The Joy of Scientific Advances in Consciousness


“These are a few of my favorite things” Julie Andrews sang in “The Sound of Music,” that epic tale based on a true story of a large family escaping Nazi Germany’s takeover of Austria. Music reminded them of their joyful nature, keeping them hopeful and positive during a period of chaos. Hateful Nazi Germany failed and the Von Trapp family survived, moved to America, the winning side, and made a pretty wonderful life for themselves.

I do affirmations daily to remind myself of my joyful HU-Man (God-Man) nature — when I wake up, or before I go to bed. “Friday is a good day, because it’s the start of the weekend,” I’ll tell myself. “Monday is a good day, because I get to play guitar with my friends at the park.”

But affirmations are not enough for me amid the horrible chaos humanity is experiencing right now. I need a sign, a purpose, a long-term vision of a world I can believe in -— a goal I can logically reason out that fuels my certainty. Being a seeker, a Mensa and a possessor of a rich imagination, my joy is triggered by periodically confirming my courage, hope and faith with verifiable science.

Dr. Stephen Greer points out that this extraordinary chaos could be a key marker of the process of human evolution making an imminent leap. Earth, being a “Level 0” planet, has been evolving at an increasing rate, racing towards its next stage, “Level 1,” as more people reach a level of self-awareness, edging towards the critical mass that tips humanity’s group consciousness to a new level of coherence.

Chaos is the state of matter during phase transition, right before field coherence occurs.

Think of a body of water riddled with negative energy. A mystic takes some of this water and meditates over it to create a crystalline coherence. The water reaches a state of utter chaos right before it crystalizes into a beautiful pattern that, when poured back into the body of water, causes the rest of the water to crystallize into coherence, too, becoming healing to the human body, which is made primarily of water.

Physicists now know that everything is made of energy and that ether flows with consciousness into physical matter. The more we focus on bringing all of humanity into joyful self-aware consciousness, the closer that field gets to ultimate field coherence.

According to scientific theory, field Coherence in unbounded consciousness holds the vibration for others when it is achieved by 1 percent of the people walking around in a state of unbounded consciousness in their daily lives. They become “anchors” to that higher state of vibration, allowing the vibration to flow freely in and out of all others. To be clear, those who are in that 1 percent aren’t going about daily chores in one vibration and then going into meditation for 20 minutes or an hour -— they’re in unbounded consciousness, like a meditative state, all the time, the state of miracles, all the time. Can you imagine how cool that is?

Human beings, and humanity, are doing this right now.

While there seems to be chaos everywhere, it is still a fact that if the right number of people continue to do their Light Work, they will transist into field coherence. If 1 percent of the 7.5 billion people on the planet reach self-awareness and hold the vibration for transition to peaceful abundance, the chaos we see will shift into self-awareness for ALL of the rest of the 7.5 billion people without them having to seek, pray or mentally comprehend what is happening.

That is how important it is to keep your joy beaming into the group consciousness during the chaos. That joy can be what tips the balance to achieve field coherence, saving humanity.

If you are like me, and assurance of a peaceful, abundant future triggers a connection to your happy place, you might consider checking out some of the enlightened mentors in the burgeoning field of science, including extraterrestrial pioneer Dr. Stephen Greer, biologist Bruce Lipton, and author Gregg Braden (Fractal Time).

The growing overlap between science and mysticism may define the countdown to enlightened consciousness reaching critical mass.


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