Believe In Yourself And Let Your Intuition Guide You


Most people think you use your intuition by thinking hard about something. Instead, just let life flow and lead you. Intuition isn’t planned. It just happens.

Have you ever been somewhere, about to do something, and you got a feeling not to do it? That’s your intuition talking to you. It comes right up your body and into the sixth chakra of your third eye and puts you on alert. Pay attention to it.

Sometimes it’s just a thought — and sometimes it’s stronger. It happened to me in nature one day. My dog and I were alone, or so we thought, and then we saw someone in the distance coming toward us. I had forgotten my binoculars on that journey so I couldn’t see that far ahead, but I could feel their energy. Then they turned and walked another way.

My intuition told me to run, now! I felt pushed to run down the hill, across the stream and head for the path to my car — and that’s when we walked right into them. We both stopped and looked at each other and then I realized I knew them from years before. What a relief! Why was I fleeing? I laughed at myself later and I wondered, “What if I didn’t run down that hill? What if I went the other way?” It made me realize that Spirit always has a reason. There’s no need to question it. Just be and believe in yourself and let Spirit lead you. You may just run into someone or something interesting!

Nature always nurtures me with sunshine to enhance my intuition and solitude to recharge my soul. Often we stop and let nature guide us by leading us where Spirit wants us to go, and we are never disappointed by the sights, sounds and interactions in nature — from counting crows to finding subtle signs in full sight.

I believe in Spirit leading me and, in turn, I have learned or found many things I would not have otherwise. God bless and blessed be. You are you and that is all you need to be. Your intuition is a part of you. Stop and listen, heed the call, believe and you will find the way to meet life’s challenges with Spirit by your side.

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Maria Lisa Polegatto
Maria Lisa Polegatto grew up and lives in Nova Scotia, Canada, where she works full time. To rest and relax she loves to retreat into nature and spend time with animals enjoying the magic that surrounds us. Contact Maria Lisa at


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