The Oath of a Dreamer


Dreaming and chasing the unknown takes guts. The road isn’t always the easiest path to stick to. It calls on you to show up in ways that challenge your faith. Sometimes when you’re traveling the road, there will be seemingly easier paths to take, but they won’t get you to the desired destination. They aren’t truly fulfilling your purpose, and they take you off course.

Often, your task seems daunting when you’re doing it alone. How do you prevent yourself from being distracted or tempted to quit on your dreams?

I recommend making an Oath to Dream.

The definition of an oath is a solemn promise, often invoking a divine witness, regarding one’s future actions or behavior. Not your everyday promise, is it? By changing the verbiage around your dream, you completely change the context, as well. Not only do you make a call for action, but you call on Divinity and allow Spirit to then do some of the work for you.

If you look at some of the greatest books in our spiritual evolution, you’ll see that many of the authors didn’t write the books, Source did. Spirit took over and guided them. For example, A Course in Miracles by Helen Schulman, claimed that the book was dictated to her word for word via “inner dictation” from a higher source.

Making an Oath to Dream creates sanctity around it and allows Spirit to show itself and takeover. When you’re truly connected to your Source and purpose, your calling no longer feels like “work.” You are no longer the one doing the work. Source is.

My Oath to Dream looks like this: I solemnly swear that I will faithfully go forth in the direction of my dreams, calling in help from the Divine Spirit to guide me, and give me the confidence I need to execute (insert dream).

Years ago, I knew my voice would be a vessel for Spirit, and I would make an impact through sharing my stories. The oath I made then provided the strength and stability to work through my struggles, allow light to prevail, and my dream to exist.

I think this concept is the first, and the most important thing, you do for your dreams. I challenge you to make an Oath to Your Dream. Whatever it may be. Going after your dream is scary when you do it alone, but when you call on the Divine for help, it’s way less intimidating.

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Garrett Davis is an author, speaker, father and advocate for 5th dimensional consciousness. He believes deeply that ceremony and ritual are cornerstones of a fulfilled life. Through his own journey with plant medicines, indigenous wisdom traditions and deep spiritual studies, he’s transformed his experience from one focused on external achievement to a life built around internal fulfillment. His favorite reminder, and one he wants to pass on to you, is to Walk In That Good Way. You can find him drafting his first book, Stand In Your Light, playing with his sons and dog, cruising boutique coffee shops or chatting it up with the nearest “stranger.” You can find more of him on Instagram @ garrettdavisspeaks. Contact him at 619.597.8495.


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