Six Ways to Feel Happy Every Day


Happiness sometimes feels like the holy grail of emotions. You know it exists, but it can be just beyond your grasp. It’s elusive. It’s a feeling you want every minute of every day — because it’s both addictive and infectious. Happiness changes perspective and you see the world as a brighter and more welcoming place.

When I’m happy, I’m in flow. This means that I’m attracting the people, experiences and resources I need to keep my happy going. Know what I mean? Remember a time in your life when you were just plain giddy. Think about the circumstances and how when you leaned into your happy and shared it everywhere and with everyone as the Universe sent you miracles, connections, abundance, etc. Joy is our highest vibration and the key to manifesting a life you truly love. This is why being happy should be your job!

So treat being happy as a full time job. Work it, experiment and try on different experiences and discover what makes you light up. Once you know exactly what makes your spirit sing, hold on tight!

Need help finding your happy groove? Sometimes my happy disappears down the rabbit hole and I’m left struggling. Other emotions begin to take up residence in my mind, body and soul. When doubt, fear, defeat or envy show up, I know it’s time to try one of these happiness generators:

Witness a sunrise or sunset — A good friend of mine, who’s experienced a crossing over, shared with me that a sunrise reminds her of the time she spent on the other side. There’s a connection, a spiritual marriage between the Divine and Mother Earth that draws you in. You’re witnessing a moment when there is no separation and know that you’re part of a larger world.

Help someone — When you give of yourself to others you’re always on the winning side! Your brains get a little hit of those good hormones when you help someone. You’re deepening a connection, plus the person you’re helping feels valued and their self-worth gets pumped up a bit. Another upside is that by focusing on others, you move your thoughts and actions away from anything going on in our lives that is bringing us down.

Be grateful — Gratitude is the ultimate mood lifter. When you focus on what’s good and right in your lives, your thoughts turn to positivity and open the door for great stuff to flow. Try this practice: at the end of every day, before you go to sleep, think of three things you were grateful for during the day. It could be a compliment received, a crisp apple that crunched, or even the soft sheets on your bed.

Treat yourself — Denying your desires is a recipe for disaster. This is not an open invitation to buy anything you want, especially if your budget doesn’t allow for it. A treat can be small or non-material and must be something that fills your spirit — whatever brings a smile to your face and makes your heart feel lighter.

Move your body — Exercise has so many benefits. You don’t need to be a hardcore runner to reap the reward of having an endorphin hit. Gardening, dancing, walking, biking, yoga are all great. Put on your favorite tunes and do a bit of a jig for five minutes. I always find myself smiling when I rock out to Prince. Plus, you feel energized and ready to take on life with a grin.

Connect to your higher power — A prayer of appreciation, meditation, devotionals or writing in your journal allows Divine guidance to enter in. Our higher power is the perfect partner, because you’re supported, heard, loved and encouraged. Building this relationship invites in abundance, in all its forms. You become more open to new opportunities and feel supported in this life

Reading these six ways to be happier, I’m struck by how easy they’re to implement. In fact, you may be doing a few now! Raise your happy quotient by bringing your awareness to them, being mindful of how you feel.

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Kirstin Chatfield Barsness
Kirstin Barsness is a life coach, writer, speaker, teacher and artist. She works with professional women who want to live a fuller, more purposeful life, believing that each of us holds the power to transform. Kirstin received her certified profession coach designation from the World Coach Institute. She’s been published on numerous times in The Edge, teaches meditation through community education, and is a motivational speaker. Kirstin is a certified aromatherapist and certified crystal healer. In addition to her life coaching, Kirstin has owned and operated a consulting business for over 20 years. Her passions include her two amazing daughters and any creative project, especially watercolor painting, digging in her flower garden, walking her dog, being out in nature, and connecting with friends over a steaming cup of tea. Contact her at [email protected].


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