Affirm: ‘It is Safe to be Alone’


A Monthly Affirmation

It is aloneness that allows for togetherness, individuality that allows for community and stillness that allows for movement. We all share the innate desire for connection, with ourselves, with other people, with non-human creatures, with our planet and with energies that are beyond our current scope of awareness. It is this intention for connection that guides us through life, and when we are aware of this intention we can consciously participate in the process of creating connections that nourish, support and sustain us.

This month I invite you to use the affirmation, “It is safe to be alone,” to fortify our intention to create healthy relationships with ourselves and others.

Oftentimes we avoid being alone with ourselves, because we perceive ourselves as a threat to our own safety and well-being. We might choose to consume information, media, food or substances to keep a distance from our own thoughts and feelings. We might even consume other people in the sense that we use their company to fill space that would otherwise allow aspects of our own experience to rise to our awareness. When we recognize what we are consuming, or, what we are using to fill the space in our lives, we can begin to release those things and relax into the fullness of our experience.

The foundation of this process is a fundamental truth: our thoughts and feelings cannot hurt us. It is what we do with our thoughts and feelings that can hurt or help us. In order to experience our thoughts and feelings in a way that supports and nourishes us rather than hurts us, we must release our control of them. So, what does this mean? This means we need to feel! This means we need to use mindful awareness to observe our thoughts without reacting to them or organizing them. Here we must revisit the topic of time, which I write about frequently in my monthly affirmation columns. I invite you to read back through December 2018 to supplement your understanding.

When we consider our past we are working with an interconnected web of thoughts and feelings. It is the awareness of the relationship between our thoughts and feelings that frees us from our past. Some call this process “forgiveness,” some call it “integration”; today we will call it “acceptance.” Time is not only what binds us to our past and carries us into our future, it is literally who and what we are in essence.

Consider this: the past is no longer, so all that remains are thoughts. This is “mental energy,” and it is as real in structure as anything that we can touch, however it behaves differently. The manifestation, or creation, process is such that our thoughts precede our actions. Even in moments of pure reactivity we are choosing action based on structures of experience and belief that exist within us as mental energy, or, thoughtform. This mental energy extends beyond human functioning. It is a “layer” of the reality that we experience and our awareness allows us to perceive and direct it with our intention. This is how we create.

It is of utmost importance that we direct our mental energy with the intention of creating love, balance, peace, ease, abundance and freedom. This is the same as saying that we direct our lives with the intention of “connection,” because when we are open to the fullness of our experience, connection is a natural result.

Our feelings are the compass within us that shows which intention we are using to direct the creation of our lives. When we feel tightness, fear and dis-ease, we are being shown that we are holding our mental energy tightly in stagnation. To release our mental energy and free up our process of creation, so that we might see aspects of our lives change, we must feel everything that is present as it arises. When we do this we are guiding our lives with love. This trust, faith, relaxation and allowance shifts our mental energy so quickly that it manifests rapid physical changes in our bodies, life circumstances and environments because it is connected to the mental energy that precedes each of these things.

This is a process of self-acceptance. We release our control on one level to gain control on a higher level and direct our lives with the intention that takes care of all of the details for us. All we need to know is what love feels like. All we need to do is feel openly, think openly and express ourselves to connect with others throughout the process. There is no wrong way to feel and no wrong thought to think. When we allow our thoughts and feelings to exist in us we are validating them. Validation is what gives them the space to transform, or, heal. Validation allows us to notice patterns and seek support.

To fully connect with others, we must connect with ourselves. To connect with ourselves, we must feel safe when we are alone with our inner experience. To feel safe, we must connect with others in community so we may share our journeys and realize that, even when we go within, we are truly never alone because we are all doing the same work. We do not have to wait to share our process until we have it all figured out. We simply need to be present with ourselves as we go. This is acceptance. The space that we give ourselves to feel and think without judgment is exactly what self-love means.

As we continue to do this work, we will completely restructure our society and all of the systems of which we are a part. Love, connection, balance and peace are all synonymous and this is the intention that is creating a new world. Do not be afraid in the face of adversity, stand firm in your power to choose love and know that in each moment you are doing the work to create from an energetic standpoint that is so powerful, all structures that do not match your intention will naturally fall.

Use this affirmation, “It is safe to be alone,” to remind yourself that your thoughts and feelings are safe to experience and that in experiencing them you are choosing love, which creates healing beyond your wildest dreams.

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Mama Rose is an Artist, Psychic & Mother of three exploring the intersection of motherhood, sexuality, spirituality and nature through sonic creation. Her vocal focused, self-produced music and fingerpicking style guitar and ukulele combine as tangible proof that sound is medicine. Known for her vulnerable storytelling, rich lows and tender highs, poetic lyricism and emotionally evocative performance, Mama Rose is a reminder of what it feels like to live in the flowstate and return to personal power. Her words bring the mystical and magical back into focus and restore resonance between mind & body, individual & community, you & the spirit of Mother Earth. In addition to her music Mama Rose is a published author of Holistic and Healing literature, speaks publicly on her healing journey and mysticism, offers one-to-one healing sessions and creates video content to support her listeners in their own journey of coming home to Self and Spirit. Her first project, ‘drink More water’, released in February of 2021 housed the single ‘Sweet Waters’ which quickly became a favorite of 89.3 The Current and was featured as the Song of The Day. In the same year she released her debut Folk-Jazz album, ‘Set the Clock Down’ as well as a series of singles and collaborations sharing a rich landscape of heart-channeled words and vocal freedom. Listen, BOOK and learn more at


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