A Pleiadian Message: A New Era of Awakening


Beloved Ones, we greet you. As you move into the energy of this month you are being given the gift of a sacred covenant being revealed, allowing another level of transformation within your own being. You became witness to a huge shift in mid-September, opening up a new energetic terrain on Earth. As this new essence of a flowing light consciousness anchored throughout your planet, a new paradigm was made accessible.

As a result of this powerful transformative happening there has been a complete energetic reset as a direct flow of light has emerged from the higher realm consciousness. This has created a series of waves that have formed a stable crystalline formation within all of the grids on the planet. Through this crystalline form, multidimensional layers have been revealed and activated across the planet, allowing a higher aspect of God consciousness to infiltrate and integrate across the Earth.

These layers of higher vibrational light have created a series of openings that give you access to the higher realm consciousness. As these vast flows of light are descending from the higher realms to Earth, the central magnetic core of your planet is being reformed and reconstructed into a pure crystalline frequency, which is pulsing outwards. This pulse is interacting through your heart cells and simultaneously transmitting through your Universe. This crystalline frequency is now fully aligning Earth to the rest of your resident Universe. A pure light resonance is opening up a vibrational harmony within the entire Universe — and never before in the history has this occurred.

A new era
This new creation of light is birthing a new era of awakening, heralding in a new potential, and a new way of being, for those of you who are ready to engage with this higher consciousness pathway. This is a time of evolution, a time for revelations to be unveiled to you, for the full potential of your sacred heart to be realized. Through your conscious choice to engage within your heart, you can bring your self home.

So much is being offered and revealed to you as you actively choose to reconnect to the higher flows of multidimensional light and utilize the tool of your multidimensional heart. There is an expanded unlimited vastness to your Heart, and it is essential to begin to familiarize and recall the essence of this aspect of your self.

Remember, this is your time to actively birth your self into a further understanding of your mission, and a deeper clarity of the role you are to play on this Earth plane and within the entire Universe. This is the time for the self-manifestation of divine love to be released and expressed through your own heart.

Your love is a powerful transmitter that strongly impacts the Universe as it flows naturally from your heart. This is the time for a heart-felt experience with the magic of your self, which has always existed within your Earth plane. The magic aspect of you has been hidden within the third-dimensional illusion, but now through your heart there can be an unveiling of your own magic. Your magic arises from the love that is a natural component of your sacred makeup.

Divine God Light
Love exists naturally within your heart cells, creating transmutation within the body. The heart plays the role of birthing and expanding aspects of your own unique divine God light within your life. This multidimensional aspect of you is designed to nourish the cells of your entire physical body. The role of your sacred nature is to embody love, and as you choose to actively engage within your heart a deep metamorphic process can move throughout your physical cells to promote healing and rejuvenation.

This is your time to take conscious moments to further activate this unfolding within you. Almost as though you are a new bud of a flower, each time you engage within your heart the petals begin to loosen and then slowly open up to the full light of the sun. Your journey right now is a self-birthing process, of you unfolding, like the bud of a flower to the sun.

As you choose to align to your heart consciously, you begin to activate an alignment to your God light. This is your sun. This is a natural response of your Higher Self as you choose to hold your heart and bring your awareness into your heart. Your God light begins to illuminate through you. You get to open up and bathe in your unique God light, receiving the vast love of your multidimensional self, receiving and being birthed through the love within your heart.

A New Order
This step of activating your God light is subtle at first as it awakens through you, and then gradually its brilliance begins to grow. Know that you are being launched into a new order of your own God light, which has been made accessible to you through the recent higher realm alignments. This is your time to let go and be willing to allow changes to unfold within your life, in a different way, by trusting the inner guide of your heart. This is a time to consciously celebrate a new order of your life — not being distracted by the illusion of drama on your planet, rather by engaging in a steady and consistent alignment to your heart.

Take moments in each day to be aligned to your heart. Each experience, no matter how long it lasts, will create building blocks of reconnection to the stillness, peace and stabilization that arise through a relationship within your multidimensional heart space. Your God light will begin to actively engage within you.

Notice how the energy and essence of your day changes as you choose this reconnection moment at the beginning of your day. You will begin to sense that you are interacting within a flow, like a current moving you, positioning you throughout your day. Then, just before sleep, as you choose to reconnect to the sacred aspect of your heart you will deepen your alliance further. You will feel, sense or see an enlivening of your self through a rebirthing.

You can awaken
You birthing you. The only way you can awaken is by consciously choosing to re-engage with your heart. This conscious action will transform and empower you because you are choosing a higher path of consciousness for yourself. The only link to truth is within your heart. All of these reconnections are made possible now through the vastly changed energetic landscape of your planet.

Each one of you is being called, regardless of where you find yourself at this time on Earth. No matter how you view yourself from an ego mind standpoint, you are ready to engage and develop this new pathway of your Higher Self. Understand at this moment that your ego mind is unable to perceive truth. The ego does not comprehend that you have a vast multidimensional nature that is your Higher Self.

Do not try to convince your ego mind of this fact. The mind will never be able to perceive the truth of your higher nature, and this is not necessary to your journey. Nothing can get in the way of your reconnection to your God light. This is a pre-ordained happening — an aspect of destiny. This was always going to be the right time for you to allow this transformational change to take place. All is in hand.

Energy of Gratitude
Gratitude for your life accelerates your ability to align into your sacred heart. The energy of gratitude is a stepping stone for you to take full responsibility for your creation. You are being called to open up to this truth through being grateful for all that you have experienced. This is a time for gratitude.

True gratitude begins as you open up to fully receive all aspects of your life, exactly as it is, right in front of you. You need to open up to receive the content of your journey thus far, taking total ownership of everything you have co-created with your Higher Self. When you move into full acceptance of the experiences you have had, whether they are good or difficult, maybe some painful and some joyful. One is not more than another, just different. Simply be. Play the role of witness to all that you have experienced. Open up into a state of receivership to all that is about to be revealed to you on your path.

None of these experiences define you. They were created in order for you to have a human learning experience. As you accept your journey and breathe and let go into your life, a shifting of energy can begin to take place within your world.

By choosing to own these experiences, an opening can be created in your life, and new doorways of opportunity can begin to flow within your life on every level because you have chosen to own your full experience. New possibilities begin to open in response to your ownership of your creation. Your life opens as you open, like a bud of a flower, as you receive blessings from the higher realms.

Blessings to You
At this juncture on the planet, blessings are being returned to you, and you can utilize these blessings in your life now. These blessings originate from your higher realm God light — and they belong to you. So, as you move and anchor into your heart space, you will begin to access your blessings anew to flow and transform every arena of your life.

Consciously build your heart’s pathway and allow the sacred aspect of you to be self-realized. Remember, this is achieved one step at a time, one moment at a time. You are “perfectly imperfect” in your human element. There is nothing you need to change about yourself to develop your Higher Self connections to your heart right now. Your sacred path awaits you!

Open up and let go. Celebrate your path by consciously anchoring and engaging deeply within your heart. Know that as you move into this month, the third-dimensional drama will continue to intensify. As you work within your heart, let go of all fear and allow yourself to thrive within the sacred God light, which is holding you and supporting you.

We will witness you as you unfold, knowing that you are a child of light within the Universe. Open up to call forward and fully receive the blessings that are yours by divine right.

We continue to hold the energetic platform for the planet while you do your most significant work of self-resurrection within your heart! This is your mission. Blessings, The Pleiadians.

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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit www.ChristineDayOnline.com.



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