The Edge Interview with Christine Day: The 3-Day Pleiadian Seminar & Our Transformation


Regular readers of The Edge know that each month Christine Day is devoted to assisting us in understanding and responding to the energetic changes taking place within us, and on the planet, at this time in the evolution of our consciousness. The Pleiadian Ambassador shares a message with us from the Pleiadians that offers support and energetic practices to assist us as we experience frequency upgrades. This message also reminds us to embrace our imperfect humanness during this process.

Aside from her Edge column (read the October Pleiadiam Message online), and her Blog Talk Radio podcast, Christine Day also presents powerful seminars that bring the Pleiadian initiations directly to the public. In November, Christine Day returns to the Twin Cities to present the 3-Day Pleiadian Seminar, an annual gathering of people from throughout the area and from around the world that presents multidimensional, energetic initiations from the Pleiadians to assist us in a deeper remembrance of our sacred Higher Self. The event is November 2-4 at Crowne Plaza Aire, 3 Appletree Square, Bloomington, and registration is available by contacting Joanne Wakefield at 651.452.2895 or [email protected].

Christine Day spoke with The Edge about the significance of this year’s event.

Christine, tell us about the upcoming 3-Day Pleiadian Seminar.
This seminar is very profound, as I know from just working with it the other day and feeling the energy. The Pleiadians are going to be creating initiations that realign people back to their merkaba crystalline body frequency.

The Pleiadians say the merkaba is like a rotating light that carries the human body and births the spirit form within the body to a multidimensional plane of experience. Our merkaba body is made up of a pure crystalline liquid light, and as it births or realigns to you, it naturally anchors through different areas of the body — with the sacrum, the spinal fluid, the brain stem, the pineal, and the heart. This is going to be a very powerful process, realigning people to their crystalline merkaba body.

At the same time, this process is designed to work within the brain-spine axis and central nervous system to enhance the brain’s functioning to prepare and realign people. As the merkaba body comes in, it activates the brain-spine axis and reopens areas of the brain that have not been activated in this lifetime. Whole new areas of the brain will be reopened. It is like an electrical redesign of your system, and all of the cells in the physical body will be switched on from a very different multidimensional perspective.

As you birth into this reconnection to your multidimensional level, once the brain-spine axis is active and the nervous system is redefined energetically, you begin to open into another aspect of your sacred sixth sense, unveiling aspects of your Higher Self and aligning to a new perspective of truth. We have to live in alliance of that truth in our daily lives. This process will allow you to move and align to this deep truth and remembering process. This process is oh, so beautiful, and we’re ready for it! That’s the exciting part! The energies on the planet are able to hold us and allow us to move into this very new place within ourselves.

This reconnection to your merkaba body allows you, as an individual, to operate from a much higher, clearer space of light, and it moves you to realign within the higher realm consciousness of the God Light that is within us. This is going to be a very profound and exciting process that has never been anchored on the planet before. It’s going to be anchored at the seminar for the first time, and I’m very excited to be part of that.

Will it enhance people’s ability to connect with the Universal community?
It absolutely will, because we will start to engage with the rest of the community. Since the energies that have activated on the 14th of August, planet Earth has been vibrating and pulsing at the same rate as the rest of the Universe. It’s like the heart beat that exists through the Universe. Planet Earth has never resonated with that, and now our planet is fully resonating with the rest of the Universe.

It’s not only the Earth, but our own hearts now are carrying that frequency, that pulse. This launches us out in connection with the rest of the Universal community, and the resonance there will be really profound because of the awakening of that crystalline merkaba body and the transformation of the brain-spine axis and the reopening of the areas of the brain that haven’t been utilized. It’s going to allow for a very pure and clear connection with the rest of our resident Universe. It feels very timely and very powerful.

Why is it important for those who may not have ever attended one of your seminars to do so now?
This is a destiny call. Some people may never have engaged with any sort of seminar or spiritual practice, but this is about them and their heart. It’s the timing for their heart to come alive, the sacred heart to be birthed through them, and for them to come into that self-realization process. It doesn’t matter what they’ve done before or how much they’ve done before. This process is very unique and something that will enrich them and move them to another level for themselves. It doesn’t matter about a mission in the world. Most of our mission is self-resurrection, and this process is specifically designed for rapid self-resurrection and a nurturing of our human part, too.

No one has to be into the spiritual and have done a lot of spiritual work. They don’t even have to believe in the Pleiadians themselves or the galactic community. It’s about them coming home to themselves within the heart. The merkaba body lifts the whole essence of the individual person’s being and allows them to move back into a place of reconnection to that higher part of themselves, no matter what their beliefs are.

As usual, the seminar also will involve the galactic community, the Lemurians, Jesus Christ and Mother Mary, the angels and the light beings. A huge contingent of light beings will be coming for this specific event, because it’s our very first birthing of the merkaba crystalline frequency. I’ll use the word “reattached.” You’ll be reattached to your merkaba body, through the sacrum and then up through the spinal fluid, up to the brain stem, through the pineal, through the brain-spine axis up through the crown, and then lastly, the heart space,. We’ll be working with some beautiful, sacred patterns that the Pleiadians have just channeled through. I haven’t seen the energy like this before. It’s just very beautiful.

Tell us about the heart and the role it’s playing right now in personal transformation.
I think that’s important. Our heart actually is a multidimensional tool. It’s the doorway to the sacred part of ourselves, to the higher realm connection to the sacred that we are, to our unlimited Higher Self — that part of us that has been enlivened by all the changes that are on the planet. The veils have lifted, and the heart gives you direct access to the multidimensional part of yourself that is unlimited and allows you to create an abundance for yourself from the heart space.

It’s really the sacred part of yourself. Our heart space has transformed over the last few months so it bypasses the ego mind and those self-sabotaging cycles. The heart space will go through a rapid transformation with the alignment to the merkaba body. It’s really our pathway home to our light, to our purity, to our God Light.

You mentioned that the Earth is pulsing at the same rate as the rest of the Universe and that our hearts are resonating with that. What in someone’s everyday life might indicate that that shift has taken place? Do you have any sense of that?
Yes, I do. A lot of disorientation and maybe confusion within the mind is taking place right now as this transforms, because there is a split going on right now. We’re split between the human ego mind, which is totally third dimensional, and the transformation of our heart that is aligning now to the God Light, the God Consciousness Light within the Universe. Our hearts are expanding, so we’re kind of being moved out of time and space and feeling like there’s a disorientation going on in life. Things not working the way they used to and it feels like everything that has worked is starting to fall apart.

Everything that was part of a ritual of life is no longer working. That’s because the energies of light around the heart are evolving and old patterns and old belief systems and old habits are falling away, but there’s nothing yet to replace that, so there’s an empty space where you don’t know what’s going on and you don’t know which way to possibly go. Nothing’s clear, even for people who have very good guidance, usually.

There’s a lot of needing to trust as we go through this evolutionary change because there is a new electrical system in our hearts also, and there’s a new electrical system birthing through the brain. Everything feels unfamiliar and very intense, and, of course, the world is reflecting that. The drama in the third-dimensional world has accelerated and will continue to accelerate until the New Year, because the energy is going to accelerate. Our pulse that has aligned us to the rest of the Universe is going to get stronger. It’s drawing us somewhere, and yet we don’t quite know what that means, but we are being drawn out of where we used to be in our cycles and routines. Nothing will act the same way as we’re familiar with in the past.

So, there’s a lot of upheaval and uncertainty taking place right now. I’m being told the merkaba body is an anchor and it is going to support and stabilize people. What they’re saying is that the energy of this is a transformation, and it’s like we’ll go through a collective awakening, through a powerful new component of light that is going to infiltrate Earth on another level. That pulsing will become more intense, bringing those of us on the path into a new vision of understanding of this time. A collective consciousness will open up between those of us who are allowing this change, who are on the path and who are awake, and it will create a collective energetic flow that will realign those of us on the path into more of a community-minded base.

Our hearts will go through the transmutation and come out the other side into an understanding and a remembering of what that flow is and who we are in that flow, and who we are within the resident Universe. This will happen as the brain-spine axis opens and expands and creates that sacred part of ourselves that remembers who we are and the design of our self within the resident Universe. We’ll take our places much more easily and recognize ourselves being received on a very different level.

As a result of these changes, will we go from believing we’re spiritual beings having a human experience to knowing it deeply within?
That’s exactly right. That’s a very good way of putting this, because there will be the direct experience and remembering. I experienced that when I had my awakening with the Pleiadians nearly 30 years ago, where I had the total recognition of myself — and that never left. Once it anchors through you then it’s a truth, and then you live from that truth. The merkaba stabilizes you and allows you to move and align naturally back to your reconnections, your sacred reconnections with the resident Universe, with the Higher Realms. We’re talking about not only the galactic, Universal community but also the angelic realms and the Masters and the light beings. They’re all part of that God Consciousness state. They play a very big role within our resident Universe and everyone within that resident Universe apart from us on Earth is consciously interacting with those spiritual beings. They play a very important role within the full Universal community.

What will happen is that as the merkaba body anchors, it will allow the individual to stabilize those connections and to more fully engage within those connections. That God Light, and your unique merkaba body, the crystalline frequency that anchors through you, is like a radio that’s being tuned fully and aligned back to that full reconnection. The dial gets turned and then you’re aligned fully to that connection. That’s where the brain-spine axis is opening to truth and remembering. You start living from that space of truth and feel the alignment and vastness of the love that is your natural makeup. We return to that place in ourselves.

It doesn’t mean we don’t still have our human element. We are always trying to be here having the human experience. The only thing is we’ll become spiritual beings transforming the human part of ourselves with love and compassion and self-acceptance so that the human part doesn’t suffer as much with the fear and the struggle. Instead, it is gathered in and really nurtured in that love. So, it’s about a self-acceptance of our humanness on another level from the sacred that we are.

Regarding the energy of that really beautiful merkaba energy that we all are returning to — now is the time. It surprised me, really, because I didn’t think we were ready for it. We’ve got this huge shift that started the 14th of August and ended on the 14th of September, and then it accelerates further into December and the New Year. This huge awakening taking place on the 14th of September is just six weeks before the seminar, which makes it absolutely possible for this merkaba body to be reconnected to those of us who are ready.

You mentioned that the third dimensional drama is going to keep on escalating up to the New Year. Will there be a change after the New Year?
No. The Pleiadians always give me things in increments, but I’m not sure if there’s going to be a positive change. There’s going to be a very good change for those of us on the path. There will be re-openings and it will be much more easy to stabilize ourselves to the heart space with the merkaba body. The sacred heart is going to be revealed even more completely to those on the path. It’s going to make it much more easy to witness that what’s going on with the drama is like an old, festering wound coming up out of the Earth — and it all has to come out. Energetically, I don’t see it settling down at all. It may even accelerate further into the New Year.

But anyone who chooses to align to the sacred heart doesn’t have to suffer. You’ll just be witnessing what is taking place and knowing that everything is in hand. Just allow it to flow and explode around you, but not through you. We need to witness this. We need to hold a very stable base between those of us who are awake and just keep witnessing what’s taking place on this third-dimensional level — all the lies, all the intrigue. It’s all just coming out, so, it will be an interesting time. Not dull, I’m sure!

For those people on the spiritual path who are very much into activism, how should they respond when they feel like responding to solve the hot-button issues when you’re telling them to just witness and trust?
The Pleiadians’ main message is to not let anything move you away from yourself. The focus has to be on you, because you are the gift to the planet. It’s about self-resurrection. So, when you choose to take your focus off yourself to one of those hot-button issues, you’re creating a separation because you’re spending all your energy on this illusion rather than just opening up into what you’re feeling. It’s okay to feel because we are human, but understand that when you go into the vastness of your heart, that’s where you link into truth — and in that truth, all that drama doesn’t even exist. It’s third dimensional, and the heart space is fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth dimensional.

You can be an activist, but what you do is shut yourself out and start swirling in the mess of the drama — and you can’t do anything about it anyway. You’re not going to be able to change the cycle of the drama.

What I would say is to leave that drama to the people who are creating it and remove yourself. You can witness it, but come back to your heart. From your heart space you can be far more effective than getting linked into all of that mud that’s around. That’s what’s important. To be honest, sometimes it’s easier because people don’t want to deal with themselves, so they move away to helping someone else or getting sucked into the drama, but it’s for no reason because it’s just the illusion that’s coming up. There’s nothing to be done, but to witness it.

We talk about all the pollution and the Amazon burning down, and all this stuff that’s going on, but the Pleiadians are saying that at the end of the day when the third dimension shifts, the Earth will return to its pristine state because we’re only getting the mirror of the illusion on the Earth. None of that pollution will stay. The Amazon will be restored to its original energy, just as all the sacred sites are right now, going back to their original forms of purity. So will the oceans and the Earth, itself, and the soil. It will come back to its original state. We don’t have to save the planet. We’re just seeing that mirror of that third dimension right now through the planet.

Is there a final message you or the Pleiadians would like to share with our readers?
The most important thing right now is to understand that everything you need is within you — and the saying, “You are who you have been waiting for,” for there is nothing more than that. There is nothing more than yourself. Your heart is the very center of the Universe, and it’s through your heart that you can receive; all your needs will be met.

It’s about letting go and trusting the heart and allowing yourself to take the next step within the vastness of your own heart. That’s really their message. Don’t get distracted. They are really focusing on us not to get distracted by the third-dimensional drama. Stay stable within your heart. One moment in your heart will shift all the cells in your body, changing and breaking the old cycles within you.

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