How to move from Belief to Inner Knowing


When I first saw a request for articles about how to move from belief to knowing, I thought, “Holy smokes, that’s going to be a very intense, lengthy article,” and I walked away from the idea of taking it on as a project. There is so much to say and, yet, I kept feeling this pull to sit down at the computer and write out a few thoughts. My first thought was to share a few bullet points and leave it at that, but something kept pulling me deeper into the article and, well, here you have it.

First, the list of bullet points:

• Learn to listen to and live by your inner voice.
• Go to therapy and heal your self-worth.
• Read some books on this subject, but after a short while, put the books down and start living it.
• Get healings for your soul to heal and remove all negativity that religion has taught you about being a sinner.
• Heal your anger and resentments towards God for all the bad things that have happened in your life.
• Learn to sit in the silence.
• Visualize what the Kingdom of God looks like.
• Visualize it inside of you and then work on believing it’s real.
• Feel your oneness with nature, animals and people.
• Live in the knowing that you are a part of God/Yahweh, Elohim, Allah, Higher Power or whatever you call the Creator.
• Live in this knowing and oneness every day.

As you can see, walking this path is not something that happens overnight. On the contrary, this is something that happens over several years or a lifetime. My journey started when I was seven and my mom began teaching me about living by my intuition. I’m lucky that she never gave up on me when I was constantly saying I didn’t know what she was talking about. We all have intuition, including animals. It’s that still small voice talked about in the Bible.

That is your starting point: discovering this part of yourself and learning to live by its guidance. Once we realize this inner voice is the voice of the Source that created us, we want more. We read books and attend lectures. We try meditation but get frustrated because of our monkey mind. We leave the path for a while and then get back on it a few months or years later. We try meditation again and are surprised that our monkey mind has calmed down and we can go within to find the light that shines brightly inside of us. We work on healing ourselves and our relationship with God.

We learn that the difficulties in our lives are not because of a mean, jealous God, but rather that our soul chose our life challenges to grow from. We change, we grow. Our self-worth improves. We aren’t so bad after all. We release the teachings from religion that have kept us stuck in “sinner mode” and realize we truly are a part of God and all of humanity.

Our thirst continues. We begin a quest to know more. All along we’ve said we believe, but it feels like there’s more than just believing. We want more. Something inside calls us to the truth and that truth is knowing that we are one with God. Knowing, feeling it in our bones. Reading more books, understanding intellectually what it means to be a reflection of God but then taking it to the next level of true knowing. Living with the knowledge that we can do and be anything we want. Manifesting comes natural. We are at peace. We see God in all our fellow human beings. We live in gratitude and a sense of humility that we never knew before. We spend the rest of our lives discovering more of what it means to be one with our Source.

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