Nature Makes Me Joyful

Nature always comforts me, heals me, restores me. People, places and things can be fulfilling but they come and go in life. Nature on the other hand is always reliable, truthful and dependable. It never fails me. If I cry leaving, it is because I want more of it, not because it ever hurt me deep inside. Instead, it calls out to my soul and I connect with it with a feeling I am at home in the safety of His arms surrounding me with His love.

Nature always makes me joyful. It uplifts me and gives me energy to love more and want to share that love with others. While I wonder why others do not spend more time in it, I am delighted to have my time in nature in solitude to marvel at the synchronicities that occur in it.

The blue heron waits for me each week in the same spot as I dare to get close enough to see him clearly. His legs are slender as he towers above the water looking out across the lake as I do. We are kindred spirits enjoying that which He has given us and just as I admire his beauty, he spreads his wings and glides over the lake as I watch his movement landing further upstream waiting for us to come again upon him until he vanishes again out of reach and sight as if he was a mirage. Life is an illusion of events that leads us many different places. The events that lead us to the most joy are those that He has lead us to. Sometimes we take a pause in action to catch our breath and sometimes we are in awe of His beauty.

As I look out across the bay, the vastness of its reach brings me closer to it. Each drop brings me closer to the next as they form each wave that reaches out for me as I, in turn, await its return, breathing in its life force so strong I am pulled back each week for more of His intoxicating glory. I am blessed, I am joyful, I am a believer in the marvels bestowed upon us in nature.



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