Listen to your Emotions


Always find the attributing meaning to the pain in life — it helps to overcome it. Keep in mind as difficult and overwhelming as our feelings may seem at times, they are not facts. Emotions are messages trying to tell you something. We have to learn how to work with and not against them.

Play detective and figure out what it is coming from and scan your body to find out what area it is stuck in! The lens you see the world in shapes your reality. Emotions are necessary, for they show us what we care about.

My amazing therapist taught me, “Emotions such as sadness, anger, love, happiness and more (I could go on forever) all have a real purpose — they show us what we value and truly, passionately care about. We all have our FABs: Feelings, Attitudes and Behaviors. They are your treasures, and no one can take them away. You are in control.”

Challenge your thoughts and emotions. Stop foreboding your own joy. Staying in the now is all we have. Life goes by with or without you being in the present. Spiritual growth initiated resistance for those who are not ready so start working on creating lasting changes. Gratitude journaling, meditating, and random acts of kindness are some great ideas. Value the integrity of your spirit. 

We are human. Let your emotions come into your house through the front door, let them peak inside, and then let them out the back door. Stop trying to control them — allow. They are there for a reason. Be an observer and check the facts in every situation. Step outside of your own conditions and evaluate others. Life would be pointless without pain; we need it to grow. Scan your body and tap in, listen. What do you feel? Where do you hold your emotions, in the shoulder, back, feet? Relax and intentionally visualize sending the heaviness out of your body.

Self-care. The best version of you presents itself when you take care of number 1. You cannot pour from an empty cup. Be authentic and do not apologize for being you. Release your shame, guilt, and anger — use it to propel you even further into change. You attract based on your relationship with yourself. Codependency thrives on a lack of self-awareness, trust and the need for validation. Create affirmations and say them three times a day. It will be uncomfortable at first, but they will become second nature to you, so keep doing them.

Talk down your nervous system when you are in a bout of anxiety or fear — breathe — normalize it. We all have our moments. You are not alone. Be grateful and empathetic. Try something new. Praise others for their accomplishments. We are all lovable. Embrace your qualities and everything about yourself. Don’t personalize the emotions of others or jump to conclusions and cast judgment and mental filters. Grey areas do exist. Feed your mind with knowledge & healthy food. Kill your ANTs: Automatic Negative Thoughts.

You are your own best friend.

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Alyssa Winchester
Alyssa Winchester is a traveling, freelance writer from Arizona. She is creating her mobile practice as a Guided Meditation Teacher, Intuitive Angel Card Reader, Transformational Lifecoach, Certified Hypnotherapist, Ordained Minister, Behavioral Health Worker, leading the elderly in Hospice to cross over, and continuing her true passion of writing inspirational articles and poetry. In her free time, she crochets and sells gifts on Etsy, plays piano, reads about minimalism and sustainability, volunteers for non-profits, spends quality time with her husband and dog, and skateboards. Alyssa is a vegan, consciously driven human and animal rights advocate.  Contact her at [email protected] or 760.277.0469.


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