Meditation to Stop Overthinking: Staying Connected in the Electric Universe


When we trust ourselves, inner knowing becomes a familiar part of life. All you need to do to develop it is remind yourself that in your basic form, you are consciousness. You are connected to everything that is, and everything in the Universe is conscious.

In the electric universe model, the fourth state of matter is plasma. It fills the vast voids of space that previously were believed to be empty. It turns out that those “empty spaces” are filled with diffused electrically charged gas. Everything that moves (planets) or breathes (you) has an electromagnetic field, which is referred to under various names.

For human bodies, that field is often called the aura or human biofield. At this level, we constantly exchange information, and even affect each other’s energy levels, as we interact. Particles in the outer layers of our biofields easily travel from one magnetic field to another.

That is how psychics are able to connect to past events, or “read” information about an owner of an object just by touching it or looking at a picture. For some, that information comes as an instant “download,” which may be emotionally overwhelming.

For others, it presents itself as inner knowing. We are all born with this ability, and we can use it, or block it. If you chose to block it at some point in order to fit into the “scientific or academic” society structure, or because you were taught as a child to be powerless by those you believed, don’t worry. You can bring it back.

We all use that ability to know without realizing it daily. Notice every time you guess who is calling you on your phone without looking at the number, or someone calls you every time you think about them. Notice how brilliant and powerful you are as you attract things, events and people when you give your attention to them. Enjoy it, and keep reminding yourself that you already know how to do it, because whether you think you can’t or you can, you are always right. Why not make it work for you the way you want it to? See yourself as a powerful being, connected to the world consciousness as a part of it, and enjoy every minute of your inner knowing life.

If that quantum physics/electric universe connection is too complicated or too new of a concept and wrapping the mind around it requires too much mental gymnastics, put it on the back burner and let your subconscious take care of it for you. We often tend to overthink everything. Most people have a habit of self-doubt that is not particularly helpful in awakening to the inner-knowing process. If you are one such over-thinker, try the following simple meditation to shift your awareness from the overthinking mind to the all-knowing heart:

As you read these lines slowly take a deep breath in, think of a beautiful stream of fresh water as it runs through a beautiful forest. As you take an even longer exhale, imagine a beautifully shaped leaf gently drifting and falling into that stream, and allow your mind to drift slowly and gently, as that leaf travels on the surface of the water. As you inhale, think of the stream, reflecting the beautiful sunlight, and as you exhale, give all your tensions, your worries and doubts to the stream. That’s right. Allow all those thoughts to travel away with the water. Water is a perfect purifier. Notice how it cleanses your mind with every breath. That’s right. Keep taking long breaths, allowing your mind to drift. That feels good, doesn’t it? The more you concentrate on your breath and on your heartbeat, the easier it is to open up your heart and invite that inner knowing to settle in.

You may want to practice it for a few minutes every once in a while. And who knows, maybe old lost objects, or new solutions, will reveal themselves whenever you are thinking about them the least.

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