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I recently began a new venture, something I didn’t think I would ever find joy in doing. Something that challenged my understanding of what fulfillment is, or where it comes from, for that matter. Somewhere in there was a deep lesson that I needed to learn, hence the necessity of said discovery that has turned into bliss.

The lesson was believing in myself.

We’ve been taught to give all of our power away and then wait for some higher authority, something or someone we all believe to be better than us, to slowly hand our power back to us, bit by bit. The transfer of power back to us is the point where our value is perceived to increase. We long for the acknowledgement, the token, the gift, the wage that appears to come from the outside — forgetting that sheer will, which exists on the inside, is more powerful.

In time, we lose the ability to draw from the endless well within and continuously seek outside fulfillment and honor to validate us, even when there are more than enough fruits of past victories from which we can draw strength. Instead, we squirm at the thought that WE are indeed powerful enough to get the work done.

Society has taught us to believe in the power of others, and not to believe in ourselves. The danger of this is that it erodes our ability to create new things, if at all, and to watch our creation blossom. Of course, we give into fear and wait around for someone else to see beauty in what we already know is beautiful, or else it dies and withers away into nothingness. We wait silently for the applause that says we are good enough, or else our expression dies.

The art form beholden by our higher consciousness, set to show our connection to an infinite Source of creativity, is allowed for just a moment into existence, birthed by a need that is external: the facile acknowledgement of others.

Yet, when we look around, we see little underdeveloped forms of our past thoughts and creations dancing off the backs of others, daring to smile at the sun. Our regret? The hope that a higher authority will come and save us and help us begin to see value in our own work, which is akin to looking in the mirror, only to realize one day that the beautiful reflection you thought belonged to someone else is actually yours!

The process of knowing that what you have birthed in your mind’s eye, or in your physical world, is valuable rests in your ability to truly believe in yourself. The knowledge that you too have an endless access to a creative Source, and that your sheer will to bring into existence what YOU call beautiful, is all that is needed to release what is considered beautiful into the world.

You need not wait for the world to see your expression as beautiful. You believing that is enough!

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Weruche Uzoka George
Weruche Uzoka George has a master’s degree in journalism from Quinnipiac University and is concluding a Human Rights MA program at Columbia University in the City of New York.


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