New Book Release: How God Answered Us All


Ruth Walker’s new book, How God Answered Us All: Spiritual, Paranormal & the Unknown, is a true story focusing on the abundant spiritual and paranormal events that transpired in the author’s life. The story centers around unknown energies that affect us all, and are ultimately seen as God’s loving forces transcending all perceived actualities.

Despite medical expectations after being paralyzed as an infant, the author was able to walk again and have children. Then, as a teenager she passed through the hands of death three times. The original prognosis began with the word “vegetable.” Various experiences involving unknown forces leave the author without doubt that the presence of higher forces, and the truth of God, is actually “more real” than our human limits allow us to readily recognize.

After reading How God Answered Us All, Edith Wairimu wrote, “…This is a transformative non-fiction Christian book.” Lesley Jones noted, “…This impeccably written book is a definite for your bookshelf.” And Mamta Madhavan wrote, “This book is profound and insightful and will make readers contemplate the presence of higher forces.”

How God Answered Us All is available at Amazon and other booksellers. The publisher always has books in stock at

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