Trapped Inside Awareness

Awareness is a gemstone. Fruitful thinking always allows the impact of time to be more about our progress than about chaos.

We believe in the strictest sense that our life’s consciousness is encased by the limitations of our bodies. Indian rishis knew this to be a flat-out lie. Why do we proceed with our lives with this belief? Why can’t we see life for what it really is? The more I ponder about this, the more I come to the conclusion that the answers to these questions do not lie in rational thinking.

Thinking is good, I think, and feeling is also good, and the act of knowing is a consequence of thought. However, as I have come to understand the truth of what all the religions of the world talk about, as inspiring as they may sound, they deliver something we don’t have, can’t share and don’t understand. The conscious desire to know reveals aspects of our own sense of being that reflects a very deep yearning that may just never be resolved. Progress comes about by the satisfaction that exists in our bodies — and the confusion and ignorance that propel satisfaction into madness.

And therein lies the predicament of the human experience. Progress is good, but the price we pay for it is far greater than the advancements we have accomplished. Greed, envy, ambition and pride are but a few examples of the glory of this madness. And yet, while all the madness in this world begins and ends with us, the sad story of our lives is that most people will never get the chance to move beyond it.

Believing that you are limited to your body is like putting the cart before the horse. It’s giving up on the only opportunity you have to make a difference and change what has been passing on from time immemorial, from generation to generation: Your madness. You cannot under any circumstances understand anything true about your own life with thought. There is a movement beyond thought that exists under the cover of your bodily limitations. This movement is energetic in nature and, if tapped into, it can show you in one sitting meditation all the mysteries of the universe.

Bear in mind that you will tremble with fear, discovering that your whole life is a sham. It’s not something you can swallow with one gulp. You have to taste the waters of freedom before diving into the deep, and if you decide to go further, know that nothing happens by mere chance. The universe is constantly speaking to us in words, phrases and ideas we need to understand in order to move forward.

It’s not something you can imagine, or pierce with your mind. To grasp the entire universe — the will of consciousness — you have to move beyond everything. Everything is what the word implies: Everything. Oneness is not something composed of different parts that you will be able to understand from different perspectives. It’s the one sole purpose of your life condensed into a tiny hole from which the light of your own awareness shines into existence. This light is everywhere. What you are changing or giving up when you transcend the limitations of your body is this minuscule body with the entirety of existence.

The whole universe exists as a fraction of light inside the smallness of your body, and testing the limits of your own mind becomes paramount in the development of your own spiritual awareness. It really is a joy to be a part of the entire universe, and it’s a bummer not to be able to share it with everyone. Then again, I don’t think most people are ready to handle the truth. Hence, they are like termites eating out their own happiness.



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