How to Move from Belief to Inner Knowing


We have all been through difficult times. I have suffered. My suffering has involved physical pain and intense mental anguish.

There were times, earlier in my life, when I was not sure that I would make it through these difficult times. Panic, fear, anxiety and depression haunted me. I had already planted a seed of doubt. Why? It was because I believed through my pre-locked beliefs from my past that I was not good enough. I felt that my voice and input didn’t matter. Then slowly, with the help of loving friends, I began to believe that I could actually make it through. I started to lovingly investigate my past patterns and thoughts. Deep within my mind, I realized that it would be all right. When you keep instilling doubt, your soul begins to fade into nothingness. I moved from the belief that I could overcome adversity to inner knowing in a series of steps.

Here are three steps to find yourself:

• Sit in silence and allow your mind to wander — Perhaps a fight or a misunderstanding has spun out of control. It has drained your energy. Silence can be your best friend. Silence allows us to feel into our bodies. The mind starts to chatter, and it speaks words such as, “If I only didn’t say that. How can I fix it? Maybe I should have said I’m sorry?” Then the mind starts rationalizing and negotiating. “How do I respect myself? If I do this and say that, will I have the ability to bounce back? Will this happen again?”

• Learning the art of being vulnerable — Our bodies begin to respond to our thoughts. We begin to tune into the body and find that our energy has been slowly drained. Fear begins to set inside. A wave of chills sets in our body. Our hands become cold and tight knots form inside our stomach. Our souls begin to float above our heads. This is life teaching us a lesson. It’s gently nudging to remind us of who we are and what we had overcome. We will be honoring our life choices and acknowledging our free will to act upon it. Deep within your soul you know, “I got this.”

• Let go of the ego — Instead of the “why me” syndrome, make time to notice any patterns you may be repeating. Inside of our subconscious, we have an inner voice telling us that we have seen this pattern before. It begins to replay like an outdated television show. After a while, we begin to feel like a victim and having the need to break free. What pain can we release and what can we do to change it? As we examine these questions and slowly act upon them, our mind and body slowly awakens. We return to our center to fully heal. We have the wisdom inside of us to heal. The sudden feeling of warmth will return back to our hands and softer, loving vibrations move into our bodies.

During the holiday season challenging situations might begin to surface. It’s very important to take time to listen to our inner voice. Take the time to honor your boundaries and reflect on the promises you kept. The holidays are also a great reminder to love. It’s a time to grow, reflect and heal.

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Debra Roinestad
Debra Roinestad is a shamanic healer, psychic and author. She spends time doing shamanic healing, and teaches resilience building skills. Debra wrote a memoir, Protected by the Light. She creates photo collage art based on the themes of healing. Visit her new website Contact Debra at [email protected] or 347.602.3552.


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