From Belief to Knowing


There is a common saying among us spiritual folk that goes something like this: “As you believe, so shall it be.” We know this to be true because it just feels right, and there are numerous excellent authors and spiritual speakers who remind us of this.

During our years of spiritual discovery we have learned that “beliefs create reality.” and I too believe(d) this is so, but I also know beliefs are a tool of what we call the ego, the part of us that thinks it’s separate from life and also believes it’s in control of its own destiny (though it is always crying for help trying to stay sane and in control!).

If we are co-creators of our reality, if we are more than merely our ego and its beliefs, what else, who else, are we creating with? None other than our very own partner in creation: our inner knowing. Our inner knowing is that part of us directly connected to the Oneness. It’s the part of us that is always experiencing the now (even though we don’t recognize it through our daily distractions). It’s that ever-present part of us so silent and so forgotten we have lost our understanding of how to listen to it — and so too have we lost our natural sense of unity with each other.

A part of us is crying out to be held, to be understood, to finally be at peace. But we are crying in vain, because we cannot hear our own answers. How often have we called out to God, or to something, hoping it hears us, hoping it knows who we really are and what we really want and need? But each time we call out it seems we end up moving further from ourselves and further from our answers. The further out we go, the greater our despair and the deeper the chasm separating us from ourselves.

As we have come to find out, in any well-intentioned effort, even if we have chosen the wrong way to go about it, the answer is still found (though not as we had initially expected). Often when we reach the breaking point in our search and give up in frustration and exhaustion, we finally let down our guard and recognize we don’t know how to find ourselves. It’s at that point we become most open to our own knowing. It’s in our unguarded openness that our inner knowing can be heard.

If we have recited every positive affirmation we could think of or were told about and still, even after all that, don’t feel our inner peace, we may finally be ready. Ready to let go of what we thought we knew, to let go of our ideas of life, to let go of our ideas of each other, to let go of our beliefs…and finally, in silence and openness, become ready to receive the direct experience of knowing; our eternal connection to All That Is.

It takes no special knowledge or training to reconnect to the knowing. However, it does take the ability to stop — to stop thinking, to stop doing, to stop planning and projecting futures, to stop trying to figure things out. When we finally stop our efforts to control life (and we were not that good at it anyway) and become still and allow life, as it is, to flow through us, we will finally be free of our own limiting beliefs. And, surprisingly, we will discover beliefs themselves are no longer needed to live in harmony with ourselves and all life.

Living life in the moment staying attuned to your knowing can be your new reality. And you can do it by just letting go. Let go of who you thought you were and be your inner knowing. Be still. Trust it. Listen to its urges and callings. Allow it room to grow and show you the way. As you do, you will begin to feel your connectedness to all life. You will finally know there is nothing more special, more true, more right, than just being who you are, as you are, right now, in this very moment.

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Bruce Lehrer, a registered architect in Minnesota designing private residences for higher income clients, calls it his "hobby." In truth, he is a lifetime student of Life itself, for years in direct contact with his own deepest questions of which he asks Life directly. For 13 years he lived with his spiritual teacher, Pamla Ashlay, who was president of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches. A trance medium of great depth, she and Bruce wrote several books from her sessions. They also conducted many seminars and gatherings. Since then he has deepened his own relationship to oneness through a quiet and continual connection to Knowing.


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