Achieving Inner Knowing


I was minding my own business when I was struck by an inner knowing (clairsentience) that my college-age son was about to die in a fire, like right now. I had no idea where he was. I was alone in my house.

It was a very light feeling. A song on the radio had the word “fire” in it — the word jumped out at me, carried on the radio waves with a personal significance unconnected to the song’s theme.

I shut off the radio and yelled, “No, no, no, you don’t. You do not touch my son!” I panicked. I got angry. I claimed spiritual authority. I insisted, argued, demanded at the top of my lungs (to whomever might be listening) that my son not be hurt and I offered no compromise. I invoked every spiritual modality I could remember.

Hours later, my son came home a little shaken. A gas can on a pickup truck in front of him on the freeway had bounced off, fell under his car, lit the entire undercarriage on fire, but he was able to ease off the freeway and it put itself out.

I believe my rapid response influenced the outcome, as well as my belief that I could choose not to accept my son’s fate.

Something watching or aware, separate from myself, created the “inner knowing.” It presented as a light feeling in my head, accompanied by a concept, thought or insight not my own. I felt it. It was not a voice. There were no words. No vision. Just the knowledge that something very important to me was about to happen. It horrifies me that if I had not been alone, self-aware, mindful and fiercely loyal to my son, I might have missed it.

My high school friend Phyllis had a visual encounter (clairvoyance) of her grandmother saying good-bye to her at the moment her grandmother passed on. Phyllis believed what she saw was the truth, trusted her belief system and, hours later, a phone call confirmed she had been right.

Ten-year old me was in crisis, crying and desperate, sitting alone in the hallway on the second floor of the house trying to figure out how to stop the meanness and violence in my family. I heard a voice in my head (clairaudience) as clearly as if another person had sat down next to me. The voice offered spiritual guidance only, like a priest in church. “Would you like (this lofty ideal) or (that lofty ideal)?” it said.

Was it good or evil, angel or ancestor? I didn’t ask it for lofty ideals nor did I trust it for not revealing who or what it was. I never found out what its words meant.

I think belief is a platform that supports the effective work of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and other higher dimensional work — something you do alone, that you articulate in your head, use your judgment for. You feel it with your heart. It becomes part of your character, as a result of conscious choice, training, experience or social programming.

Inner knowing is a separate manifestation the Oneness shares with you through the oneness — a source that brings you knowledge you have a right to or an interest in, and therefore, that information is connected to you energetically. A guide, an angel, your Higher Self, the Akashic Field, possibly. Maybe it happens because it’s their job, because they care, or because they know it matters to you, like an algorithm that feeds you information on whatever subjects you’ve shown an interest in. Or maybe someone knows how you’ll feel towards them if they don’t share such information, leaving you to find out the hard way.

You facilitate inner knowing by your state of mind. Your vibration. You might even draw it towards you with your emotions. Achieving and interpreting inner knowing on a reliable basis requires a basic belief system that supports trust in the psychic information received, discernment as to the source, and awareness of the interests at stake.

Isn’t that the same belief system we use with our three-dimensional senses? “As Above so Below.”


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