenarios in your life that will bring up these hidden feelings in order for you to feel them, to own them fully. As you consciously choose to open deeply within the feeling, no matter how intense, breathe, so it can release. Whether there is the feeling of hatred, grief or love, it does not matter; one feeling is not more or less better than another. It is important for you to remember that the feeling itself, no matter its content, does not define you. It is simply there for the moment.

When you give yourself permission to express the feeling, to allow yourself to feel deeply, without any judgment, then you set yourself free. As you allow this full process of feeling to complete itself, a cycle of self-sabotage gets broken within you. Every cell in your body changes in that moment because the old energy, the density, leaves the body.

A renewal takes place, and your light from the Higher Realms enters the cells where the density was holding. You are liberated. You become changed. You will never return to the same experience again because you no longer need that particular cycle. You have chosen to let go of the old emotion.

A Sacred Journey
By understanding the Truth, the vulnerable aspects that exist within you gain peace and inner strength, which ultimately supports your ability to navigate yourself within the Higher Realms. This quest will create a strong base with your own humanness and will allow you to accelerate into your spiritual awakening process.

This process of your life here on Earth is a sacred journey, and you have said “Yes” to playing an essential role. There are two distinct aspects that make up you — your human aspect and your sacred aspect — and both parts are destined to unfold. As you evolve into your Higher Self, your human experience will always play an essential role. You have come here to have this human experience.

That is why this journey of you moving into a deeper understanding of your human element right now is essential. Your ongoing process with your “perfectly imperfect” human element is rich in substance. The journey of self-acceptance of your imperfection is all that is required from you. Know that there is nothing you have to change about your human element for you to move into your enlightenment process. All that is required is the self-acceptance of your imperfection. Simply witnessing your human imperfection and building moments of self-acceptance!

Inner Liberation
You get to create an ongoing inner liberation for yourself now. Every experience in your life can begin to make sense as you allow yourself to fully explore the feelings that arise within you from what is happening in your life in those intense and difficult moments.

For example, maybe you are fearful about your financial situation in your life, because you never seem to have enough money. You are anxious and struggling, and possibly it always feels this way. First, it is essential to open up to the depth of the fear. Allow yourself to fully feel the fear.

Know that the feeling of fear itself cannot hurt you. Understand that the situation of not having enough money has been co-created in your life by you. You bring this experience in order for you to learn, grow and heal around your abundance issues and your self-worth issues. The situation is set up to enable you to move through the misperception of the ego mind of what money represents for you in your life.

It is essential to use the conscious breath as you work with the feelings of fear connected to your issue. Remember, the conscious breath is a breath in and out of the mouth, bypassing the ego mind. This breath allows you to move into the energy of the experience, and to actively engage with the depth of the feeling and then to release the feeling from the cells of the body.

An enormous potential exists for you to shift these old patterns and old beliefs about yourself to ultimately set yourself free. Know that the door to your prison that you have constructed is wide open. There is no lock on the door. You have placed yourself in this prison with misperceptions that exist within you, and you can change these old thought patterns. You can release yourself from the prison as you realign to truth of your own abundance.

This action by you is self-empowerment. As you begin to understand your human vulnerability on a deeper level, you will begin to open into another state of self-realization. This process is self-resurrection in action. Be willing to let go into your feelings, breathe and feel. The conscious breath allows you to feel, let go and release the feelings that have been held within your cells for perhaps lifetimes.

An essential part
A part of your journey on Earth is to embrace your humanness. Embrace your imperfection as a human being. Through the self-acceptance of your imperfection, you move into a state of self-love. You actually move yourself into a place of enlightenment. This has always been the plan, an essential part of your mission.

Know that this is a step-by-step, moment-by-moment process that you can do once a day, once a week or more often. And each moment you consciously choose to engage with your human aspect in this way will be accumulative within your cells. On this journey of your life you are destined to resurrect you. This is your time to move forward, for you to consciously reach towards your sacred components of expression.

The veils are very thin at this juncture and your Higher Self is fully intact just beyond the 4th dimensional veils. This sacred part of you is supporting you in your life and can be accessed more fully by building a connection to your heart. Your destiny is giving you access to enable you to engage now with your Higher Self.

This is the time to move towards becoming the plain, by working with your human issues, rather than forging to be the mountain by focusing only on your spiritual nature in the Higher Realms. As you choose to open and become passionate towards birthing and building your plain, you fill in the base of your plain. As you lay down a strong foundation of love, compassion and patience with your human aspect, this accelerates your enlightenment process.

This is your time to open up and receive the vastness, which is being revealed to you now through your heart. Blessings, The Pleiadians.

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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit www.ChristineDayOnline.com.


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