Crossing Lake Pontchartrain, I Drive Through a Swarm of Blind Mosquitos


In the darks, out from the Causeway, the lake makes moon-music
for the sleeping moorhens deep within the reeds of the marshland. I hear
nothing, only the rain of insects thumping the windshield, and a smell
of fish oozing from those remains. Before they were rain, they saw
a fast-moving light and rushed-toward-it. Now I spray water over them
and swish the wipers to clear my view. It is dark, and the drops of
them sling from the blades at my moving 65 miles an hour. They flick
into the lake making moon-music, as far as I can see, them glimmering
ripples of the moon all around me.

Footnote: Aquatic Midges, commonly known as Blind Mosquitos, are an insect found around lakes, rivers, and artificial water systems. These insects are not blind, do not bite, and can swarm in the billions. Due to polluted Mississippi River waters released into Lake Pontchartrain, these insects have begun to multiply rapidly there. Blind Mosquitos are an important food source for fish, and their larvae clean aquatic environments by filtering pollutants from the water.


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